I have recently got back from a wonderful adventure around Bulgaria. Bulgaria as well as being steeped in history is a relatively cheap place to visit and explore. The country not so long along ago was a little kept secret, but the word has got out and it now attracts a wide range of travellers.

Because of its location as well as being a sun seeker’s destination during the summer months, the country also attracts the adrenaline junkie skiers and snowboarders. You can usually go skiing here for roughly a third of the price of going to the Alps.

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If are you going to Bulgaria on a budget and backpack around the country, here are some of the best hostels in Bulgaria:


Hostels in Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and in recent years has been the destination of choice for cheap stag and hen weekends away. The same reason it attracts stag parties is the same reason it attracts backpackers, very cheap alcohol, great weather during the summer months, cheap food and lots of history. Ok, the last part might not attract stag parties but it is a great reason to visit the city.

Hostel Mostel in Sofia


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This hostel won the “Best Small Hostel” in 2006 from HostelWorld customers and it’s easy to see why, the location is great – 5-minute walk from the center, super friendly staff that can’t do enough for you and free breakfast. I don’t know what it is with Bulgarian hostels but they do like to make sure you are fed and watered.

The great thing about this hostel is that is can match most party needs. Whether you are a solo traveller or a larger group of friends they have a dorm for you.

The place is located close enough to the centre to allow you to explore, but just far enough away so you get a decent night’s sleep when you finally hit the hay.

Hostel Ivory Tower

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Located in the heart of the city, with super friendly staff and 24/7 hosts. The place is small but cozy and if the hosts are more than happy to tell more about the wonderful city.

The location and the kitchen is great for cooking, but with the prices of food so cheap in Sofia, we are not sure you will actually use it – but its there if needed.

The rooms are a little basic but the beds are comfy and let’s be honest, its a place to sleep and use as a base as you explore the city.

Moreto and Caffeto

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This hostel is located slightly further out than the others but still within 15-minute walking distance of the center.

The owner and volunteers are super friendly and are willing to do a lot for you, if you’re unsure of where to visit, what to see and do, speak with the staff who are more than willing to help.

If the location doesn’t put you offer the hostel has everything else you might need.

Be My Guest Hostel

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The name says it all, the hosts really do want you to be a guest at their wonderful small hostel and offer amazing service. Located in the heart of the city again within easy reach of all the main attractions, bars and places of interest.

If you want to get out of the city and try some new sports, let them know they are more than happy to offer recommendations as well as helping you get it sorted.

It’s not your normal hostel design, its like you have stepped into someone’s house and spending the night there.

The best way to describe the place is that its cute, quirky little hostel that is full of character.

[sta_anchor id=”burgas”]Hostels in Burgas[/sta_anchor]

Another place you might want to try and explore in Bulgaria’s Burgas city. Located on the Black Sea coast, it has golden sand beaches and plenty of water sports – making it a great city to visit and explore.

Guesthouse Fotinov

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Location is key to this place and while it’s a guest house rather than a typical hostel but the price is super cheap and the location, 5-minute walk from the beach.

The local bus and train station is around 200 meters away meaning, once you arrive in the city you can quickly drop off your bags and go exploring. If you are driving around Bulgaria the guesthouse does have parking, but this isn’t included in the price.

Each morning free tea, coffee and fruit juices are available in the communal kitchen.

There are a few other hostels to choose from in Burgas if you’re heading to this city and these can be found on Hostelworld.com.

[sta_anchor id=”bansko”]Hostels in Bansko[/sta_anchor]

Located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, this area really comes alive during the winter months. There is around 44 miles of skiing areas with plenty activities.

Mountview Lodge

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While this isn’t a hostel as such, the price is relatively cheap and you can get a double room apartment for around 40USD per night, which is still very good value.

The apartments are clean and spacious and offer a lot of great facilities for when you have finished hitting the slopes. There is a daily bus service into Sofia allowing you to explore

The facilities including from a sauna, steam room, solarium, massage, Jacuzzi, gym. These might be great but you might be too tired from the slopes to use them.

[sta_anchor id=”sunnybeach”]Hostels in Sunny Beach[/sta_anchor]

Sunny Beach is basically just Blackpool abroad and is full of the English, I actually stayed a little further up the coast but ventured into Sunny Beach a few times. Anything you want to do can be found and done in Sunny Beach, from quad bike exploring to jet ski experiences and everything in between. 

415 Hostel

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There is only one hostel in Sunny beach, and is super cheap, just like everything else in the town. With a bed costing you around 12 USD a night.

The hostel is in a great location to explore the town, the clubs the sea and the sand. Or you could head to the historic town of Nessebar just up the road.

The hostel staff are pleasant and very friendly but don’t speak great english.

Bahami Residence

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While this isn’t a hostel as there are only one in Sunny Beach, this one is a great option if you want a little bit more luxuries but still at a very reasonable cost. All the rooms are recently redecorated and equipped with comfy beds and sofa’s allowing you to get a decent nights sleep after you have been exploring what the town has to offer.