If you’re considering traveling to Thailand, you might just be curious about staying in places that aren’t necessarily in the bigger cities. For example, many of the hidden gems in the country are actually in places you might have never even heard of! Krabi is one of these examples.

As an island on the southwest coast of Thailand, Krabi is an island that is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the entire country. Though many people don’t think about going there when they visit, those who do fall in love with it immediately and continue to come back for years to come.

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However, the recent tourist interest in the area has caused a lot of different accommodation services to seemingly pop up out of nowhere. On top of this, it seems difficult to find affordable hostels in the area that are also taking reservations. I

In order to help you find the perfect hostel for you when visiting the area, we’ve created a guide to the 6 Best Hostels in Krabi.

Pak-Up Hostel

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from $6 / 10-dorm 4.4/5 Map

Highlights of the Hostel

  • Access to the gym included
  • Specialized classes available
  • Backpacking tours available
  • The largest hostel in Krabi

As one of the highest-rated hostels in Krabi, Pak-Up Hostel has earned a reputation for being an incredibly energetic property, attracting visitors from all around the world.

It also happens to be the biggest hostel in Krabi, offering a good deal of dorms with comfortable facilities and amenities.

Those who stay at this hostel are even given the opportunity to take specialized classes in cooking and body training! If you prefer to live life on the more adventurous side, you will appreciate the backpacking tours available. This hostel also has a gym that’s included with the price!

Slumber Party Hostel

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from $15 / 12-dorm 4.3/5 Map

Highlights of the Hostel

  • Fun parties every night
  • Free cocktail shots
  • Plenty of events
  • Focused on socializing

If you’re somebody who likes to have some fun while traveling, you’ll love the Slumber Party Hostel. As a self-described “party hostel,” it provides a loud, raucous community atmosphere that is perfect for those who like to let loose and have some fun.

There are also community events such as free cocktail shots, beach transfers and barbecue on pub crawl nights!

However, it should be noted that this is not the place to stay if you’re looking for some alone time at any point during your trip. Those who stay here love to socialize and make as many friends as possible, so that’s what you’ll be doing while here.

Slumber Party Ao Nang Beach

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from $15 / 12-dorm 4.2/5 Map

If you’re a fan of the Slumber Party Hostel chain, you’ll appreciate and welcome this addition to the line-up.

However, it’s worth mentioning that the main difference between the previous hostels on the list is the hostel’s distance from the Ao Nang beach. So, if you’re somebody who wants to combine partying with soaking up some sun, this is the hostel for you.

That being said, this is a great place to meet people from a large variety of cultures and backgrounds!

Highlights of the Hostel

  • Within walking distance of Ao Nang Beach
  • Free cocktail shots
  • Plenty of events
  • Focused on socializing

Kbunk Hostel

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from $13 / 12-dorm 4.5/5 Map

Those who are interested having a more relaxing time while visiting Krabi we recommend staying at the Kbunk Hostel.

With a close distance to the beach, you can you are always able to take a break and go on a nice walk. On top of this, the nearby food is incredibly cheap and delicious!

If you’re somebody who enjoys entertainment, you’ll love the hostel’s PS4 and 50″ TV.

There are also some pretty incredible mountain views at this hostel with the entire experience costing less than many of the other hostels on this list.

It’s worth noting that this is also technically the sister hostel to the Slumber Party properties, offering a relaxing alternative to the otherwise heavy atmosphere of the other hostels.

Highlights of the Hostel

  • Gorgeous mountain views
  • Close proximity to the beach
  • Free shower amenities
  • PS4 and 50″ TV included

Reset Hostel

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from $14 / 6-dorm 4.8/5 Map

While most of the other hostels are located near Ao Nang Beach, Reset Hostel is unique for having a location closer to the Klong Muang Beach.

Because the latter is generally less crowded and has better waves, you’ll enjoy some alone time you get while staying here.

Something else that makes this hostel unique is the fact that there are snacks served throughout the day, so whether you’re interested in cookies, biscuits or noodles, you’ll be able to eat at any time.

The bedrooms are also very comfortable, including electrical outlets and air conditioning!

Highlights of the Hostel

  • Bedrooms include electrical outlets and air conditioning
  • Snacks served all day long
  • Close proximity to Klong Muang Beach

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Pop-In Hostel Ao Nang

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from $11 / 8-dorm 4.4/5 Map

The Pop-In Hostel is unique in the sense that it’s always prepared to accommodate you from the moment you arrive. For example, there is a 24-hour reception so you can check-in at any moment and also ask any questions throughout your stay.

Guests are also able to choose between staying in a dorm or a private room, though it’s worth clarifying that private rooms will cost you a little bit more.

If you’re somebody who wants to explore some of the surrounding sites while in Kibar, you’ll love the daytime adventure activities offered! There is a different activity every day of the week, so you won’t miss out on anything!

Highlights of the Hostel

  • 24-hour reception
  • Dorms or private rooms available
  • Daytime activities every day of the week

In Conclusion

Out of all of the places in Thailand, there are only a few as spacious and spectacular as Krabi.

Whether you want to experience the wonderful beaches, get up close to beautiful wildlife or engage in some tourist activities, there is truly something for everyone at this unique getaway.

No matter where you’re staying while on your visit, you deserve to have a good time. This is why we’re going to provide you with a list some of our favorite activities to do while in Krabi.

Visit the Klong Thom Hot Springs: 

If you are someone who wants to see a truly magnificent natural occurrence, you should definitely visit the Klong Thom Hot Springs.

This is an absolutely gorgeous area filled with thermal hot springs that are believed to have magical healing benefits. The hot springs can be a bit crowded, though, so be sure to get there early in the morning to beat the crowds.

Shop at Krabi Town:

Finding souvenirs in Krabi is often as easy as just going to the center of town and perusing the shops.

We recommend spending an entire morning here, as you can easily find a nice place for breakfast and then shop until you drop after!

Go to the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park:

Those who want to break away from the tourist-filled areas will love this spot. Not only is it a place to see great animals that are native to Thailand, but you can also witness some of the most beautiful foliage that the country has to offer.

In particular, we love how easy it can be to get lost in the trails and stumble upon a river that you haven’t seen before. We encourage you to follow all recommended safety precautions and stay on the guided paths, though!

Planning the right vacation can feel stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. By doing your research and understanding which activities and hostels are best for your specific needs, you can ensure that your visit to Krabi is fruitful and filled with education.

We hope that our guide to hostels in Krabi has been helpful so that the next time you’re booking a vacation to the area, you know exactly where to stay!