Osaka is a year-round tourist destination that appeals to budget travelers, especially backpackers. Choosing the ideal accommodations is an essential consideration when planning your trip. Our guide to the best hostels in Osaka provides you with pricing, location, and highlights of Osaka’s best hostels.

Travelers from around the world flock to Osaka yearly. The friendly city has a laid-back atmosphere, and it is renowned for its street markets, ancient temples, historic sites, and rich culture. While some visitors come to Osaka to experience the vibrant nightlife, shopping, and nightlife, the region is a mecca for backpackers. 

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Osaka has two distinct city centers. Kita is traditionally known as the city’s commerce center, while the Minami district is renowned for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Among the city’s most iconic tourist attractions is Universal Studios Japan, the Osaka Science Museum, Tennoji Park and Zoo, and the National Museum of Art. 

Osaka is a fantastic place for adventurous travelers who enjoy nature and meeting other travelers. The countryside around the city features UNESCO World Heritage sites, imposing mountain peaks, ancient forests, and backpacking trails to explore the stunning scenery of one of the most fascinating regions of Japan. Here are our reviews of the best hostels in Osaka.

Ark Hostel, Osaka

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from $16 / 18-dorm 4.2/5 Map

Highlights of the hostel:

  • Dining space, cafeteria, and lounge access to all guests
  • W-iFi, Computers, TV, and video games available to all guests
  • Ground-floor and rooftop terraces as outdoor spaces

Ark Hostel is in the Higobashi district, on the subway line, and 10 minutes from attractions. The hostel is cozy, comfortable, and offers clean, mixed and female-only dorms with bunk beds. Two styles of private rooms, including traditional, Japanese-style accommodations with a small garden and private rooms for family and groups are available. 

The hostel’s kitchen is fully-equipped. Guests enjoy meeting travelers from around the globe socializing in the 24-hour open spaces. The hostel is known for its superb staff that is knowledgeable about the region and helpful with any arrangements guests require. Prices range from $16.53 – $122.61 per night, depending on whether dorm-style or private rooms are chosen. 

Guesthouse U-En

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from $25 / 12-dorm 4.2/5 Map

Highlights of the hostel:

  • Fully-equipped kitchen and lounge in the common area
  • Wi-Fi throughout the entire hostel
  • Cafe and bar-restaurant on the premises

Guesthouse U-En is a contemporary hostel in a restored, charming 120-year-old townhouse with a quiet atmosphere. The hostel has easy access to Kita nightlife, some of the best in the region. The hostel features a variety of comfortable accommodations, including dorm rooms and private, Japanese-style, deluxe rooms with a shared bath. The hostel can accommodate groups of up to seven guests in female-only or mixed dorms.

There is no curfew because the entrance is PIN-controlled for greater safety and convenience, with all second-floor rooms. The staff is friendly and accommodating and is happy to assist guests with their luggage. Guests appreciate the fun, relaxing atmosphere and the opportunity to make new friends who share their interests.

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Hostel Mitsuwaya Osaka

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from $31 / 12-dorm 4.5/5 Map

Highlights of the hostel:

  • Female dorms and showers
  • Location in the heart of Osaka
  • Clean, comfortable accommodations

Founded as a toy store and featuring unique architecture because of its history, the building was converted into a backpackers’ hostel in 2016. The hostel offers six types of accommodations ranging from 4 – 12 guest dorms to private rooms. Shared spaces, including the kitchen and common area, are available 24 hours a day. The hostel is near shrines, temples, and a traditional, Japanese-style shopping arcade.

The friendly staff is available at the reception area 24 hours a day to assist guests with anything they need. Once guests check-in, they have the opportunity to meet new friends, and there’s no curfew. Doors are locked after 9 p.m., but guests may leave and enter by using a password. Prices range from $28.07-$31.37, depending on the room type chosen.

Sakura La An, Osaka

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from $26 / 6-dorm 4.7/5 Map

Highlights of the hostel:

  • A traditional tea ceremony is available to all guests
  • Library area features a book collection about all areas of Japanese culture
  • Free breakfast is available to all guests

Sakura La An is in the heart of the popular Kansai district. The building the hostel is in dates back to the 1964 Olympics and features a retro design. Activities available at the hostel include cultural experiences like calligraphy and traditional meals, served in a Japanese-style dining setting. 

A garden and terrace provide great gathering places for guests, where you can serve yourself green tea or coffee. Room options include private rooms with shared bathrooms or ensuites and mixed dorms sleeping up to six guests. Prices average for $27 a night for dorm beds up to $112 per night for private rooms with three beds and an ensuite bath.

Osaka Guesthouse Hive

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from $14 / 12-dorm 4.1/5 Map

Highlights of the hostel:

  • Many guests have reported developing friendships with the staff
  • Japanese lessons are available for guests
  • A cycling tour of the city is also available to guests

One of the things that makes Osaka Guesthouse Hive stand out is its willingness to treat guests as valued friends, rather than treating them only as customers. With a 10-minute walk to local train stations and no curfew, you’ll be able to enjoy everything to the fullest. PCs for guests to use, along with Wi-Fi, make it easier to stay connected to everyone at home, including sharing all your pictures.

Prices averaging around $20 a night provide bunks with curtains and reading lights with an outlet for charging your devices. Guests rate the staff as superb because of their friendliness and attentiveness to guest needs. Guests also appreciate the staff’s dedication to the hostel’s cleanliness, which keeps the environment as inviting as possible.

The Stay Osaka Shinsabashi

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from $19 / 24-dorm 5/5 Map

Highlights of the hostel:

  • Kitchenette with stovetop and fridge in select private rooms
  • The shared guest lounge with a bar has a kitchen
  • A shoes-off policy in the rooms keeps everything cleaner

The Stay offers both a bar and a shared guest lounge that make for a great experience. This hostel is less than a mile from the closest mall and about a mile from popular parks. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the building, and the lounge area has games for guest use. Vending machines with a variety of snacks and other items are available, as well as facilities for making coffee and tea.

Prices range from $17 to $33 a night for dorm-style rooms and $83 to $172 for private rooms that sleep two to six guests. Guests have been very impressed with the cleanliness of the rooms, comparing them to hotel-quality. Another aspect that pleases guests is the level of personal service that they receive.

If hiking is a part of your backpacking trip, you won’t be disappointed with the options in and around Osaka. Mt. Kongo is a beginner-friendly peak that you will want to consider during your trip, with a convenient rope path. Sights you’ll see along the way include the Chihaya Nature and Astronomy Museum, the ruins of Chihaya Castle, and the Katsuragi Shrine. You can also hike to the Temporinji Temple.

You will also want to consider nearby Mino Park for all its hiking possibilities. The three kilometers of trails will take you through the Mino Valley, as well as let you experience the Minoo Waterfall. The Tokai Natural Trail starts here, host to the Mino Insect Museum and several ancient temples. In addition to over 3,000 insect species, the area is home to deer and monkey populations.