Best Hostels in Bariloche

6 Best Hostels in Bariloche, Argentina 2021

Bariloche is a small city in the Patagonia region of Argentina. It was founded by German settlers, so the rustic culture here is unique to the area. It’s a fantastic tourist destination where hundreds flock to every year to partake in outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboard, hiking, and rock climbing.

The region offers unforgettable views from the Cordillera de Los Andes to the Cerro Tronador hanging glacier.

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Culturally, the town is known for its classic alpine architecture, delicious cuisine, craft beers, and swiss-style chocolate. Breweries, chocolate shops, and barbecues line the streets, and the delicious smell of parrilla will fill your nostrils as you explore the downtown streets. It’s a fantastic little town that’s as rich in culture as it is in breath-taking vistas.

If you’re planning a trip to Patagonia, you’ll definitely want to check out Bariloche to experience its rich culture and bask in its amazing natural beauty. Consider staying in one of these six hostels while you’re there:

Hospedaje Penthouse 1004

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from $15 / 6-dorm 4.8/5 Map


  • This place is very open and each room of the hostel offers amazing views of the surroundings.
  • They offer an amazing homemade breakfast.
  • The balcony is amazing for sight-seeing or just relaxing with a beer or glass of wine.

The Hospedaje Penthouse 1004 is a unique hostel with stunning panoramic views of Bariloche. You can step out onto an enormous balcony that overlooks the lake and has a picturesque view of the nearby mountains. And if you want to relax and socialize, the massive living area is full of comfy couches and friendly travelers.

The staff is helpful and are more than happy to help you organize and book one or more of the many activities in and around Bariloche. After a long day of travels, and a good night’s rest, you’re treated to a fantastic breakfast consisting of fresh-baked bread, homemade jam, healthy cereals, and coffee and tea.

If you’re into making your own food, they have a fully-equipped kitchen stocked with basic ingredients you’re welcome to use.

Periko’s Youth Hostel

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from $10 / 6-dorm 4.6/5 Map


  • They offer ski and snowboard packages.
  • They have a nice library and book exchange for avid readers.

Periko’s Youth Hostel is a place geared towards, you guessed it, the hip younger crowd. It’s in a fantastic location, sitting only three blocks from Bariloche’s main square. They offer all the usual amenities, along with a full kitchen, laundry service, and a library book exchange.

They have a nice common area with board games for you to relax in when you aren’t out on one of the ski or snowboard packages they offer. For the early birds, they offer a tasty breakfast of bread, jam, cereal, dulce de leche, and coffee.

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La Justina Hostel

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from $16 / 6-dorm 4.4/5 Map


  • They provide a free breakfast with vegan and gluten-free options. 
  • They have a cozy living area with a crackling fireplace.

La Justina Hostel offers travelers a cozy atmosphere complete with a roomy living area, a cozy fireplace, plenty of common spaces to mingle in, and a fully equipped kitchen. They prioritize service here and the staff is attentive and helpful.

They’ll help you with booking ski lessons and equipment and they’re quite knowledgable of all there is to do in the city square.

The hostel itself sits about five blocks from the square, so you have easy access to the various shops, breweries, and restaurants in the area.

Selina Bariloche

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from $10 / 10-dorm 4.5/5 Map


  • They offer yoga and dance classes to their guests.
  • Selina offers amazing co-working spaces for digital nomads.

Selina is a fantastic and modern hostel equipped with all the usual amenities along with comfortable common areas as well as co-working spaces you can use to get some work done.

The dormitories are clean and cozy with fantastic beds to ensure a good night’s sleep. It’s in a great location, only a 10-minute walk from Bariloche’s main square.

Hostel Achalay

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from $8 / 6-dorm 4.4/5 Map


  • They offer a homemade breakfast that’s available all day.
  • They have a beautiful garden area for relaxing and socializing.

Hostel Achalay is a rustic and lovely hostel with quaint charm. The house offers several unique and relaxing areas to spend your downtime in, including a beautiful garden, a spacious living area, and a small bar where you can hang out and have a drink with fellow guests.

There’s also a full kitchen for you to prepare meals in, which is also where they prepare their delicious, homemade breakfast that’s available all day. It’s located in downtown Bariloche only three blocks from Centro Civico, so access to shops and restaurants are a short walk away. 

Hopa Home Hostel Patagonia

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from $7 / 8-dorm 4.4/5 Map


  • This hostel has an amazing location in the center of town with a plethora of nearby attractions.
  • They have an excellent game room with plenty of board games and a PlayStation.

Hopel offers all the amenities you’d come to expect from a great hostel. They’ve got spacious bedrooms with comfy beds and cozy quilts.

The common areas include plenty of places to relax and chat with fellow travelers, and the common area has guitars for you to pluck on and sing to.

There’s a game room with board games and a PlayStation to occupy you during your downtimes. The hostel itself is built out of an old house that’s situated in the center of Bariloche, so you’re a short walk from all of the city’s main attractions.

Activities in Bariloche

So you’ve decided to give Bariloche a visit, and you’ve decided on which hostel to stay in, now you need to plan your itinerary. Check out a few of these activities to make your visit to this charming town extra special.

Hiking and Skiing

Bariloche is a fantastic base to plan skiing and hiking trips around the Lake District. Check out some of the local tour guide companies to plan a trip into the mountains to ski or to plan a day hike around the lakes. Many of the hostels also offer tour and booking services, so check with where you’re staying first as sometimes they have package deals and discounts.

Sample Bariloche’s Foods and Beers

Bariloche is known for its absolutely amazing cuisine, chocolate, and craft beer. Take a stroll downtown and sample some of the chocolatier wares. Check out one of the many micro-breweries that are peppered all over the town. Finally, give in to your inner meat-eater and try out Parrilla at one of the many barbecues around town, an Argentinian staple. 

Ruta de Siete Lagos

The Patagonian Lake District is an amazing place to spend a day or three. The lakes are glacier-fed and the crystal-clear blue waters are mesmerizing. When you visit, take a journey through La Ruta de Siete Lagos, which will take you past the amazing beaches near Bariloche.

Visit the Francisco P. Moreno Museum of Patagonia

If you’re looking for some cultural enrichment, take a trip down to the city museum to brush up on the cultural and natural history of Patagonia. It’s a fantastic way to spend the day if the weather isn’t permitting outdoor activities.