With the rising popularity of walking tours and holidays, we have decided to present you with some of the best Western Australia’s tracks. They are suitable for both foreign tourists, as well as those who care to get to know their country better.

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Cape to Cape track

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The fame of this track goes beyond Western Australia, as this is one of Australia’s overall best tracks. The track is 135 km long and famous for its variety, running from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin. You will be walking across breathtaking beaches, which may be the hardest ones to tackle, through forests, on cliffs which offer an amazing view of the ocean and some stunning rock formations. The track itself lasts about one week, however, it is up to you to make it as long as you want it to be. You can choose to spend nights in a tent or in one of the resorts along the way. You can also take the benefit of walking through the Margaret River region and visit some of its attractions. One part of the track, from Cape Naturaliste to Sugarloaf is designed for wheelchair users.

Eagle View Trail

Stepping away from the coastal sceneries and going into the mountains. This is a short trail, only 15km long, easily crossed within several hours but it can also take up the entire day. The length of the time you spend walking the trail depends on your fitness and interests. The trail passes through some of the less familiar areas of John Forrest National Park. It is a circular path which runs over challenging terrain but it provides good value for the effort invested. With a little luck, you will catch a glimpse of the trails “mascot” the wedge-tailed eagle.

Summit Trail, Mt Augustus National Park

Like Uluru, Mount Augustus looks best at sunset.

The trail is located on the Mount Augustus and its overall length is some 12km. It is a day’s walk as it takes about 7 hours to complete. You will be climbing “the world’s largest rock” as they call it. It is 717 meters high. The fascinating thing about the trail is the variety of colors that it offers when the Sun is low on the horizon. They go from indigo to bright orange, red, pink and green which makes this place a unique opportunity for a photo shoot. As you may conclude yourself, this is not the easiest trail you can take and if you are less than in excellent shape, perhaps you should choose one of the easier trails offered.

Camel Trail, Chichester Ranges

The trail is 8km long and it runs between Mt Herbert and Python Pool. You can start from either end but the general recommendation is that you Choose Python Pool as a starting point if you plan on going both ways. The Python Pool is a unique formation, a waterhole edged by red rocks suitable for swimming. From there, it passes by the Chichester Ranges’ sandstone escarpment, through the hills covered with rolling spinifex, next to great termite mounds, passed Mackenzie springs and leading to Mount Herbert. The trail is reserved for those physically fit. It got its name due to the fact that one part of the trail used to be a camel road.

The Bibbulmun Track, Albany to Denmark

The Bibbulmun Track is a long-distance track from Kalamunda to Albany and stretches over 1000km. The track is hardly doable in one go as it could easily take over a month. It is thus divided into several smaller sections running from one town to another. This is one of the most vivid sections and one of the greatest walking tours in Western Australia. It covers the distance of 78 km and is usually completed in 5 days. You can choose to stay in one of the accommodation facilities along the track or use Bibbulmun Track huts. The track is fairly easy to cross and it does not require pristine physical shape, although it is a good exercise. The scenery includes the coastal landscape and the ocean while walking through beautiful fields of wildflowers if you choose to do it in spring.

This is only a tiny selection of the trails available in Western Australia used to depict the variety that the territory has to offer. Australia is famous worldwide for its diversity, particularly when it comes to landscapes, nature, and wildlife. Pack your bags, get your friends and family and take a stroll down one of the trails.