best Dive Sites in the World

8 Best Dive Sites in the World for Your Bucket List – [2022]

The earth is around 70% water so if you want to go diving you certainly have lots of places to seek out. Therefore, we handpicked the best dive site in the world for your dive bucket list!

Whether you’re going to be going underwater for the first time, or you’re already an experienced scuba diver, you should be diving in locations that have breathtaking scenery, are safe, and have an abundance of aquatic life.

Dive with a partner or go out with an instructor if you have never plunged beneath the ocean’s waves before. You’ll need some good gear like a diving mask, bcd, wetsuit, and fins, and the bravery to go into the deep and unknown without fear or reservation.

8 Best Dive Sites in the World


What is the diving capital of the world?

Key Largo in Florida is considered as the diving capital of the world. It’s the only living coral barrier reef in the world.

Where is the best diving in the world?

Great Barrier Reef in Australia is considered as one of the most popular and best diving spots in the world. With over 2 million visitors each year it’s the most visited dive site in the world.

Best Dive Sites in the World for Your Bucket List

1. The Islands of Tanzania

diving around reefWant to see schools of dolphins navigating through pristine blue waters and beds of beautiful coral reefs?

Come to the islands of Tanzania and dive to your heart’s content. This dive site located near the Mafia Islands is home to exotic fish and majestic sea turtles that you can get up and personal with.

Everywhere you look there will be something unique and amazing to see, touch, and experience. This is a great place to visit if you want to see a lot of marine life and dive in an area with gentle currents.

2. Malta

diving in maltaIf you want to be able to dive all year long go to Malta. Various diving sites in Malta remain mild and calm and feature deep lagoons and caves for exploration.

If you live to explore the unknown, diving in Malta will surely be a great experience.

You’ll also come across the wreckage of military ships that have laid undisturbed for decades and if you’re really lucky, a stingray or two.

This Mediterranean dive site is close to several countries that you can pay a visit to once you have gotten up out of the water.  

3. Komodo National Park

Komodo National Park is a famous spot in Indonesia. It consists of 3 large islands and 26 smaller islands.

Indonesia a home to many beautiful corals and unique fish pieces. Especially, Whales Sharks, Manta rays, Green Turtles, Mola Mola, and other unique underwater creatures.

4. The Red Sea in Egypt

diver under waterVisit a world that you never thought existed in the Red Sea in Egypt.

Here divers can see the SS Thistlegorm – a ship that was lost during World War II but can take you on a trip back in time. Even many years later, the ship is very well preserved, with aquatic life intertwined and growing within it at every turn.

You need to be an adept diver in order to deal with the strong currents present in the Red Sea, but with a trained guide the trip will remain pleasant and safe.

5. The Nakwakto Rapids of British Columbia

best Dive Sites in the WorldGet prepared to put on your wetsuit and bare the chilling temperatures present in the Nakwakto Rapids.

Everything moves fast here, including the water and sea creatures. Strange forms of sea life, such as gooseneck barnacles and painted greenlings will keep you company as you navigate the old and slightly murky waters.

If you like a challenging dive experience, British Columbia’s Nakwakto Rapids will keep you on the tips of your flippers.

6. Cozumel, Mexico – Palancar Horseshoe

Flying out to Mexico is generally pretty affordable, so you can make it out to the Palancar Horseshoe and explore for days on end if you’d like.

The scenery is dense with aquatic plant life and tropical species of fish. You’ll need to pay attention to every detail if you want to capture the experience and take note of everything moving around you.

There are also tunnels to dive into and explore, eels to photograph, and many species of coral that you can touch.

7. Tiger Beach in the Bahamas

best Dive Sites in the WorldSome people go on vacation so they can relax on a tropical island but others would rather stay out in the water.

At Tiger Beach in the Bahamas, you’ll literally get to swim amongst sharks. The Bahamas is well known for having an unusual amount of shark activity, which means that the ocean’s most intimidating creation could be looming at every turn.

To get to shark beach, which is not a beach at all, you’ll need to travel by boat.

Once you take a leap of faith, a portion of the island’s tiger shark population will be summoned with bait and a bit of good luck.

8. The Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, Australia


You can’t talk about the best dive sites in the world without paying homage to Australia. Diving at Great Berrier Reef is the MUST-DO activity when you are traveling to Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef is possibly the most well-known place for diving on the planet, and it has all of the necessary elements you’d expect to find in a thrilling dive. There’s coral reefs, giant sharks, tropical fish, warm water, and varying currents.

Most of the places that you’ll visit, dive, or snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef have distinctive names that describe what you can expect to see.

The Acropolis is home to coral as far as the eye can see, while Cod Hole features a whole lot of cod.

All is quiet when you’re dozens of meters below the surface of the ocean. Every inch of your skin will keep you aware of your surroundings as fish swim by and the current moves your body in different directions.

Everything that you see will pull you into the moment as you see the full size of massive tuna, dolphins, and sea turtles in their natural habitat.

Diving is incredibly exhilarating when you find sites that are truly spectacular.

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