6 Best Hostels in SANTORINI for Solo, Party or Budget Travelers in 2022

In the Aegean Sea, just south of Greece, there is a beautiful ancient island named Santorini. This island, often referred to as Thera, was formed from a volcanic eruption that occurred around 3,600 years ago. It has since become a popular destination for tourists; in fact, tourism is the primary industry that has rapidly developed the island’s economy over the years.

Travelers seem to enjoy the beauty and adventure that Santorini has to offer. From relaxing on one of its remarkable beaches to backpacking through its rugged terrain and exploring the volcano, there is something fun to do for everyone.

Another thriving industry that draws tourists to the Greek island every year is wine. Travelers can witness the local winemaking operations and even do some taste testing. Many hostels are located on Perissa Beach, which is famously layered with black sand.

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Visiting Santorini Island provides the perfect chance to backpack and explore while staying in a comfortable hostel. City-dwellers can check out the local bars and restaurants to experience some of the local cuisine and intoxicating drinks offered in Fira.

FAQs about hostels in Santorini

Anny Studios-Perissa Beach

Highlights of the Hostel:

  •  Pool with bar
  •  Foreign currency exchange
  •  Mixed and private rooms
  •  Organized tours

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (July)

A beach-front hostel with breathtaking ocean views, this place is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway at the beach. The unique black sand that layers the beach is a popular attraction that borders the vividly blue water of the ocean. This area is wonderful for enjoying swimming, scuba diving, and water sports. Nearby, visitors can also discover numerous places to hike and explore.

Along with the variety of adventurous activities that guests can take advantage of outside, the hostel features many other amenities inside. Those features include a pool with a bar, internet, and a laundry room. Visitors can stay in a mixed room and converse with their neighbors or reserve a private room with satellite TV, a balcony, and a fridge. This hostel is excellent for anyone that seeks adventure among beautiful lands or great times on a fascinating beach.

Bedspot Hostel

Highlights of the Hostel:

  •  Free breakfast
  •  Stylish
  •  Guest under 35 years old only
  •  Mixed and gender-specific rooms
  •  Private rooms with amenities

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (July)

A luxurious place to stay with marvelous views of the volcano. This hostel offers an in-depth, pleasant experience for its guests. The rooftop and open yard allow visitors to mingle with other guests easily. Double beds, gender-specific rooms, and 8-bed dorm rooms provide a broad range of options for people to comfortably rest their heads. Private rooms are well-equipped to offer a hotel-like experience for interested guests.

An age limit hostel, you must be under 35 to stay at this charming place. Breakfast is provided daily, but visitors can venture off to restaurants nearby if they desire a different cuisine. With no curfew set, guests can relax, backpack, or hang out with each other at anytime day or night. It is a wonderful place to meet new people and do some sight-seeing.

Utopia Guesthouse

Highlights of the Hostel:

  •  Pet-Friendly
  •  No Curfew
  •  Mixed and gender-specific rooms
  •  Well-equipped private rooms

Book on Hostelworld from $20 / 4-dorm 9.5/10 Map

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (July)

Built within one of the oldest buildings on Perissa Beach, the Utopia Guesthouse is a hostel that is focused on sustainability and comfort. The organic farm and vegan restaurant are perfect for travelers that want fresh food while avoiding meat. Clean rooms with many different amenities allow guests to sleep in comfort, no matter their budget.

This hostel is located in southern Santorini Island and provides a wonderful opportunity for guests to visit Santo Wines Winery, Old Port of Fera, and Ancient Thera. With no curfew, guests can visit those landmarks anytime that is convenient for them. The Utopia Guesthouse can also arrange transportation for anyone that wants to get out and experience the city.

Youth Hostel Anna

Highlights of the Hostel:

  •  Mixed and private rooms
  •  Organized tours and activities
  •  Vehicle rentals
  •  Communal Kitchen

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**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (July)

A coastal property that is minutes away from the beach, guests that enjoy the beach life at this cozy hostel. The black sand layers the beach while the crisp blue water outlines the coast. A beautiful sight for anyone that has the opportunity to witness it. Activities at the Youth Hostel Anna are abundant. From scuba diving and snorkeling to backpacking and exploring the island, travelers can always find something fun to do.

The mixed rooms are ideal for meeting other visitors while remaining within your travel budget. Guests that desire some extra privacy can rent a private room that features many amenities, including a balcony with French doors. This hostel gives visitors the ability to book tours to see the beauty of the island and arrange transportation with vehicles such as a taxi or motorbike.

Fira Backpackers Place

Highlights of the Hostel:

  •  Mixed and female-only dorms
  •  Private rooms with amenities
  •  Pool, living room, terrace
  •  24-hour reception

Book on Hostelworld from $47 / 10-dorm 8.9/10 Map

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (July)

This hotel-like hostel is located in the middle of downtown Fira, the capital of Santorini. With plenty of bars and restaurants nearby, there is always somewhere nice to grab a quick bite to eat and a refreshing drink. Another excellent way to relax and cool off, take a swim in the invigorating pool or relax inside with the air conditioning. Guests can take advantage of the beautiful scenery by snapping some wonderful photos of the sunsets and the famous Caldera Cliffs, a mesmerizing experience.

The Fira Backpackers Hostel offers mixed and female-only dorms. Travelers that are looking for some extra privacy can choose to rent a private room, which features a bathroom, fridge, and a balcony with magnificent views. Visitors can check-in at any time with the 24-hour reception offered at this remarkable hostel.

Santorini Breeze Studios

Highlights of the Hostel:

  •  Pool and jacuzzi
  •  Bar and garden
  •  Well-equipped private rooms
  •  Mixed and gender-specific rooms

Book on Hostelworld from $36 / 6-dorm 8.4/10 Map

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (July)

Located in the serene part of Pirissa, this hostel provides a vast range of entertainment options for its guests. From relaxation to horseback riding and water sports, Santorini Breeze Studios has something for every type of traveler. Guests can also take advantage of the local nightlife in the city with many bars, restaurants, and clubs residing nearby. The famous black sand beach is within walking distance, just a few minutes away.

Guests that choose to stay at this hostel can choose between three room options: mixed, gender-specific, and private. When they’re not resting their head in their rooms, visitors can take a swim in the pool or kick back in the jacuzzi for a relaxing experience. The hostel bar features a variety of drinks that are sure to satisfy. Mix and mingle in the community garden to meet other guests that share similar hobbies.

Whether a traveler is looking to relax or get out and do some hiking, staying in a hostel in Fera is a wonderful experience. Hostels are an excellent place to meet new people that share similar hobbies. With shared rooms and a variety of activities, guests can mingle with others while having some fun. Not every traveler will want to share a room with strangers, so many hostels offer mixed, gender-specific, and private rooms. 

The city of Fera is a historic place full of Greek culture, wine, and entertainment. Travelers can witness the beauty of the island by taking advantage of the variety of outdoor activities. People that love the ocean and want an in-depth experience can partake in snorkeling, scuba diving, and swimming. 

Travel enthusiasts and hikers alike can do some sight-seeing and explore landmarks throughout the island. With quick local transportation offered at most hostels, visitors can choose to walk, drive, or ride. No matter your choice of transportation, Santorini Island is perfect for any traveler that wants to witness the breathtaking views and historic landmarks that this city provides.

Get out and experience all that this city has to offer by staying at a local hostel and backpacking throughout the island!