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8+ Best Hostels in Lviv for Backpackers 2021

If you’ve ever thought of backpacking, there is no better destination than Eastern Europe. The region boasts many amazing cities, but few can match the beauty and peculiarity of Lviv, Ukraine.

However, your amazing stay in Lviv can be spoiled by bad hostel choice. To avoid such a thing happening, we’ve compiled the list of the 8 best hostels in Lviv. Every digital nomad will rejoice at the sight of this amazing town.

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Dream Hostel Lviv

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If you wish to get to know Lviv, the best place to start is the old town. You can indulge in the friendly atmosphere and warmth, all from the comfort of Dream Hostel.  This is why this hostel is currently the only one in Lviv that has its own café and bar, where you can even order food. All the necessities here are combined into one slick, minimalistic display of comfort.

There are mixed dorm rooms, as well as private one-bed or two-bed sleeping quarters. As Dream Hostel is near Rynok Square (Lviv’s main square), you have no need for public transport. From there, you can reach everywhere by foot. If you’re looking for some fun, the hosts even organize three different events on a weekly basis, putting an emphasis on good content for everyone.

Post House Hostel

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Art has always been an important way too at interior design by. This is why the Post House Hostel in Lviv is the perfect blend of comfort and sheer aesthetic beauty. The name comes from the fact that it’s located right opposite the majestic old build of the Post Office. With excellent value for your money, you can use this exclusive location to visit all the sites in the city in a short time span.

The friendly staff will blend in with the unique interior, somehow reminding us that the famous Polish architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski. The entire hostel embodies his uncanny spirit and allowing digital nomads from all over the globe to experience this hidden Ukrainian gem. Additionally, if you’re concerned by security, you will have no need to worry. The Slovatskogo street is a quiet one, giving you all the perks of Lviv life, but without the unwanted commotion.

Cossacks Hostel 

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For those of you that are looking for a more unorthodox hotel experience, there is always the Cossacks Hostel. Located in the heart of the city, this beautiful structure is dedicated to the culture and way of life of the Ukrainian Cossacks. As soon as you enter the main room, you will be immersed in a folk atmosphere, with a mysterious vibe due to the traditional elements of the design.

Manned by a multilingual staff, this hostel prides itself on supreme customer service and turning regular journeys into adventures. There are numerous clubs and bars in the vicinity, as well as museums and all other important sights to see. Everything will blend in together, forming a magical fairytale-like atmosphere, especially during the winter months. The reception works 24/7, so there is no need to worry about anything.

Park Plus Hostel

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Not many hostels start off as a true art project. Instead of traditional styles present around town, the Park Plus Hostel appeals to its guests with an uncanny and modern style, strictly minimalistic and low-key designs. With an art-inspired interior, you can enjoy both hot and cold days in the comfort of your dorm and private room. If you wish to go out for a stroll, the hostel is right across a university and old park, which become an epicenter of fun in the evenings.

The location is loved by tourists from all around the world, due to its existence in the center, but still away from the bustle. You can experience the city’s theaters, bars and museums the way they are supposed to be experienced – in peace and in a laid-back atmosphere. Every digital nomad will appreciate the modern design the hostel boasts, representing the future of accommodation.

Cats’ House Hostel

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This hotel’s name is not a coincidence. Of course, it’s not really filled by cats, but it’s sure inspired by them. In all cultures, a cat is a symbol of ease and comfort, something the hosts want you to feel in this Lviv hostel. As soon as you approach the building, you will be mesmerized by the Austrian façade on, allowing us to reminisce to times long past. The inside is modern, extremely clean and ready to accommodate as much as 25 people.

The biggest advantage of the Cats’ House Hostel is the fact that it’s located in a more peaceful part of the city center. Everything is a 10 minutes’ walk from your place of stay, so there is no need to calculate bus or taxi fares. With an English-speaking staff, you can arrange anything you desire in a short amount of time. If you wish to experience Lviv from an unorthodox point of view, the Cats’ House Hostel is for you.

Coffee Home

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Unlike the other hostels on our list, Coffee Home is a part of a hostel chain that prides itself on being the biggest in all of Ukraine. A treat for digital nomads and all those on a budget, Coffee Home allows you to experience an old city from a modern perspective. With mixed and private dorms, you can choose how you want to experience Lviv and what will your conclusions be. Aside from regular offers, the hostel has a whole array of different services, including assignment help for foreign students.

One of the best things about this place is that you don’t have regular closets, but big personal lockers instead. That way, there is no chaos when it comes to displacing your own things. Another benefit of staying at Coffee Home is getting the benefits of all the innovations the hosts are trying out. Apparently, they want to be solar powered by 2020.

Gar’is Hostel

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What sets this hostel apart is the effort its staff invest on a daily basis. They are never hesitant to aid you with your request, as well as going the extra mile. With a whole range of luxuries and necessities, Gar’is hostel is for the minimalistic backpacker who wishes to save money and get the best experience possible.

If you’re celebrating a birthday or an event, you can talk to the staff and maybe arrange a celebration. Random parties and festivities are common, with the consent of all the guests, of course. That’s why Gar’is Hostel can rest safely in the upper echelon of Lviv’s hostel world.

Hostel Centrum

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Situated between the Ivan Franko University and the Lviv Opera house, you can experience the historic side of Lviv right as you’re sipping your morning coffee. This superb little hostel also has a partnership with the Puzata Hata restaurant on the ground floor.

There, guests can try Ukrainian dishes at a discount price. If the city atmosphere gets a bit too heavy, you can find refuge in one of the nearby parks. Hostel Centrum has an advantageous location. The value for money is truly supreme.

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