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13 Best Hostels in Dubrovnik for Solo Travelers & Party – [2022]

Everyone’s been going to Dubrovnik these days, and you know what it means. The GOT only added to its popularity and the town is swarming with tourists. If you’re an experienced traveler, you know it can only mean two things.

First, the prices are going up, and second, it’s tough to find the right accommodation. Luckily, we’ll show you some of the best hostels in Dubrovnik so you can book your stay on time. TIP: Best Things to do in Dubrovnik!

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Old Town Hostel

 HostelWorld (*9.4) Map Starts at ($39) for 5 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Outstanding! Old Town Hostel is one of the best-rated hostels in Dubrovnik with an excellent location. It has every possible “hostel feature” you expect from backpackers hostel and you definitely won’t regret your stay!

Make sure you book this place in advance, it gets sold out every summer very fast.

Dubrovnik Backpackers Club

  HostelWorld (*9.4) Map Starts at ($31) for 4 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Here’s another awarded hostel. It was pronounced the best hostel in the whole country for 2010 (HW Hoscar award).  What is more, it won the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2014, 2015 and 2016!

It sounds like a dream, and perhaps it is, once you see what they have to offer. First of all, every room has its own toilet and shower. You’ll definitely have your privacy here, but there’s also a common room for all guests to spend some time together and get to know each other. The barbeque space can be used for the purpose, too. The building itself hasn’t got the charm of an old stone house since it’s very modern, but there’s something else that will melt your hearts – the official hostel pets will welcome you here, too.

Another thing you will love about this hostel is the fact that they offer free parking, but don’t get too excited. You have to announce it well in advance for the service to be provided.

Hostel Angelina Old Town Dubrovnik Southern PA

 HostelWorld (*9.5) (*8.8) Map Starts at ($38) for 12 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

The rooms are pretty basic, but they’re furnished with white pieces, and white linen, so it all seems very welcoming and neat. As the name says, it’s located in the old town, so it’s no wonder the rooms and bathrooms are a bit small – after all, you’ll be staying in a 400 years old building. Luckily for you, everything else seems to be brand new, and former guests are full of praise for it.

If you have your furry friend traveling with you, some pet charges may apply. Hostel Angelina offers some extra facilities, so you can use the washing machine, or even pay for the service. If you wish, they also offer housekeeping services so you needn’t worry about the mess during your vacation.

Villa Divine

HostelWorld Map Starts at ($-) for – bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

As it seems, the accommodation here is truly divine! The rooms are definitely equipped to help you feel completely relaxed once you step into them. They’re all beautifully decorated, while the balcony and terrace are simply inviting you to spend your time enjoying the wonderful view.

While free parking isn’t always available, there are plenty of other free services making your stay here as heavenly as possible. There’s free breakfast, for starters. If you’re not really a morning person, you can find enjoyment in free Croatian wine tasting, cocktail nights, guitar nights, and other evening programs for the guests.

As for the location, we could say it’s somewhat original. Most hostels boast about being close to the city center, but this one prides on its sea proximity – only a few meters away!

Hostel Free Bird

HostelWorld (*9.5) (*8.8) Map Starts at ($22) for 10 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

This is a brand new hostel in an ancient town, so you can expect your rooms to be as nice as possible. Some of the rooms have a shared bathroom, and interestingly enough, there’s a female dormitory for guests who would feel more at ease this way.

Another quality that sets Free Bird apart is the fact they accept credit cards and debit cards (usually Dubrovnik hostels only accept cash, so this is very welcoming). As for the children, the hostel doesn’t accept visitors younger than 14 years of age, which can be considered as a pro or con, depending on your preferences.

Free Bird is located some 20 minutes’ walk from the town center, but it’s very close to the bus station.

Hostel & Rooms ANA – Old Town Dubrovnik

HostelWorld (*9.1) Map Starts at ($46) for 12 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

The terrific place is located in the old town of Dubrovnik, next to the amazing Sponza palace on Kovacka street. Hostel. It is located in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik!

You just need to exit the house to find yourself in the crowd of Stratum Place. This excellent hostel is the perfect base for you if you want to explore the medieval town of Dubrovnik and all its monuments and museums or enjoy the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean sea.

All kinds of bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, supermarket, and stores are located within a walking distance. And this hostel is 2 to 4 minutes away from the pile gate bus station that makes it too easy for the travelers.

The rooms of this are truly awesome! The terrific hostel has two options for rooms. One is a shared room option that has standard 4-bed mixed dorms where 4 persons can sleep. Standard 10-bed mixed dorm ensuite where 10 persons can sleep, and a 12-bed mixed dorm where 12 people sleep.

The other option is of private rooms that come with the options of double a bed. And the private room is ideal for couples. Furthermore,  there’s a standard 4-bed private room for a small family, equipped with shared bathrooms.

The facilities/services of this breathtaking hostel include free city maps, free internet access, free parking, free Wi-Fi, free linen and towels, air conditioning, bicycle parking, book exchange, common room, hairdryers, hot showers, meeting rooms, outdoor terrace, safe deposit box, security lockers, self-Catering facilities, steam room, 24 hour reception, housekeeping, internet access, laundry facilities, luggage storage, bar, and cafe.

Anchi Guesthouse

 HostelWorld (*8.8) (*8.1) Map Starts at ($21) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Nestled in a calm residential area of Gruž, Anchi Guesthouse is a family-owned hostel with a friendly vibe and cozy rooms.

The location is just perfect. The main port is just a stone’s throw away, while the main bus station is only 300 meters away. You can reach the Old Town within 30 minutes on foot and the beaches are just a 15-minute bus drive. There are also several supermarkets and plenty of bakeries, shops, cafés, restaurants, and bars nearby.

The guesthouse itself features three dorms, two private rooms, and one apartment with its own kitchen and a bathroom. The beds are comfortable and there is air conditioning, too.

There are also plenty of shared areas. Cook your dinner in one of their two fully equipped kitchens, relax in the spacious common room, or relax on a terrace with BBQ and deck chairs that overlooks a beautiful garden. Guests can even make use of their currency exchange.

Anchi Guesthouse is simply an amazing option for all kinds of travelers, including backpackers, groups of friends, or couples.

Hostel 365 For U

HostelWorld (*8.7) Map Starts at ($20) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

There are lots and lots of hostels claiming they offer a peaceful atmosphere in rustic accommodation. What you have here is the opposite – a quiet stay in a completely funky, pop art hostel. How quiet? The rooms are actually soundproof. In addition, the interior is extremely interesting and fashionable and equipped with air conditioning.

When it comes to other features, there’s good news concerning parking (it’s free), and credit cards are accepted as means of payment. Expectedly, there’s no curfew, so you may come and go as you please.

City Walls Hostel Dubrovnik

HostelWorld Map Starts at ($-) for – bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

This breathtaking hostel is located on a historical site before the 10th century and considered to be in the heart of Dubrovnik’s historical old town. The perks of living in this hostel are ‘wow’.  You are surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on one side and some breathtaking fortified walls on the other side.

This hostel is situated in a large part of the city with all the facilities close to you and you don’t have to go far away to visit places. This excellent hostel is minutes away from the famous cliff-side Buza Bar, the Ethnographic Museum Rupe, the Maritime Museum, Banje, and Porporela Beaches. Furthermore, you’ll have a wide selection of great restaurants, bars, shops, and world-class historic sites, but you won’t find any sort of discomfort while you live in this hostel. So, you won’t have to face noises and pollution.

This incredible hostel comes with many rooms options that have 6-bed dorms. They are equipped with bunk beds and many basic facilities. The 4-bed dorms come with 4 beds and all other facilities for your security, and a double room with a double bed on the top floor with beautiful views and all other basic facilities.

The facilities/services of this amazing hostel include free city maps, free internet access, free parking, free Wi-Fi, free linen and towels, air conditioning, bicycle parking, book exchange, common room, hair dryers, hot showers, meeting rooms, outdoor terrace, safe deposit box, security lockers, self-Catering facilities, steam room, 24-hour reception, housekeeping, internet access, laundry facilities, luggage storage, and the list goes on and on.

Hostel Marker Dubrovnik

  HostelWorld Map Starts at ($-) for – bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

This is one of the hostels with rave reviews by numerous guests. Rarely does one see notes from so many satisfied customers.

Its location is certainly a part of its charm – only 100m away from the historical main street. However, there’s a personal touch, too. As for your rooms and beds, the hosts were very creative and there seems to be something for everyone. There are single, double and bunk beds.

The rooms are either painted in pastel, or you have a more modern touch to it, e.g. a bright red wall and a reproduction painting of a local artist. To sum up, it feels like the owners have really put in effort into this place, and their customers appreciate it, too. In 2016 it was voted the most popular hostel in Dubrovnik, so dwell on that.

BONUS: few other budget rooms / not hostels:

Rooms Kortizija

HostelWorld Map Starts at ($95) for 2 bed-private

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Rooms Kortizija has everything a nice hostel should have. There are 4 double rooms and one twin room on offer (no bunk beds, though). Each room is spotlessly clean and you have your own bathroom, air-conditioning, SAT-TV, and a minibar.

Compared to what you might expect from a hostel, they seem pretty luxurious. Everything looks new, white and pristine. Children are welcome to stay with their parents, and I am sure both will love their stay here. As for the neighborhood, the nearest GOT location is just round the corner. Conveniently, they also offer luggage storage.

Hostel Dubrovnik Budget Accommodation

  HostelWorld (*8.0) Map Starts at ($-) for – bed-private

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Hotel Dubrovnik Budget Accommodation is a typical family hostel, which means you feel right at home here. You can have a rest sitting in the shade of a grapevine and truly feel like one of the locals in this quiet, peaceful area. The furniture is in good shape and very comfortable, and the bathrooms are excellent. But what will really take your breath away is the balcony view.

Another great thing about this hostel is that it offers parking space. Normally, hostels can only direct you to the nearby public parking, which eventually makes your stay pricier than you had planned.

Another piece of advice: the minimum of nights you can book is two, so you’d better bear that in mind.

Villa Mandic


This hostel is highly recommended by its previous guests. Everyone loved staying in this family-owned house, and described the hosts as the most hospitable. The breakfast isn’t included in the price, but you can always count on your friendly hosts will offering you some of their homemade cake, bread, or pizza!

The location is excellent since it couldn’t be any nearer the Old Town, beaches and bus stops (only 0.5 km from the city center). Basically, you can go anywhere from this place. The hostel is described by its guests as peaceful, extremely clean and authentic. Actually, Villa Mandic’s accommodation can be rather described as apartments than a classical hostel.

You would think all this comes at a high price, but not really. It is more than affordable. Also, the reception is at your service 24h.

FAQs about hostels in Dubrovnik

What’s the best hostel in Dubrovnik for solo travelers?

Hostel Angelina Old Town is the best choice for travelers coming to Dubrovnik on their own. It features cozy rooms, friendly staff, and plenty of communal space. The highlight of this hostel is the location and its terrace which offers some incredible views of the town.

What’s the best party hostel in Dubrovnik?

Looking for a party hostel in Dubrovnik? Then, you must stay at Old Town Hostel! Set right in the center of the Old Town, a plethora of restaurants, pubs, and bars are nearby. The hostel itself also organizes parties and karaoke nights for the guests.

How much are hostels in Dubrovnik?

Even though Dubrovnik is an affordable destination to visit, hostels there can get rather pricey, especially during the summer season. You can expect to pay up to USD$ 40 per night in a dorm, while private rooms in hostels usually range from USD$ 30 to 80 per night.

Are hostels in Dubrovnik safe?

Dubrovnik is a very safe city, and its hostels are very secure likewise. However, we recommend you take the usual safety precautions to avoid any possible problems. Most importantly, always watch your belongings, especially in crowded areas. You can also leave your valuables in the hostel’s safety boxes.

There you have it. These nine hostels are exactly what you need if you’re planning a vacation in Dubrovnik. From the very urban to the traditional ones, family-owned or not, one thing is for sure: they will certainly meet your specific needs. Choose the one which most suits your personality, and get ready to enjoy in Dubrovnik

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