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Best Hostels in Ankara for Backpackers 2021

Looking forward to the trip to Ankara, Turkey? No doubt, you have made a great choice. Ankara is one of the gleaming cities of Turkey. It is cheaper, less crowded and the sights of the city are worth exploring. Some famous sightseeing places include Ankara Citadel, Anit Kabir and few historical Museums. It is an ideal city for the backpacker, people who just want to relax and enjoy some time in tranquility. Wander around the streets, discover the eateries and experience the thrill of backpacking.

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Backpackers guide to the Hostels in Ankara, Turkey

Basically, accommodation in Ankara is Cheaper than bigger cities of Turkey. Apart from that, they have some amazing amenities too covering up students, entrepreneurs and solo travelers. These hostels are no less than 5-star hotels because all basic facilities are provided that any traveler needs in his room or in the lobby of the hotel. For a better choice, you can check out the latest reviews for the hostels on Hosterworld rated by the visitors.

INN 14 Hostel

HostelWorld (*7.8) (*8.4) 

Map Starts at ($10) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

The most convenient and environmental accommodation for business travelers. You’ll be provided with your own workspace area. Air-conditioned rooms along with 24-hour room service. Its ambiance is business-friendly, you can get to know other people, travel around, make your journey more memorable by enjoying the peaceful hostel.

INN 14 Hostel will make you forget all other experiences of clean hotels. The design, modern architecture, decoration and a lot more is waiting for you at the hotel. Nearby you’ll find many coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, and appropriate shopping options. It is not only budget suitable but you can also walk down to the nearby trendy places. It is most suitable for young entrepreneurs and researchers.

Deeps Hostel

HostelWorld (*7.7) (*8.3)

 Map Starts at ($8) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

This hostel is located in the heart of Ankara which is all safe and comfortable to enjoy your stay in the city. Feel at home and visit the restaurant, lots of bars and other shopping sites at your ease.

The accommodation provides each and every amenity that is required according to the purpose of travel. Mainly, it is an amazing place for backpackers and the students. Other than that couples, families and many other travelers can also enjoy the city fun by staying in this hostel. Internet access and multilingual staff are available. So, you can enjoy the place as well as your journey in the best way possible.

You have limitless facilities and accessibility to the information desk and get info about off beaten paths of the Ankara. They can guide you the best routes, places to visit and a lot more. It is reviewed by many valued customers on the Hostelworld.

Yurt Akademi Ankara

HostelWorld  Map 

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

Parking accessible hostel with shared rooms and balcony. One can also enjoy the facility of the working desk in a room as many that travel to Ankara is also traveling writers.

Accommodation is ideal for the backpackers and is located at the heart of Ankara city. There are also guest rooms that feature a wardrobe. Additionally, every room and public area has the access to Wi-Fi.

Mithat Hostel

HostelWorld (*8.7) (*7.7)

 Map Starts at ($34) for 3 bed-private

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

Hostel Mithat is very cost-effective for the backpackers and student travelers. The comfort, convenience and location is all good for the nomads. It is located in the city center near the modern shopping malls, Museums, Turkish bath and a variety of recreational places in the town.

The facility of reception is 24/7 at your service. It also provides laundry, room service, Wi-Fi and all other amenities. Additionally, it has LED TV satellites and a private balcony with panoramic views. It has cozy rooms with a relax and entertaining ambiance of the hostel. It also provides a private room (with the age restriction).

Enjoy the city by staying in this hostel. This hostel has a top rating according to the hostelworld too.  This hostel is basically a great accommodation for the budget travelers and hikers/ramblers. It is famous because of the ideal location, as well as for its affordability. It all makes this hostel more suitable to acquire your stay.


İçkale Otel Ankara (*6.6) Map

 Starts at (32$ ) for double-room 

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

A relaxing and mind blowing holidays are waiting for you at the Ickale otel Ankara. This hostel has an indoor pool, Sauna, hammam and Wi-Fi in public areas and in rooms too. Air-conditioned rooms with the facility of minibar make this accommodation comfortable for the tourist. If you are a foodie, this hostel has some best cuisines to serve.  Coffee and tea supplies are also accessible. Nearby you can find many tourists attractions e.g. Ankara central station, Genclik parki and railways station.  Apart from all these services and facilities, you can enjoy airport transfers, valet parking and they also offer beauty center. You can find it’s amazing reviews on the hostelworld.

Latanya Hotel Ankara (*8.9) Map 

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

This hostel offers the facility of Spa and other amenities include sauna, kettle in the room, toiletries etc. The hostel is located at the ideal location in the heart of Ankara. You can roam around, discover new eateries and all other favourite places. The information desk is available to get the guidance on the places that you want to visit. It is a luxurious ambience for backpackers, families and couples too. If you’re traveling for adventures with your partner, there is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than this. Choose the fine road and get to your way after researching it all over.

Keykan Hotel

HostelWorld  Map 

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

Nearby shops and eateries make it an amazing location. Tourists from different regions enjoy their stay while visiting the best places around the city. The hotel is only 20-metres from the public transportation and rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi and air-conditions. Fresh drinks are served in the lobbies and airport shuttle services are also provided.

Ready to Go? Well, there are many other five star and affordable hostels too. You can choose them according to the purpose of your travel and also on the basis of the reviews and amenities. Life of a backpacker is always stuck in finding the hostels at the best locations. They always have their own expectations for the accommodations.

Managing the trip on their own and deciding the roads to travel, climbing up the mountains, digging into the history of every place is their favorite hobby. Curiosity is found in the blood functioning like a living organ, powerful than the heart maybe. They always have something extraordinary, questions and the habit of constantly asking about the routes and places is the main trait of their personality. Other than that, they are rock stars, never afraid of any challenge, always looking for the adventures and also never mind getting involved in unusual situations.

If you’re a traveler and backpacker, you might have many places in your mind already, see if you can find it through our website or let us know about your plans and we will provide the information accordingly. You can share a room with other travelers, spend the night listening to their adventure stories and you might get the idea of next place you want to travel.

However, choose your trip wisely and accommodation planning is the crucial step because the hassle of living place can ruin the fun. Don’t let that happen to you.

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