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5 Best Hostels in Hamburg, Germany for Backpackers 2021

If you are into making forever lasting friendships whilst going around on your backpacking adventures then you must be a lover of staying at Hostels and hotels because where else are you sure to bump into a conversational relaxed pleasant stranger just like that!??! 

Chat to any seasoned backpacker and they will tell you that when you are on a budget the best way to travel is backpacking and staying at a hostel. 

This time we give you a list of both private and not so private places to choose from. You also get to meet many interesting people from all corners of the world.

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and is well known for its sea-life history and top-notch nightlife. It is also world renowned for its famous, and sometimes infamous, Reeperbahn strip. This is where travelers will find a vast array of unusual and intriguing bars and clubs! This alone makes it a very popular and attractive destination for backpackers.

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But as things are with the rest of Germany – Hamburg is not cheap. Which is the exact reason why you need to read this review on the Best Hostels to stay at in Hamburg? 

The goal here is to give you the best advice to help you choose the ideal hostel for your travel requirements.

Whether you are looking to party, wind down, explore the city or even celebrate some down time with your partner or family.

Pyjama Park Schanzenviertel

HostelWorld (*9.2) (*8.7) 

Map Starts at ($31) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (September)

We kick off with what we think is one of the coolest hostels in Hamburg. It is, among other things; a safe, stylish, sparkling clean and relaxed environment.

There are many numerous reasons why Pyjama Park Schanzenviertel is ranked as one of the best hostels in Hamburg. Here’s a list of some standout facts:

  • Bohemian location
  • Free fresh bed linen every day
  • Aesthetically pleasing style
  • Beds in dorms with individual black-out curtains
  • Late check-out
  • Bar/Lounge

In case you missed this point; The hostels’ theme is based on nature which is enforced by an abundance of plants in the hostel. This helps to create the ultimate peaceful experience which will be most welcome after long days of sightseeing and even longer nights spent partying.

Getting there from Hamburg Airport is 6 miles by car, St. Pauli train station is 5 minutes on foot and from Reeperbahn train station it is a 7 min walk.

Reviews by users on Tripadvisor say: “Great atmosphere”, “Great set up, lovely service, awesome location”, “Close to downtown and port” and many more favorable reviews.

Generator, Hamburg

HostelWorld (*8.2) (*7.8) 

Map Starts at ($57) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (September)

Generator Hamburg may the closest you’ll come across to be the best “party” hostel in Hamburg. It’s just a hop, skip and jump to the best of Hamburg’s nightlife as its located in trendy St Georg. You can even join an entertaining pub crawl that will pick you up right at the front door. The hostel has an onsite bar which is well stocked and lively, as well as other social communal spaces where you can chill and meet new people, including the lounge with a long and inviting sofa and a TV area in the lobby. There’s even a great outdoor seating area.

Part of the international hostel chain Generator Hostels, this modern and stylish hostel is more like a hotel, based on the size and the amount of space. The increased size means travelers can choose to have a little more privacy instead of a shared dorm, perfect for those looking to unwind or couples.

Generator Hostel is perfect for those searching for the mellow atmosphere of a hotel, but with the character and low price of a hostel!

Highlights of the hostel:

  • Bar-Café
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Key Card Access

Getting there from Hamburg Airport is 5 miles by car, Hauptbahnhof Süd train station is 2 minutes on foot and from Hauptbahnhof Nord train station it is also a mere 2 min walk.

Reviews by users on Tripadvisor say: “Good value”, “Nice place, central location” and “Location, location, location”…

A&O Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

HostelWorld (*7.7) (*6.9) 

Map Starts at ($28) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (September)

The a&o Hostel is in very close proximity to the Central Station in Hamburg. The former Kontorhaus has been converted to a Hostel, it was once a warehouse used for storing goods from around the world. Today, travelers from all corners of the world can relax in modern rooms that are all equipped with a toilet and a shower. There is also a shared games room and a social drinks bar.

They offer travelers a wide selection of comfortably furnished accommodations; ranging from single rooms to shared dormitories and some even offer pretty views of Inner Alster Lake.

Features that make this place unique:

  • Make us of table football, billiard table and computer game consoles in the lounge area.
  • In the lobby and bar, guests can enjoy satellite TV broadcasting various International sports channels.
  • Enjoy a breakfast buffet that is served every morning
  • Socialize at the Astra Bar.

Contact: Amsinckstr. 2-10, 20097 Hamburg Germany

Getting there from Hamburg Airport is 6 miles by car, Steinstraße train station is 5 minutes on foot and Hauptbahnhof Süd train station is a 7-minute walk.

Reviews by users on Tripadvisor say: “Friendly staff”, “Nice and clean” and “Decent Hostel”.

Superbude Hotel & Hostel (St.Pauli)

HostelWorld (*8.4) (*9.2)

 Map Starts at ($80) for 1 bed-private  

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (September)

The Superbude Hostel is different from the others on this list as they only offer private rooms! This means that it is too pricey for your average backpacker, so better for couples or big groups. The age ranges differ from retirees to young travelers. The atmosphere may be easy-going, however, travelers must expect the usual international backpacker scene.

Highlights of the hostel:

  • ecofriendly and substainable
  • self-service on a trust base
  • self-made and biological dips and waffles at breakfast
  • events and concerts free of charge

The Superbude St Pauli in Hamburg is a very unique hostel on many levels. Yellow and black, cozy with plenty of social engagement. There may even be a live concert happening at breakfast time and your chair could even be an actual wheelbarrow.

Superbude celebrates their love for design, the city, music and street art all over the place. This is just some of the many things that are different and unique at Superbude.

You can also check them out in other locations in Hamburg (St. Goerg near the Harbour).

Reviews by users on Tripadvisor say: “Great location for Messe”, “Extraordinary Hostel” and “Stylish hotel/hostel”.

Instant Sleep Backpacker Hostel

HostelWorld (*8.5) (*7.9) 

Map Starts at ($25) for 12 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (September)

The best hostels for solo travelers in Hamburg, lively with everything one needs to ensure a comfortable stay in the very heart of Hamburg. There are two bars, perfect for meeting new people and sharing a few drinks. How about unwinding whilst playing PlayStation? There is also a well-equipped kitchen that you can make use of. Choose between mixed dorms that sleep between 4 and 12.

This hostel exudes youthful energy with its colorful, social spaces and rooms designed with graffiti tagged walls. The hostel itself is very clean and offers all the basic facilities to guarantee a comfortable stay!

Features that make this place unique:

  • Free tea and coffee
  • Bar
  • 1€ drinks for happy hour
  • Urban design
  • Instant Sleep Backpacker Hostel is a perfect fit for those night owls and social butterflies.

Getting there from Hamburg Airport is 5 miles by car, Sternschanze train station is 7-9 minutes on foot.

Reviews by users on Tripadvisor say: “Great hostel, cheap, cheerful! Just what is needed”, “Experience Sternschanze”, “Best location for price” and many more.

As mentioned above, Hamburg is a great German city to explore but it will put a dent in your pocket. The average price for a bed: 

  • Hostels start from $18 – $30 per night for a bed in a dorm. 
  • Private rooms start from $80 – $135 per night. 

This is just a rough estimate to try and give you an idea of the costs.

Remember that prices will vary and depend on holidays and seasons. Always check for the exact rates on or

The standard check-in time is from 15:00, while the Check Out time is before 11:00. 

Some Hostels will offer luggage storage but it is always best to check before booking if you intend on arriving earlier or later. 

Summer is starting in Europe and Hamburg will be a wonderful destination for those wanting to explore a trendy and cosmopolitan German city! We hope this list helps you make the best choice when booking your Hostel in Hamburg. 

Happy journeying through Germany!