Colombia is a beautiful place to travel if you are looking to connect with the world on a different level with nature and local life! You can enjoy some of the most delicious food, wonderful people and learn about the rich history of Colombia which is one of the freest places in the whole world.

If you are a backpacker you definitely dip into the amazing backpacking scene around Colombia.

Therefore, let us show you some of the best hostels in Colombia for you to lay your head down for a night’s rest and enjoy the community vibes in some of the nicest and most convenient places throughout the country.

Best Hostels in Santa Marta

Calle 11 Hostel

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Highlights of the Calle 11 Hostel:

  • Beautiful Colombian villa
  • Walking distance from the beach
  • Five-star quality private rooms
  • Swimming pool 
  • Pool table

This beautiful Colombian Villa in the neighborhood of El Rodadero is a close walk to the beach and has an especially inviting swimming pool on the corner of the hostel’s lot.

When staying in a private room you will feel like a king, and if you are a more communal sleeper when it comes to staying in a hostel that’s okay too; you are going to fit nicely into the mix–and who wouldn’t enjoy being close to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Santa Marta.

Dreamer Hostel

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Highlights of the Dreamer Hostel:

  • Close to Tayrona National Park
  • Swimming pool
  • Great bar area with pool table
  • Open and spacious

The Dreamer hostel is all about keeping you feeling relaxed and low key. Come ready for a party at this wonderful place to stop in for the night. Meet new friends, find a quiet place to read a book or go out on the town, go to the beach and just do whatever it is you like to do easier while staying at the Dreamer Hostel in Santa Marta.

If you don’t speak much Spanish get ready to because you are staying in a highly educated environment that will be there to help you learn the ways of living in the beautiful country of Colombia.

Best Hostels in Cartagena

Viajero Hostel

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Highlights of the Viajero Hostel:

  • Relaxed social environment
  • 10 minutes drive from Rafael Nuñez Airport
  • Close to many historic places

The Viajero Hostel in Cartagena is 10 minutes from the Rafael Nuñez international airport and gives you a stay in a 19th-century house where there are plenty of activities and site-seeing nearby.

Step outside the Viajero and you will find colorfully painted buildings and flows everywhere that will make for some amazing photos. Participate in activities like dance lessons on the terrace outside, or have a drink at the hostel’s bar.

Viajero is the place to go if you are looking for a good time. 

El Arsenal Hostel Boutique

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Highlights of El Arsenal Hostel Boutique:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Communal kitchen
  • Pool table
  • Comfortable and professional environment

El Arsenal in Cartagena is a beautifully built hostel filled with artful design and plenty of activities to participate in like learning about Colombian cooking in the communal kitchen or taking a dip in the outdoor pool.

Every room in this hostel is distinct in its beautiful way; there are plenty of historical sites closeby so be ready to learn about the history of Colombia. If you find yourself in Cartagena and looking for a great place to stay the night with lockers in shared rooms then El Arsenal is where you can stay comfortably.

Check out the most beautiful beaches in Cartagena!

Best Hostels in Medellin

Chillin District Hostel

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Highlights of the Chillin District Hostel:

  • A five-minute walk from lots of things to do
  • Two terraces for relaxing 
  • Relaxed and modern atmosphere

Located in the neighborhood Poblado, the Chillin District Hotel offers a relaxing space for you to unwind, sit back in a hammock and relax.

Located within walking distance to the metro system, nightlife and plenty of opportunities to learn about the city of Medellin the Chillin District Hostel is a go-to if you are looking for a place to stay.

Selina Medellin

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Highlights of the Selina Medellin:

  • Fantastic and artistic design
  • Wide-open spaces to unwind with a view
  • Movie theatre in house
  • Dance hall
  • Plenty of activities to explore closeby

The Selina Medellin is a stylish and spacious hostel that offers a wide range of activities.

Artfully designed with urban features like an old Mercedes-Benz convertible in the courtyard of the hostel, the Selina Medellin has a nice and open environment that allows you to unwind from your travels just a bit while still having a nice view of the surroundings outside.

Best Hostels in Bogota

Masaya Hostel

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This artistically built hostel in the Candelaria district of Bogota has a lot to offer if you are looking to be in an environment that offers good art for the eyes and plenty of activities like salsa classes.

Come for a good time in Bogota because the happy hour is all day when you are staying at the Masaya. And in between drinks you can participate in all that the hostel offers to help you meet new people including live concerts and cooking classes.

Highlights of the Masaya Hostel:

  • Live music by local artists
  • Dance lessons
  • Hammocks to lounge out in
  • Artfully designed

Selina la Candelaria

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Highlights of the Selina la Candelaria:

  • Nice view of the Andes mountains
  • Live music with fun bar
  • Colorfully painted courtyard
  • Movie theatre
  • Elegantly designed

Do you want to visit Bogota to learn about its art history? Or maybe you are simply just trying to have a good time. Visit the Selina la Candelaria and experience the whole package by staying in a hostel that provides a bold style, live music and incredible private and shared rooms that appear to be on a five-star level.

Every part of the Selina la Candelaria has some form of art incorporated, so it will feel like you are staying inside a piece of art–and that will be the truth. Enjoy Bogota in style. 

Enjoy Colombia’s Best Hostels

So there you have it, a few recommendations for having a great time in Colombia. Even if you don’t make it to all of these different cities this is a good trip itinerary for you if you are trying to get the most out of your trip. And remember that planning is necessary so that you have a good time. Winging it in a foreign country without plans can be cool, but sometimes it’s a good idea to have at least an idea of where you want to go specifically and then plan around that. 

Travelling South America is like a dream. Especially when done in good hangout spots where you can get to know the culture, make good solid connections and have a good time immersing yourself in activities. Even if you don’t dance, you are going to want to when you come to Colombia, because it’s that good. Enjoy!