Hue, Vietnam, is an excellent adventure for backpackers. These individuals often stay in the many hostels in the city. Located right in the middle of the country, there are many exciting things to do in Hue. 

Take a motorbike or join a bus tour up Hai Van Pass. This mountain road has many coastal scenic lookouts, and many love to stop at the top for amazing views of the entire area. 

Others choose to spend time in Hue so that they can visit the Imperial City. While this historical complex was heavily damaged during the Vietnam Conflict, it once served as home to Vietnam’s emperors when Hue was the capital city from 1802 to 1945. Many people love to capture photos of the water lilies before venturing inside the many historical buildings. 

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Many backpackers choose to visit the Perfume River. People often soak in the solitude during the early morning hours as they stroll along the river’s edge. Return in the evening for great food and a lively atmosphere. 

There are many great hostels for backpackers to stay in while visiting Hue. Here are six that are highly recommended. 

Hue Vietnam Backpackers Hostel

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from $6 / 10-dorm 4.0/5 Map

Highlights of this hostel:

  • Free beer 
  • Dragon boat tour 
  • Motorbike tour 
  • Walking distance to many shops 
  • Sports bar downstairs 

Situated upstairs in an imperial building on Hue’s main walking street, Hue Vietnam Backpackers Hostel offers many daytime adventures, including a motorbike tour.

You can also opt to relax on the wide verandas with free beer. Join the fun as you learn to cook some of the country’s famous cuisine. You can also opt to go on a dragon boat tour of the infamous river along with enjoying a delicious barbeque lunch. When the day is done, relax downstairs at the sports bar. 

Hue Happy Homestay

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from $5 / 6-dorm 4.7/5 Map

Highlights of this hostel:

  • One free beer 
  • Free breakfast 
  • Multiple room types, including dorm-style, twins, and queens 
  • Arranged tours and activities 
  • Near river and Dong Ba Market 
  • Complimentary bicycles 

Located in a quiet alleyway within walking distance of Dong Ba Market, this hostel offers five rooms. You can show up and take a shower immediately. As soon as your room is ready, which may be as early as 9 AM, you can check-in.

This hostel, which is also located steps from the Hung River, offers dragon boat and motorbike tours, including tours to neighboring communities. Relax in the evening with a free beer and start your day with a free breakfast. You will be warmly welcomed here by a knowledgeable host. 

Khe Sanh Homestay

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from $5 / 12-dorm 4.5/5 Map

Highlights of this hostel:

  • Home atmosphere with dorm and single rooms available 
  • Free beer 
  • Complimentary breakfast 
  • Bike rental 
  • Board games and darts 

Located a leisurely stroll from Phạm Ngũ Lão Street, this home offers dorms and single bedrooms. Visit with your hosts as you sip on a free beer. Some rooms have views of Hue, while others have views of the lovely landscaped terrace.

Free valet parking is available at this adult-only hostel. Enjoy a complimentary breakfast before attending your business meeting or exploring the city. You can rent a bike from this homestay or join in the fun of board games and darts. Some evenings, you can even join a group going fishing. 

Charming Riverside Hotel

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from $27 / 4-ensuite 4.3/5 Map

Highlights of this Hostel:

  • Private car transfer from many locations 
  • Laundry service 
  • Bike and motorbike rental 
  • Satellite television in rooms 

Getting to the Charming Riverside Hotel is easy because they will pick you up in a private car from v Hue or Da Nang Airports and many other locations around Hue. Once you are settled, you have the option to rent a motorbike or a bicycle at this hostel that is located near Chu Van An Street and Phạm Ngu Lao Street while the Imperial City is only an easy 10-minute walk away.

This hostel will do your laundry for you giving you more time to explore the city. Upon arrival, relax with a welcoming drink with the host before heading to your room, which is equipped with satellite television. 

Forever Young Hostel

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from $5 / 6-dorm 4.7/5 Map

Highlights of this hostel:

  • Newer facility 
  • Quiet residential neighborhood 
  • Cat 
  • Semi-private rooms with lockers

This purpose-built hostel in Hue is located on Hai Trieu Street, so you get an authentic neighborhood vibe. You can relax with the resident cat. Enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast each morning.

A well-equipped kitchen is available so that you can fix your meals, and you can get free eggs from this hostel. This hostel is located in a tranquil neighborhood, and you will enjoy the peace of this hostel. Guests and staff speak outstanding English.  

New Life Homestay

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from $4 / 12-dorm 4.6/5 Map

Highlights of this hostel:

  • Numerous bus tours 
  • Televisions in private rooms 
  • Private dinner with host 
  • Secured parking 
  • Bicycle rental 

Operated by a former motorbike tour guide, this hostel offers many bus tours to various locations in the Hue area, including DMZ, Phong Nha, or Paradise Cave, Bus Tour to Bach Ma, Hoi An and Da Nang.

You can also relax on the rooftop deck or the sunny terrace. Feast on a private dinner with the host to learn more about this region of Vietnam. Enjoy watching the televisions in private rooms. You can park your motorbike or scooter in a secured area. You also get a free beer with a two-night stay. 

In addition to touring the mountain pass road, visiting the Imperial City, and spending time along the Perfume River, there are many other things to do in Hue, so backpackers should take advantage of cheap rates at hostels to spend time getting to know this city and its culture. 

Completion of the Khai Dinh Tomb took over 11 years, and workers completed the task in 1931. It is a good thing that backpackers are usually in good shape because 127 steps lead up to this tomb’s entrance. Once inside, visitors find a highly decorated tomb with all the artwork being completed by hand. The view from the monument of the region is also worth the climb. 

One of the main draws for backpackers to Hue in Bach Ma National Park. There are many paths of different hiking difficulties up and down the granite Annamite Mountains at this location. Bird lovers will want to keep their eyes open to try to spot crested argus, Annam partridge, and Edwards’s pheasant as this is one of the few places on earth that these birds live. In all, forest rangers have spotted more than 358 species of bird in this national park along with many different animals. 

Completed in just four months, many people enjoy spending time at the Minh Mang Tomb. Around this tomb, visitors find a calm lake, flowing canals, and beautifully manicured landscaping. 

If you are looking for places to take photos, then Ho Thuy Tien Lake, otherwise known as the abandoned water park, is an excellent place for backpackers to visit. This waterpark that was never completed, despite being opened for a very short time, is now a favorite place to visit and take photos because of its haunted looks, including a rusting dragon, gates that blow in the wind, and abandoned structures. Visitors can even see local breeds of cattle grazing in the grass at this abandoned waterpark. 

There are many things for backpackers to do in Hue, Vietnam. There are also great hostels at very reasonable prices to stay in. Plan your trip to Hue now to reconnect with nature along the Perfume River, in the national park and on the mountain pass. Photographers will want to be sure to bring their cameras as they will find many beautiful places to capture photos, including the abandoned waterpark. Get started on your next backpacking adventure by making your reservations today to explore this city in Central Vietnam that served a vital role in history.