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6 Best Hostels in Bilbao for Solo Travelers, Party, Chill – [2023]

Bilbao is one of the liveliest and biggest cities in the Basque Country in Spain. While at one point it was on the verge of being reduced to a grand industrial wasteland, Bilbao decided to change course from the direction that it was heading in and re-build the city from the ground up.

It tore down its old industrial complexes and rebuilt the infrastructure, which eventually leads to it being among the most popular backpacking locations in Spain and Europe today. Basque Country is also home to some of the best surf spots in Europe!

If anyone has an interest in architecture, food, urban culture, art or music, Bilbao will be more than satisfactory for them. The most amazing attraction here is the world-renowned Guggenheim Museum a true masterpiece of architecture, followed by the likes of Catedral de Santiago, Casco Viejo (which are the seven streets that made up the original town of Bilbao and are some of the most beautiful and colorful streets of Bilbao) and many others.

And with hundreds of bars serving exquisite wines and their delicious local snacks known as pintxos, Bilbao will also do justice to the eyes and the tongues of every tourist to walk through their streets. 

But as all great tourist adventures begin by setting up an initial base camp at a hostel, here are the best hostels to stay in the city of Bilbao.

FAQs about hostels in Bilbao

Ganbara Hostel

HostelWorld (*9.2) Map Starts at ($21) for 8 bed-dorm

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Located in the same region as the Casco Viejo which are also known as the seven streets (meaning the original seven streets which pretty much started the town of Bilbao) the Ganbara Hostel is pretty much in the heart of the city which makes it one of the most ideal locations for the tourists. The seven streets are a famous location in the city where you can find amazing cultural locations such as St. James Cathedral, Plaza Nueva (where you can find the city’s famous pintxos), and the Basque Museum. 

Speaking of Museums, the most popular attraction in Bilbao, Guggenheim Museum is also a mere 30 mins of walking time away from this hostel.

The hostel is excellent if you’re trying to get the best staying experience on a budget as it offers free Wifi, sheets, and even a free breakfast. The hostel also offers you an opportunity to share your experiences with fellow tourists by hopping on the bar or sitting in one of the lounges and exchanging a few words over a cup of tea or coffee which is again, absolutely free. And to top it all off if you wish to spend some indoor time there is also table tennis set up available for you to take some time off and blow some steam. 

Quartier Bilbao Hostel

HostelWorld (*9.3) (*8.4) Map Starts at ($23) for 10 bed-dorm

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Quartier Bilbao Hostel offers three types of accommodations, a female-only dorm, a mixed dorm, or a private room. So if it’s an all-girls trip, a trip with friends and families, a trip with your significant other, or just on a little “soul searching” solo time by yourself, Quartier Bilbao Hostel offers a solution for all of them. Free breakfast and free Wifi offered at the hostel make it very finance-friendly, and there is also a communal kitchen if you do not wish to max out your cash on buying food and prefer to cook for yourself instead. 

The hostel is located in the neighborhood of the Casco Viejo, which is the heart of the city of Bilbao. This means that all the great tourist attractions of the city, whether it be cultural, architectural, or of that involving the delicious food and wines are within walking distance of your stay. The Azkuna Zentroa cultural center, a popular cultural attraction of the city is also merely 20 minutes of walking away. 

The hostel also offers an attractive terrace for communing with the other travelers and if you are not an outdoor person in your stays, then you can unwind in the common room.

Bilbao Akelarre Hostel

HostelWorld (*9) (*8.6) Map Starts at ($42) for a single room

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Bilbao Akelarre Hostel is one of the most ideal hostels for tourists as it is merely a few minutes of walking away from not only the Guggenheim Museum and the famous river but also from the beautiful and grand San Mames stadium, which is the home of one of the most popular football teams in Spain Athletic Bilbao and is an excellent tourist attraction riddled with an atmosphere of excitement in every game due to the passionate fans of the sport and the team. So for those who are hoping to catch a few games during their stay in Bilbao, this is the ideal hostel. 

The hostel also offers free breakfast and free Wifi along with a games room to keep you occupied during your free time. Breakfast starts at 8 am, but they have a special service of packing it up for the tourists if they decide to start their day through the streets of Bilbao earlier than that. There is also a service that allows the tourist to rent a bicycle for the day should they feel that walking around the city isn’t their cup of tea. All sorts of tourist information are provided by the hostel before stepping out into the Bilbao air.

Bilbao Metropolitan Hostel

HostelWorld (*8.4) (*8.2) Map Starts at ($20) for 10 bed-dorm

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

This adult-only hostel is located a mere 23 minutes of walking away from the city’s greatest attraction the Guggenheim Museum and provides you with a free tourist map to allow you to mark all the great locations that you plan to visit in the city. Other locations such as Zubizuri Bridge and of course the city’s center for all things tasty the Casco Viejo are also within walking distance. 

When you’re tired after a day of healthy tourism rest on the viscoelastic mattresses offered in every room along with the linen covering that you don’t have to pay anything extra for. Free towels, free wifi and a bed bunk light attached to every bed for those late sleepers who like to spend a little time with their books at night make this hostel a great value for money. A communal kitchen with microwaves, quality cutlery, and self-catering means even more money saved that could be spent on purchasing ready-made food. The hostel also offers 24 hours reception, meaning it is just like a home where you can come and go whenever you like, useful if you plan to enjoy some of the nightlife Bilbao has to offer.

BBK Bilbao Good Hostel

HostelWorld (*8.3) Map Starts at ($-) for – bed-dorm

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

BBK Bilbao Good Hostel offers a lot of features and value for the money. Start off with all the rooms having key-card access and free linen on top for maximum comfort and add the free wifi and free breakfast and that is already a lot of things to get excited about and follow it up with the fact that the hostel is located on the banks of the Ibaizabal river which means that if a tourist chooses to take their breakfast up to the terrace then they can munch on it while enjoying beautiful river views. If they’re a blogger, they can head down to the computer room to keep everything online up-to-date, and if they want to catch a little snack before heading out for some tourism, there is a 24/7 available vending machine. 

Speaking of 24/7, there is a staff that is always on duty, which means heading out for a little nightlife shouldn’t be a problem. The location is in the neighborhood of Bolueta means access to the Bolueta subway so even the farthest tourist attraction, the Guggenheim Museum is merely five stops away and the rest of the stops of this subway in its journey lead to places that are just as exciting.

Bcool Bilbao


Bcool Bilbao is located in the Bilbao la Vieja, one of the city’s most happening neighborhoods with streets studded with galleries and even local artists displaying their work. The hostel is a decent distance from the most anticipated locations of Bilbao as well the renowned Guggenheim Museum and also the biggest indoor market of Europe known as the market of Bilbao or Market La Ribera. While the building in which this market is housed is relatively new, there has been a market in this very location since the 14th century, making it a must-visit historical place where you will find all the fresh ingredients that make the local cuisines of Bilbao so special.

The hostel provides various types of accommodations such as double en-suite rooms for couples, family rooms for people traveling with families, and even special rooms adjusted for people with disabilities. All the beds come with privacy curtains, and free wifi is available in every room. The hostel itself is a historical building that matches the vibe of the entire area. There is a terrace to enjoy a beautiful day with other tourists, and there is an indoor lounge with comfortable sofas and television when there is a relatively cold day. The cafeteria offers pintxos for just a euro, the must-have signature snack of Bilbao.


With its rich culture in terms of architecture, history, and food and its fascinating and colorful streets littered with one after another amazing place to stop and marvel at such bars and cafes, churches and museums, massive bridges and rivers along with the great sporting events such as those in the San Mames stadium and the amazing nightlife, altogether a stay in Bilbao is guaranteed to be a memorable one and leave a lasting impact on all those who experience it.

With so much to offer Bilbao demands a decent amount of time to truly absorb all of the beauty and brilliance this city has to offer and for those who do decide to dedicate such a length of time, it is most definitely worth it.

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