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9 Best Hostels in TALLINN, Estonia for Solo Travelers, Party & Chill 2021

Tallinn is one of the most visited capitals in Europe. Why? Because who doesn’t like to visit a cradle of medieval history, integrated with a heroic resurrection from the Soviet Union? And all of that in a combination with a vibrant, urban touch.

The best part is that all of the 8 best hostels in Tallinn are in the middle of this cradle. One minute you can walk in the streets of Old Town, and the next minute enjoy street art in Telliskivi Creative City, meet up with other like-minded people at the bohemian quarter, Kalamaja or jump on a ferry to Helsinki.

FAQs about hostels in Tallinn

  • What's the best hostel in Tallinn for solo travelers?

    Fat Margaret's is the ideal spot for solo travelers. Meet other guests in the pool area or in the hostel's sauna. There is also a co-work, perfect for digital nomads or backpackers on workation. Besides, you will be close to many restaurants and bars, thanks to its convenient location.

  • What's the best party hostel in Tallinn?

    Tallinn Backpackers has been famous for its vibe and is definitely known as one of the best party hostels in Tallinn. It's also another great choice for solo travelers to make new friends in the Capital of Estonia.

  • How much is a hostel in Tallinn?

    The average price of a night in a dorm in Tallinn is between USD$ 15 and 20 during the high season and around USD$ 10 during the low season. On the other hand, private rooms in hostels usually fall between USD$ 30 and 50 per night.

  • Are hostels in Tallinn safe?

    Tallinn is a very safe place to visit, and so are its hostels. In fact, Estonia is one of the safest countries in the world. Therefore, you should feel very secure when visiting it but watch out for your belongings, especially in busy and crowded areas. We recommend you leave your valuables in the hostel's safety boxes rather than carry them around.

HERE WE GO: 9 Best Tallinn’s Hostels

Old Town Backpackers 

Book on Hostelworld from $ / -bed dorm 4.6/5 Map

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

The location of this place is placed in the name itself, Old Town Backpackers – it’s in the middle of the Old Town. Rumors say that a person has called it the best hostel experience ever, and others added adjectives like cozy, intimate, and comfortable.

Well, this story starts well. We have a theory that it might be, that charm increases with 2-300 years of existence. Yes, the building is an old one.

Whilst many of the former hostels mentioned in this article are very social oriented, this one is for the ones who doesn’t have the biggest party animal living inside. Maybe more of a bookworm. This place has a book exchange, tea and a dorm that is the living room, the kitchen and common room.

In other words it suits the quiet hearts. Even the staff is ready to give you some space, being there only a couple of hours a day. But they will provide with everything you need and you have all the basic facilities to your disposal.

Tallinn Backpackers – Best for Solo Travelers + BEST PARTY HOSTEL

Book on Hostelworld Book on from $13 / 8-bed dorm 4.4/5 Map

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Tallinn Backpackers is known for its social scene, so if you’re a lone wolf traveler, then you’ll meet your wolf pack there whom you can roam Tallinn with.

But despite having a party stamp, this place also has a quiet hour after 11 P.M. In other words, you can meet both your needs of social and sleep. A hero at night and a hero during the day.

But what happens after 11 PM? You just walk right out the door and you’re in the midst of the buzzing heart of Old Town. So that already has you covered for a good time in these Medieval streets. This hostel in Tallinn is also pretty much a neighbor to the first pub in Estonia – Hell Hunt. So go hunt that down.

The other things you’ll be blessed with is a friendly staff who will guide the way into the nightlife, but also to give you tips to other activities, to make the best out of what Tallinn has to offer.

The place also has all the facilities you need, like the obvious, a bed and linen, hot showers, a common room, lockers, Internet, Wi-fi and much more.

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Fat Margaret’s Hostel

Book on Hostelworld Book on from $35 / 2-bed private 4.3/5 Map

**Prices are shown for weekdays in high-season (August)

Fat Margaret’s Hostel is located in the heart of Tallinn. You can easily find it since it is at the gate of the medieval old town in the area. It has a friendly community of people who are welcoming at all times.

If you love to explore the history of a place, Tallinn is the best spot as it boasts of ancient information. Plus, you get to see the town from Fat Margaret’s Hostel rooftops as you appreciate the stunning view.

When it comes to amenities, the hostel is an ideal place as you will have access to restaurants and bars. You can try out the delicious local cuisines and nightlife as well.

You can also unwind after a long day in the swimming pool and enjoy the sauna. Plus, you will have a co-working space when you need to complete some tasks.

Fat Margaret’s Hostel is an outstanding choice as it has cordial staff that is ready to assist you. The accommodation prices are reasonable, and the rooms utterly cozy. The whole place is sparkling clean, and safe for all visitors.

Knight House

Book on Hostelworld Book on from $14 / 5-bed dorm 4.2/5 Map

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Have you ever slept in a UNESCO listed historic monument before? Well if not, this is your chance! You might think it can’t get better than that, but it can.

With the handy location between the two main squares in Old Town, you are sure to have all the best of what this Medieval area of Tallinn has to offer. Restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, and historical sights.

Knight House is also the place to go if you are looking for a place that perfectly balances your inner introvert, but that also leaves room for social.

It has a common area for relaxation and social, a fully equipped kitchen and a balcony where you can enjoy a beer in the sun.

The staff is again awesome and they even provide you with small day trips if you want to see more of Estonia. Although, if you’re on a tight budget, then they also have a free walking tour around the city.

Old Town Alur Hostel 

Book on Hostelworld Book on from $13 / 14-bed dorm 4.0/5 Map

**Prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (August)

Ladies and gents, this is the biggest and one of the most central hostels in Tallinn, and this one pretty much sums up everything that the other hostels on this list provide.

It fits both single travelers, but also the big group ready to explore. All necessary facilities are of course at your service, like a common kitchen, showers and security lockers.

The great staff will also be at your service and will provide with tips and tricks regarding different activities in the city. And of course, the chance to meet other people on the social scene where things like bar crawl and events can happen.

Also, remember that you’re in the heart of the Old Town. The city is yours to take.

Tabinoya Travellers House & Family Apartment


This is the family-friendly hostel of this hostel bunch and fits also for the peaceful souls. It is a private apartment, which means you get the place to yourself! So no door banging in the hallways 5 AM in the morning.

With a touch of coziness created by the wooden decor and an intimate, relaxing setting, you’re set for a home away from home.

It even has something that pretty much makes it an Estonian home – a sauna. It doesn’t get more Estonian than that. It also has all of the facilities needed, common shower, a kitchen, breakfast, coffee and tea, and Wi-Fi.

The staff is also super helpful and will give you whatever information needed to have a great trip in Tallinn. It is also worth to mention that Telliskivi and Kalamaja, as mentioned in the intro, are close to Tabinoya.

Red Emperor Bar & Hostel – Chill Vibe & Ideal for Solo Travelers in Tallinn


When an Australian mate creates a backpackers hub in Tallinn, you know it ought to be good. With laid-back and chill vibes being the overall atmosphere, everything else is just a bonus, right?

This place has facilities like a kitchen and showers, so when you’re all well fed and cleaned up, it’s time to embrace some chill and social vibes of the night.

This hostel in Tallinn has beer pong, karaoke and it even has its own bar next door! Rumors say there are been arranged pub crawls from time to time, as well.

Its location is also right in the middle of the town, so you can easily explore more of what Tallinn has to offer. If you want to just chill and hang-out, then there’s also a common room awaiting your chill time.



Right next door to Monk’s Bunk, you can find more euphoria in other forms, such as music jams, workshops and concerts.

They provide with some good tunes every Sunday at 20.00, where musicians are welcomed for some Open Jam! So if you want more of a music scene, rather than a party floor, then this is the place to crash.

Euphoria gives you even more happiness in form of free visitors’ computer, a common room with a hookah pipe and some cold drinks at their bar.

And of course, this euphoric crib of yours also has three kitchens, lockers for your belongings, laundry service, free parking and they even make your bed. That’s at least everyone’s dream.

The Monk’s Bunk


Looking for a place to crash where you can be super social? Then ignore the conservative name, Monk’s Bunk, and step right into the party zone! After you’ve been given your own bunk for the tonight, then you’re all set to go for a social adventure.

The awesome staff that is available for 24 hours and stand the ground to make your stay the best as possible. How? Well, with occasional pub crawls, happy hours and themed nights. Or just arrange some adventurous activities. In other words, they will make sure you’ll get a great time.

If you want some freedom to roam the social life of Tallinn and Old Town by yourself – or your newly found friends – then the freedom starts at Freedom Square, right outside the hotel. That is one of the entrances into Old Town and from there you’re only a short walk to restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and whatever your travel heart desires.

This place also has a common room, fully equipped kitchen, a free luggage storage and bathroom. What more do you need?

As all of the 9 best hostels in Tallinn are located in or around Old Town, we will also like to share a handy list of must-sees and to-dos in Tallinn.

As we’ve mentioned before Telliskivi and Kalamaja are definitely two areas in Tallinn worth visiting, especially for travelers and backpackers.

There you find the laid-back atmosphere, great food for every taste bud, local and international beers, art and other like-minded people.

If you love to hunt, hidden gems then check out this post about cool and unusual things to do in Tallinn!

If you want to experience a panoramic view over this city, then we’d recommend to either take the journey a bit outside Old Town. Location? On top of Radisson Hotel where Lounge 24 is located.

There you can enjoy a magnificent view over the city and enjoy a cocktail while the sun is setting.

The other one is Kohtuotsa viewing platform which is Instagram famous. Maybe you’ll be too? Just remember to tag @visittallinn and use the #VisitTa

If you’ve had enough of partying and socializing, and want to do more cultural things, then Kiek in de Kök is a museum worth visiting.

You can also climb on top of St. Olaf’s Church or say hi to Europe’s oldest (and still functioning)  pharmacy, Town Hall Pharmacy.

If you are hungry for more Medieval input, you can also try bear meat at Olde Hansa. Bon appetit!

AUTHOR’S BIO: Liisa Mänd has lived in 6 different countries and is currently living a digital nomad life. She loves writing, especially about people’s freedom to roam the earth as if it doesn’t have borders. She writes her own blog and spreads words of freedom on her IG. 

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