Montañita is a sea-side village in the Santa Elena peninsula in Ecuador. It’s a destination known for its beautiful beaches, surf breaks, and a party vibe. The village has a bohemian vibe with sandy, unpaved roads thatch-roofed buildings. It’s popular with surfers and backpackers alike and draws people from all over the world.

The weekends can be pretty intense in Montañita, with parties breaking out at the various beach houses and among the many lively clubs and bars in the village. During the week, the pace is a little slower, and travelers can indulge in massages, practice their yoga, or even take language lessons at one of the local Spanish schools.

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Given the destination’s vibe, most of the accommodations are in the form of hostels. Here are six options for you to choose from when planning your trip to this quaint party paradise.

Selina Montañita

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from $7 / 8-dorm 4.4/5 Map

Selina is known for its modern hostels filled with tons of amenities, and they cater to digital nomads who work and travel. As such, they have an excellent co-working area where you can set up and get some work done when you aren’t partying.

They also have incredibly roomy common areas to mingle and socialize, a beautiful rooftop balcony, and a massive pool to cool off in. They’re located in the center of downtown, so there’s always a party, and if you want to escape to craziness, they can help you organize outings such as mountain biking tours, whale watching, scuba diving and more. 

Esperanto B&B Surf & Backpacker Hostel

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from $9 / 6-dorm 4.6/5 Map


  • Most of the rooms have awesome balconies that open up to the ocean.
  • They have an awesome backyard area for socializing, complete with a mini-bar.
  • For those that want to work on their Spanish, they offer private lessons in-house.
  • regular BBQ & food events
  • FREE COFFEE & TEA all day / everyday

Esperanto is an affordable and fun hostel that draws a diverse crowd of travelers from all over the world. Its location on the beach means you’ll only need to walk a few meters to soak up some sun and enjoy the waves. And when you crashing after a long day of adventures and partying, you’ll be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves crashing on the sand.

The rooms all over mosquito nets and fans, so comfort is assured. Most of the rooms have an amazing balcony view too, so fresh ocean-air is always close by. In the backyard, there’s a mini-bar for getting together for drinks, and they encourage you to bring your own booze to the party too. 

My Little House Surf & Backpacker Hostel

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from $6 / 7-dorm 4.4/5 Map


  • They have an awesome terrace with a barbecue area, television, and PlayStation 3.
  • There’s a great garden area with plenty of hammocks and seating to lounge in.
  • They have regular get-together s with guests, such as barbecues and movie nights.

My Little House is a hostel that attempts to balance partying with a laid-back atmosphere, and it does a pretty good job of it. Their rooms are comfortable and cozy, and there aren’t a lot of them, so there’s a more intimate vibe here.

There’s still plenty to do as far as activities go: They have an awesome terrace with a barbecue and a television with a PS3 connected to it. There’s also a lovely garden area with portable hammocks for lounging.

They host plenty of events to give travelers a chance to get to know each other, such as a barbecue every Saturday and movie nights every Sunday. They also have regular beer pong tournaments for the party-minded folks.

Kamala Surf & Backpacker Hostel

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from $7 / 6-dorm 4.6/5 Map


  • Their open-area bar with a view of the ocean is fantastic and has great happy-hour prices. 
  • Their restaurant’s menu is robust, affordable and delicious. 
  • They’ll help you organize outings to many of the area’s most popular activities. 

Kamala is another hostel that caters to both the party crowd and the laid-back bohemian sort. Outside, they have a huge pool to cool off in, a lounge area hammocks and a barbecue, and even a couple of pet donkeys to make your acquaintance.

There’s also an excellent open-space bar with an ocean view where you can relax with your travel mates and enjoy a mojito. They have a ton of activities for their guests to partake in, including ping pong, beer pong, card games, dice, and even a pool table.

Inside, there’s a fantastic restaurant with a variety of delicious dishes served all day. For active people, they offer surfboard rentals and lessons, and they can help you organize scuba diving outings or waterfall hikes. 

Kiwi Hostel Montañita

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from $10 / 9-dorm 3.8/5 Map


  • This hostel is loaded with creature comforts like air conditioning, big beds, and hot showers. 
  • They have a nice dining area with cable television and Netflix. 

Kiwi Hostel Montañita’s focus is on comfort, offering air-conditioned rooms with huge double beds and private bathrooms with hot showers. They have a comfortable and spacious dining area with cable television and Netflix.

There’s also a full kitchen with a barbecue for preparing your meals. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they’ll help you organize local activities such as whale watching, surfing lessons and more. 

Iguana Surfer’s Lodge

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from $8 / 10-dorm 3.7/5 Map


  • Their crepe and omelet breakfast is delicious. 
  • The rooms have balconies with hammocks that overlook the ocean. 
  • They have an excellent outside bar area with lots of activities. 

Iguana Surfer’s Lodge has one of the best locations in Montañita. It’s right on the beach for easy access to the ocean, but it’s far enough away from the city so you’re assured a good night’s sleep.

All the rooms here have air conditioning and private bathrooms, making it one of the more comfortable hostels. They have a full kitchen for preparing food, but they also serve a delicious breakfast of crepes, veggie omelets, and fresh fruit salad.

Enjoy your breakfast and then retire to the balcony and laze about in a hammock to take in a wondrous view of the ocean. Once the evening rolls around, pay a visit to the open bar to sip mojitos and partake in a game of beer pong. 

Things to Do in Montañita 

Montañita is a bohemian paradise. Located just a short walk from the beach, it’s a little village with charming, roughshod buildings with thatched roofs made from palm leaves. 

Regardless of when you go, you’ll find lively bars, streets filled with beautiful people moving to Latin music, beaches with bonfires, and a party on every corner. Surfing is a common pastime here as the area is known for its epic waves and intense breaks. If you’re a seasoned surfer, the waves here are fantastic, but if you’re green around the gills, there are plenty of places that offer lessons and can get you on board and in the waves in no time. 

But it isn’t only about surfing and the parties: The village offers a lot in terms of activities. Plenty of folks here love to get massages and practice yoga and meditation. There are also countless adventures to partake in: Mountain biking tours, scuba diving and whale watching. And that’s just to name a few. Montañita is an unforgettable party paradise with a nice helping of peaceful relaxation.