If you’re planning on going on a Canadian getaway, then there aren’t many cities that can hold a candle to Francophone Montreal. There are so many thrilling things to view and savor in the vast metropolis. It doesn’t matter if you’re a classic tourist or if you’re a bold backpacker. You won’t even come close to running out of activities and destinations while you’re lucky enough to be on Montreal soil.

Some examples of big draws in the city are The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Montreal Science Center, the Montreal Botanical Garden, La Fontaine Park and, last but definitely not least, the Old Montreal Port.

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The city can be ideal for visitors who have all kinds of pastimes, personalities, and preferences. If you’re an outdoorsy individual who has a penchant for hiking and marveling at nature, it can take your breath away. If you’re the kind of person who has long been enthralled by history, culture, and art, it can do the same exact thing. Montreal is a place that’s welcoming to all. The superb news is that finding amazing choices in hostels in The City of Saints is never tough.

Samesun Montreal Central

Best Party Hostel in Montreal

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Samesun Montreal Central makes a fine accommodation choice for travelers who like to be in the middle of the excitement, convenience and more. It makes just as strong an accommodation choice for travelers who are keen on chowing down on scrumptious complimentary breakfasts. Breakfasts in the A.M. include delights such as eggs, muffins, waffles, juice, tea, coffee, and fruit. The hostel is close to big draws such as Gay Village, L’Olympia and even the MAC Montreal.

Highlights that are available to guests of Samesun Montreal Central are an outdoor terrace, complimentary maps of the city, bike parking, guest laundry, vending machines, a bar and even a guest lounge. If you want to socialize and take it easy with fellow Montreal travelers, then you won’t be able to say no to a stay at Samesun Montreal Central. The hostel has a bright, fresh and enticing atmosphere to its credit. 

M Montreal

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If you’re searching for a hostel in Montreal that has a contemporary ambience, then you honestly cannot go wrong with M Montreal. It’s in the middle of the metropolis merely steps away from the bustling Berri-UQAM metro station. It’s close to the Festival District, the Latin Quarter and Old Montreal as well. There are all sorts of amenities on hand to guests who stay at M Montreal.

Some examples of these are complimentary city maps, complimentary breakfast, bike parking, security lockers, a hot tub, bicycle rental, vending machines and a bar. It even has an on-site cafe that’s ideal for guests who want to unwind and enjoy a couple of tasty refreshments. Entertainment options at M Montreal abound. Guests can take advantage of a pool table, foosball and a plenitude of board games. This hostel can work for people who adore relishing pure fun. 


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Travelers who are searching everywhere for coziness and ease often gravitate to inexpensive Alexandrie. That’s because this hostel is near all sorts of must-see spots in Montreal. It’s near widely known places like Chinatown, the Latin Quarter and even Old Montreal. This hostel makes a super choice for travelers who want to be able to rapidly stroll to chic bars and eateries of all kinds.

There are all sorts of amenities on offer to people who choose to rest their heads at Alexandrie. The hostel’s many amenities include but are not limited to complimentary breakfast, complimentary city maps, a guest lounge, a barbecue section, an outdoor terrace and a book exchange. If you want to learn about incredible new choices in books, Alexandrie can serve you well. If you want to relish the warmth of the sun, its terrace outside can serve you just as well. 

Auberge Saint-Paul

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Montreal

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Auberge Saint-Paul is in the middle of the charming Old Port of the city. That’s why it’s a haven for eager fans of culture and history alike. This hostel has a snug ambiance on its side.

People who opt to stay at Auberge Saint-Paul can take full advantage of a host of desirable and interesting amenities. Amenities that are “on the menu” at Auberge Saint-Paul include baggage storage, air conditioning, complimentary city maps and complimentary breakfasts. If you want to fuel up on yummy breakfast in the A.M., you don’t have to pay anything extra at Auberge-Saint Paul. The hostel also has an on-site cafe. This cafe can be a game-changer for guests of the establishment who want to connect with others. It can even be a game-changer for those who want to be able to relish incredible snacks and beverages of all different varieties. 

HI Montreal

Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Montreal

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HI Montreal can make a swell hostel choice for travelers in the metropolis who are trying to find downtown accommodations. If you want to be able to easily and rapidly travel to all kinds of downtown favorites, then your hostel choices don’t get any better than HI Montreal. HI Montreal has an enticing feel that epitomizes the many pleasures of Canada. Guests of the hostel can savor complimentary pancakes each morning, first of all.

HI Montreal organizes complimentary activities for all guests each day. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in strolling around the metropolis. It doesn’t matter if you like the idea of sampling mouthwatering poutine, a culinary staple in Canada. Hi Montreal and its team members can do a lot for you.

The hostel presents guests with bike parking, a book exchange, a guest lounge, bicycle rental, board games and an on-site restaurant.

Auberge Bishop

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Auberge Bishop, last but certainly not least, is yet another hostel biggie that’s in picturesque Montreal now. It’s a downtown staple among travelers to the city. It’s situated within a historic structure that’s close to an abundance of major tourist draws. Auberge Bishop has a funky and hip interior design approach. That’s the reason it’s such an accommodation powerhouse among members of the younger traveling crowd. The staff members who represent Auberge Bishop are all consummate professionals. If you’re looking for people who can assist you with setting up an itinerary for activities in the city, then all you have to do is reach out to the genial Auberge Bishop crew, plain and simple.

Guests of this hotel are able to utilize extensive kitchens for food preparation purposes. If you’re a fan of cooking your own meals, then you’ll adore staying at Auberge Bishop. Some of the many highlights that are on hand to people who stay at this hostel are complimentary breakfast, board games, a guest lounge, security lockers, a book exchange and baggage storage. The hostel has an on-site cafe. If you’re in the mood to enjoy delicious snacks and beverages, then you won’t be able to turn away from this place. The cafe is also great for people who like to participate in conversations with others that are meaningful and sincere. 

Montreal is a vital destination among many individuals who are more than eager to explore the planet. If you want to feel the spirit of Quebec and Canada in general, then heading to Montreal is without a doubt an intelligent and energizing idea. It’s a terrific spot for people who want to learn all that they can about Canadian culture and history. It’s a terrific spot for people who like dining out and relishing foods of all different varieties. It’s even a terrific spot for people who want to go on shopping excursions. If you want your stay in Montreal to be as cozy and serene as possible, then you should look into any and all of these widely known hostels.