For those travelers looking for a unique and distinct experience, a trip to Vietnam is the perfect fit. With its exquisite landscape and innovative cuisine, Vietnam is one of South East Asia’s most relaxing and enjoyable vacation spots.

The city of Nha Trang is a hot spot for tourists who enjoy sun and surf. This tropical paradise also known as the backpacker’s paradise, with a vast amount of trails and terrain to explore.

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No matter what you are looking for, a vacation in Nah Trang can provide all of its visitors a luxurious experience without breaking the bank. To keep costs low, many backpackers and other tourists opt to stay in local hostels that are scattered throughout the city.

These hostels are strategically placed to offer close proximity beaches, historical attractions and fine local, authentic cuisine. In addition, hostels usually provide communal areas where guests can interact with fellow travelers and develop a community of people with common interests in all of the sites and adventures that Nha Trang has to offer.

Below, we have listed 6 of the top hostels in Nha Trang that offer the best experience for the best price.


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Ihome is a hostel that has a centralized location in the city of Nha Trang. Specifically designed for backpackers, this hostel has a stupendous rooftop bar that creates a friendly and light-hearted atmosphere with its daily bar events.

In addition, the rooftop bar offers unlimited free beers for one hour every night. After some partying, the common area at Ihome offers some rest and relaxation options by providing Netflix Television, a small library, guitar, computers and games to help visitors wind down after a day of hiking and sightseeing. Perhaps the most exciting event that Ihome has to offer its guests is the Escape Room Challenge.

The first hostel in the area to offer this game, Escape Room is a fun way to challenge one’s mind and bond with friends and fellow travelers. Ihome is truly an innovation in communal vacationing and has a ton of amenities to offer backpackers and tourists alike.

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For those tourists looking for a place to stay that offers both relaxations as well as opportunities for great fun, Ninhana is a great place to stay. It is located on the beach in Ninh Van Bay, just an hour north of Nha Trang city.

The hostel offers amazing dishes prepared by chefs using locally-sourced food for those looking for a taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Ninhana has a full-service bar and DJ that plays regularly. This bay-side resort offers a plethora of outdoor activities for its guest, including kayaking, basketball and beach volleyball to compliment the outdoor cinema and gym that is provided.

To top things off, Ninhana offers stunning swimming pools for its guest providing an opportunity to take in some sun and enjoy the sea breeze off of the coastline. 


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For those tourists looking to stay in the center of Nha Trang, Dhome is a perfect fit. Though in the heart of the city, Dhome is situated on a quiet alley tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This centralized location offers convenient access to all of the culture and tourist attractions that the city has to offer out of town visitors. The hostel offers the typical dorm-like rooms that people have come to expect from hostels. However, Dhome also offers private rooms closer to what would be found in a typical hotel setting adding a bit of comfort for those visitors looking for some seclusion after a long day of sight-seeing and hiking.

Dhome also provides a continental breakfast as well as quiet hours between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. local time to allow for guests silence while they are getting much needed rest. 


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The newest hostel on the block is Bondi Backpackers. Bondi Backpackers is only two blocks from the beach allowing for a quick walk for visitors to enjoy the fabulous Vietnamese coastline.

The hostel is also located within close proximity to public transportation, markets and the “Backpacker area” of Nah Trang. Bondi Backpackers offer its guests a plunge pool, restaurant, and bar on-site, as well as spectacular views of the coast.

Set up like a hotel resort, the Bondi Backpackers provides an all that travelers will need for their luxurious Nha Trang vacation in the comfort and convenience of one, centralized location. 


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Last but not least is the Le Petit Prince hostel. Le Petit Prince offers dormitory-style accommodations. that have become synonymous with what visitors typically think of when they consider staying in a hostel.

Located just two minutes from the beach, this hostel offers tourists close proximity to sun and surf as well as local markets, nightlife, and public transportation. With its three floors of rooms, Le Petit Prince provides a terrace for its guest to enjoy the view as well as a bar in the lobby for relaxing and entertaining friends and fellow travelers.

The multi-lingual staff is on hand to assist guests with airport shuttling, car and/or bike rentals, and anything else that one may need during their stay at Nha Trang. 


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Formerly known as the Truong GIang Hotel, the Blue Sun Hotel is a perfect option for more mature travelers looking for a safe and pristine hostel to enjoy their visit to Nha Trang.

It is located within a 5-minute walk from the city’s gorgeous beaches, making it a top destination for those looking to explore Vietnam’s coastline. In addition, local dining is also within a few minutes from the Blue Sun Hotel providing travelers with an ideal local within the city. The Blue Sun Hotel offers several different room types to choose from accommodating guests looking for all types of adventures.

Finally, for those visitors looking to explore a bit more of Vietnam, the hostel offers motorbike rentals for their guests. This unique opportunity affords visitors to explore more of the city and Vietnamese landscape than they would have been able to on foot alone and with the convenience of renting transportation from their own hotel. 


The city of Nha Trang on the coastline of Vietnam has a ton of activities for visitors to enjoy. Offering backpacking, hiking, swimming or enjoying authentic food, Nha Trang is the perfect spot for any vacationer.

Finding the perfect place to stay will allow for downtime and recharging that is perfectly suited for each individual’s specific tastes. The hostels in Nha Trang provide options for visitors that are tailored for their needs; whether it be partying with friends, meeting new people, relaxing with loved ones, or exploring all the city has to offer.

No matter what a person’s personal preferences, communal living or privacy, the variety of Nha Trang hostels allow for visitors to find the perfect dwelling for their stay. Staying in a local hostel can provide a cost-effective way to enjoy more of the city. And the diverse options available to tourists guarantee to find a perfect fit for any of his or her travel requirements; as well as enhance their overall experience while exploring the fantastic city of Nha Trang, Vietnam.