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4 Best Hostels in OSLO for Solo Travelers, Party & Chill

Tailored by the blend of beautiful buildings and remarkable scenery, Oslo has everything a tourist wants. Home to a great Norwegian culture, beautiful people, world-class museums, and impressive buildings that house some of the best nightclubs, restaurants, and places to crash.

The best thing about the Capital of Norway is that it can be visited completely on foot. You can also visit all the attractive sights in Oslo on a cycle or a bike. This place is heaven for hikers, kayakers, and cyclists for all good reasons. However, the stay in this place is always expensive. So I recommend my readers to book a hostel for a stay instead of a hotel when their budget is limited. For this reason, we have decided to help them by mentioning the best hostels in Oslo for backpackers and other budget travelers.

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Best Hostels in Oslo for your stay

There are so many luxury hotels in Oslo for travelers to stay. However, if you are traveling on a limited budget, the following are some great hostels where you can crash at night. So take a note of them and plan your budgeted trip by considering these hostels.

FAQs about hostels in Oslo

Saga Poshtel Oslo Central

HostelWorld (*10) (*8.8) Map Starts at ($-) for – bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Saga Poshtel Oslo Central is one of the best hostels in Oslo for you to stay. If you want comfort and a little bit of luxury for your stay, this is indeed the most reasonable choice. They offer you a buffet breakfast, along with free Wi-Fi so that you can fill the hunger of yourself and your internet desires.

It’s an ideal place for digital nomads who are trying to get their work done while traveling around the world. Wi-Fi is pretty fast and you get lots of comfy sitting around that helps to be more productive. Other amazing features include a kitchen, laundry, vending machines, and best of all, a steam room.

Lillehammer Hostel

HostelWorld (*9.3) (*8.2) Map Starts at ($79) for single private

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Located in the heart of the city, finding a room at Lillehammer Hostel is very much easier. The best thing about this place is that staying there makes it quite easy for everyone to access the bus and train station. There are also multiple hiking trails nearby that will take you to nature.

You can also enjoy talking with other travelers, and as well as making new friends by socializing with them. Being part of the backpacking community is always beneficial and useful for solo travelers. This hostel definitely provides great conditions for these connections to happen.

Their kitchen is also well maintained with complete cutlery and other essential items so that you can easily make your own food. They offer a tour desk for their quests along with a free Wi-Fi service, and a storage room.

Youth Hostel Haraldsheim (*7.9) Map Starts at ($91) for single private

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

If you can afford a little more than this place is the best choice to stay in Oslo. This hostel can accommodate up to 270 people at any time. So you can always find some room there. If you are traveling with youngsters such as your younger brother or sister, or even your kids, this place is definitely the best place to stay. It’s easy to socialize in the hostel and therefore it’s convenient for solo travelers as well. Meeting up with other backpackers/budget travelers can always bring up great stories and memories.

The best thing about this hostel is that they have an in-house currency exchange office. So no matter which currency you are carrying, you can always convert it into the local currency. You can also enjoy playing pool with your new friends, or your own family member. There is always something to do at Youth Hostel Haraldsheim. So enjoy your time there and make the most of it.

Anker Apartment / Hostel

HostelWorld (*8) (*7.6) Map Starts at ($76) for single private

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Anker Apartment is located near the city center. They offer dorm rooms to their guests, and most of the time their rooms are occupied with backpackers or budget travelers who want to wander around this city. So expect to make some friends by socializing with them on the rooftop or cafe/living room or lobby area.

You can also find a private room if you want some privacy for yourself. The price is always changing with respect to the services you want from them. Their prices also don’t include bedding, so take note of that.

We hope that our selection helps out to make your decision on where to stay in Oslo. Please comment below if you would like to give us some feedback on our selection (we would appreciate that).

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Make sure you prepare your budget properly for this city. Keep in mind that Oslo is one of the most expensive cities in the world and apart from having a hostel booked might not be enough. Prepare the plan of your activities and eating plan in order to keep this trip budget-friendly. But! Whatever it will cost, you will love it. Norway is truly an amazing country. 

Some other alternatives in Oslo / close by surroundings:

Oslo Hostel Rønningen

Oslo Hostel Rønningen is an almost three-star hotel. A hostel originally, its high rating is the key to its success, and today lots of people prefer staying there. They offer free breakfast to their guests, along with free Wi-Fi. You also have a great chance to meet other guests, who have come to visit for a different purpose. You can ask about their experiences, whether they liked their stay, or about other things such as about the city, places they have visited and much more. The price of staying there is also reasonable, which is why I recommend my readers to try to find a room there.

Kikutstua Hostel

Kikutstua Hostel is one of the best places to crash in Oslo. It is special in the way that it offers a stay in a natural environment. You can enjoy your time in lodges, instead of rooms. Their check-in process is quite lengthy, as they want to check all their guests completely. However, the stay is perfectly worth any hassle which is cause for your own convenience.

All their reviews are highly rated, so you can expect a pleasant stay there. Although it isn’t a five-star hotel, it has everything to give you a five billion star experience, as you can expect to see billions of stars at night, or maybe an aurora at night if you are lucky.

Alesund Hostel


Alesund Hostel is one of the best places to stay in Oslo. It has dorm rooms for 12 along with suites for people who are willing for a little more luxury at a reasonable price. Their staff is quite friendly, and they welcome their guest with an open heart. Their kitchen is always open just like home for everyone to make what delights them. The building of Alesund Hostel is quite old, but the services are one of the best in Oslo. You can socialize with other travelers, and share your experience of this city with them. Also, this hostel is located in the heart of this city, so accessing different sites is quite easy from there.

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