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6 BEST Hostels in KOTOR for Solo Travelers, Party & Chill 2022

Kotor is an idyllic town located in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor in Montenegro. The city is a ria, a submerged river canyon, that has an impressive landscape of overhanging limestone cliffs called Orjen and Lavćen.

Kotor is a great vacation for any traveler, but for backpackers, in particular, it’s a paradise. Easy and cheap access from many different directions, as well as simple transportation within the city (Koto’s size makes it easily walkable), and a variety of activities, make it a perfect destination. Visit some of Kotor’s historic cathedrals, like the waterside Our Lady of the Rocks, and the romanesque Kotor Cathedral. 

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Take in the natural serenity of Prevlaka Island and Saint George. Nestled in the oceanic beauty of Kotor, these islets offer impressive views of the surrounding mountains and deep blue waters. Explore the majestic medieval buildings of St John Fortress, Castle of San Giovanni, and Pima Palace, and the ancient Ladder of Kotor, amongst many others. Go on an adventure and discover the breathtaking views and vistas of Jezierski Vhr, Vrmac, and Old Kotor Fort Trail.

For ease of stay, while visiting, backpackers should check out these six best Hostels in Kotor. 

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Pupa Hostel

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Pupa Hostel is located in a gorgeous, newly renovated, one hundred and fifty-year-old building. Right next to Kotor’s old town and only five meters from the sea, this hostel is a perfect mix of new and old, of relaxation and adventure.

Guests will find Pupa Hostel to be a great site to explore the city from, located in a peaceful yet vivid neighborhood; visitors will find local restaurants, beaches, and easy access to old town right at their fingertips. Guests looking for a relaxing and adventure-filled stay in Kotor will love the Pupa Hostel. The view from Pupa Hostel is in one word, breathtaking, overlooking the city walls and the peak of Mt. St. John.

Highlights of the Hostel: Next to old town, five meters from the beach, stunning views, updated appliances, and self-catering facilities. 

Old Town Hostel East Wing

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

The Old Town Hostel East Wing is a gay-friendly party paradise. Ranked the number one Kotor Hostel by both Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet, the Old Toen Hostel East Wing is the perfect backpackers’ getaway. Exclusive to guests, the hostel has a huge discount with a popular local tour agency, 360monte.

Whether visitors want to explore the city, relax on the water, or party all day long, this hostel is where it’s happening. Guests can relax by the pool or take a short trip down to the beach and enjoy Kotor’s many water activities. A perfect hostel for friends looking to party or single travelers looking to meet new people. For those who want to experience Kotor in style, Old Town Hostel East Wing is the place to stay.

Highlights of the hostel: Daily BBQs, dinner and party cruises, a pool (with parties), and pub crawls. 

Stranger Tides Hostel

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Stranger Tides Hostel offers its guests a rustic and peaceful beachside stay. Whether traveling for business, by themselves or with a family, visitors to Kotor will fin a magical stay in this hostel. Bed, rooms, or entire houses are all available for a low budget stay.

Located on the seafront in Boka Bay, guests will be greeted with stunning sea views upon their arrival. Parts of the property itself, like the house and museum, were built over one thousand years ago. Just a short walk to the sea, guests can easily relax all day in the sun or explore the other many amazing sites that Kotor has to offer. Whatever visitors decide to do during their day, Stranger Tides Hostel offers a relaxing and romantic evening. A perfect place to stay for those looking to delve into Koto’s past and experience a relaxing vacation.

Highlights of the Hostel: A variety of room options, stunning beach views, museum, short walk to the sea, historic buildings.

Old Town Hostel West Wing

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

If visitors are looking to experience Kotor in style, then Old Town Hostel West Wing is the place to stay. The sister hostel of Old Town East Wing offers its guests a wealth of activities. From nightly BBQs to dinner and party cruises, from Sunday medievals to pool parties, those that stay at this hostel will be anything but bored.

Relax poolside or beachside during the day and then get ready to party all night long with pub crawls and the various other nightly activities the Old Town Hostel West Wing hosts for their guests. This hostel is gay-friendly and perfect for the young party crowd and only accepts guests between the ages of eighteen and forty.

Highlights of the Hostel: Sunset BBQs, dinner and party cruises, pool, Sunday medievals, Numb crawl, discount with popular local agency 360 monte. 

Montenegro Hostel 4U

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

For those backpackers looking for a party, Montenegro Hostel 4U is perfect. One of the attractions Hostel 4U offers is its premier location, only five meters from the crystal Kotor beaches. A five-minute walk will bring visitors to the old town, local bakeries and a supermarket as well as a local mall.

A ten-minute hike will bring them to a bus-stop, which will shuttle visitors to all the other remarkable attractions the city of Kotor offers. At night Hostel 4U comes to life. BBQ, crazy fun drinking games, and a pub crawl tour are all activities that Hostel 4U guests can look forward to.

Hostel 4U is cash only, paid upon arrival, and is only available for those under the age of 35.

Highlights of the hostel: 5-minute walk to beach and old town, game rooms, nightly BBQ, meeting rooms, and tours/travel desk.

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Montenegro Hostel B&B Kotor

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Experience Old Town Kotor with the Montenegro Hostel B&B. Famous due to its location in the heart of Old Town, many things make Montenegro Hostel B&B so popular. Perfect for the adventurer, Montenegro Hostel B&B offers a variety of tours at competitive prices.

Whether guests are looking to explore Kotor’s beautiful and extensive nature or delve into the history of the city and the buildings, it contains, this hostel offers tours that everyone can enjoy.

They also offer a complimentary city tour for all guests. Guests can relax at night in a dorm or their own private room. For backpackers who want to spend their time exploring all the attractions and activities that Kotor has to offer, Montenegro Hostel B&B Kotor is the perfect getaway.

Highlights of the Hostel: Private rooms, free city tours, and competitively priced tour packages. 

Backpacking in Kotor couldn’t be easier. With easy access to the city from multiple directions, it’s a stop to add to any trip. The city houses a variety of cost-effective hostel opportunities. Whether visitors are looking to party, or relax, explore the city or commune with nature. Whether they’re coming with friends, family, or traveling by themselves, the best hostels in Kotor offer a variety of experiences perfect for any traveler. Located all over this medieval city, from beachfront views to the heart of old town, guests can enjoy their trip at the premiere location of their choice. 

And Kotor is a city with many different premier locations. Known for its historic buildings, blue beaches, and lush nature, Kotor offers a multitude of experiences. Tourists of the city can explore the old mausoleums of Lovćen and Njegos, which were built into mountain greenery. They can take in the impressive historical landmarks of the Sea Gate and Kotor Old Town City Walls. Or visitors can spend the day relaxing on the famous beaches Orahovac, Plavi Horizonti, Bajova Kula, and Jaz. Whatever activities visitors to Kotor choose to do while in this magical and ancient city, will become in a once in a lifetime memory.