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7 Best Hostels in LAS PALMAS for Solo Travelers, Surf & Party in 2022

The moment you step into the Canary Islands, a holiday-like feel takes over you. The happy vibes cloak the entire country and you cannot help but be your vibrant self. Spain has about everything to keep travelers of all sorts hooked.

It has a history that can essay a whole lot on how things came to be the way they are, not only in the country but in the whole of Europe. It has architectural marvels that have been greatly influenced by the various art movements that took charge of Europe. It has awe-inspiring diverse landscapes, right from the majestic mountains to the sunny beaches.

It has an engaging crisscross of cultures that are worth uncovering in person. Also, some of the best festivals and fiestas, and each of them asks you to disrobe your inhibitions. And, it has delish dishes to devour and lip-smacking wine for you to enjoy. What else could you ask for? I guess, a place to crash in that sits pretty fine with your backpacker budget? Am I right or am I right?

Well, if Las Palmas is the place from where you plan to begin your Spain sojourn, then check out these amazing hostels.

FAQs about hostels in Las Palmas

Hitide House

 HostelWorld (*9.9) Map Starts at (24$) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in MID-season (August)

HiTide Surf House is a hostel for all those who want to feel a step closer to nature. Every part of the hostel promotes a backpacker style of travel. The hostel is speckled with so many activities that in a way it calls you to embrace an active lifestyle.

The hostel is divided into three floors and each of them is about just living your life the way you want to. While the spacious living room is perfect for reading books, the inner patio is where you can enjoy a cup of piping hot coffee.

The terrace looking out to the ocean is where you can chill with others, listen to music, or party hard. Catching the sunset from the terrace, hands down has to be one of the most surreal things to do when staying in this hostel.

La Ventana Azul

 HostelWorld (*9.6) Map Starts at (21$) for 12 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in MID-season (August)

A beachfront location on the Las Canteras Beach, any backpacker is easily lured into booking accommodation at La Ventana Azul (formerly known as Avocado Surf Hostel). You can gaze at the sea from the hostel while you let the splashing sound of the waves be the music you relax with. The hostel is located appropriately, sharing proximity to countless activities, restaurants, and shopping venues. You are bound to find most of the guests spending their time in the hostel’s terrace. And, why wouldn’t you? A great sea view with a bar set the tone for that perfect chilled-out and relaxing time. And to top it all, the barbeque facility of the hostel just makes it even better.

Albergue Gran Canaria

    HostelWorld (*9.7) (*9.5) Map Starts at (25$) for 5 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in MID-season (August)

Boasting an old colonial style architecture, Albergue Gran Canaria is a hostel that has every modern facility a backpacker could ask for. And, this blend of the old and the new is the reigning charm of this hostel. Situated in the barrio of Pino Apolinario, the hostel is well connected to the old city center of Triana.

Travelers who call this place their abode when on a vacation are delighted to learn about its close proximity to the major tourist attractions such as the Casa-Museo Pérez Galdós, Plaza de Santo Domingo, and the Catedral de Santa Ana. Once you return from exploring the city, you will be welcomed to the company of fellow backpackers at the hostel, which means a place full of love and laughter.

The House (*8.5) Map Starts at (28$) for twin room

**prices are shown for weekdays in MID-season (August)

As the name says, “The House” is a hostel that embodies the idea of staying in a house away from your own. With that thought behind the idea of this hostel, you can only expect a place that feels just like your own. Settled in the quite environs, the hostel is easily accessible from the center of the city on foot or car.

You can either book a private room or share space with other fellow travelers. The hostel has about everything that a person might need during a stay. While some are inclusive in the booking price which includes tea, hair dryer, and clothes iron, other things have to be paid for such as washer, sandwich, and coffee.

La Fabrica Urban Hostel

  HostelWorld Map Starts at (-$) for – bed-dorm

A hostel that has an accommodation space for as many as 16 people in a shared room, La Fabrica Urban Hostel has about 92 beds. Well, that means if the hostel is booked to the brim, then you get to meet like-minded travelers from all over the world. And following that shall be a night of jam sessions, travel stories, budding friendships, in short — everything fun. Wi-Fi is accessible from every nook and cranny of the hostel. The highlight of the house is the large cafeteria area where people bond over food. The hostel’s location makes it a hit amongst travelers as it is a stone’s throw away from the Alcaravaneras Beach and the Naval Museum.

Lua Lua Hostel Las Palmas


Another one on the list that is sitting just a stone’s throw away from Las Canteras Beach is the Lua Lua Hostel Las Palmas. The hostel strikes the right chord with backpackers with its bright façade and cozy vibes. The hostel lets you out and about in the heart of the city with easy access to shops, restaurants, and adventure sports.

Decked with a lounge area, you are bound to strike up a conversation with a lot of fellow backpackers staying in the hostel and make some everlasting friendships. The kitchen is equipped with all the essentials. So, prepare for a feast with others and say cheers to good times. Also, you can always take the party to the terrace.

Ecohostel Bettmar


A typical Canarian house that has been renovated to keep pace with the passage of time, Ecohostel Bettmar is a hostel with a concept rooted in sustainability. Making use of the recycled materials for its reconstruction, the hostel has sprung to a new life. And, boy, does it look splendid with that retouch? It absolutely does! The hostel comes packed with all things necessary to make your stay a wonderful experience. Thronged by backpackers who feel a sense of connection with the hostel’s idea of protecting the planet in its own little way, debates and discussions are a usual scene here. But, don’t get me wrong. All these things happen but without any compromise on the fun part.

So many options of such great hostels can spoil you well when trying to decide on a place to stay in Las Palmas. And, I literally had a tough time myself picking which one. So, I divided my days of stay in the city and hopped from one hostel to another. I ended up staying in three. And trust me, I had the time of my life. I made so many friends, explored around so much, and even had my time in solace staying at these hostels. Thus, no matter which hostel you zero in on, you are only going to have a fabulous stay. So, make reservations, pack your bags, hop on a last-minute flight and say hello to good times.