Traveling the world is one of the most popular dreams of the millennial generation, and as the years go by, you can notice just how many people are ditching their steady jobs in favor of backpacking around the globe, in search of an adventure of a lifetime. One such adventure might, and should, take you to Chile, and the breathtaking little place called Valparaiso.

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La Joya Hostel

HostelWorld (*9.0) (*8.8) 

Map Starts at ($17) for 4 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

La Joya Hostel is hipster heaven. Located on 80 Pasaje quillota St, it’s not only close to all of the shopping hot-spots, but the metro line taking you across the city is just five minutes away from the hostel. This hostel is all about carefully balancing the elements in its interior design scheme – it’s not overly decorated, it’s decluttered but not bare, it’s uniquely quirky and strangely sophisticated.

With plenty of rooms to choose from, bean-bag-laden shared spaces, a retro game room, and free breakfast, who wouldn’t want to hang out here? Expect to dish out $50 for a standard single private room, and $75 for a four-bed private with an en-suite. If you’re traveling with a partner, then perhaps something like a deluxe double bedroom for $60 would suit your needs.

Hostel Voyage (Best Party Hostel)

HostelWorld (*9.8) (*8.9)

 Map Starts at ($14) for 12 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

This one is a party hostel, that’s for sure. Hostel Voyage is situated in the heart of the city, and is a true urban jungle gem popular among the party travelers of the world. With numerous unique spaces intended for mingling, chilling, partying, working, studying, and more, you’re bound to have a fun and rewarding time here.

And the prices are not bad either, with dorms and private rooms boasting all of the necessary amenities ranging in prices between $20 for a single private room and $44 for a private double-bed room. Breakfast is on the house, by the way.

Nomada Eco Hostel

HostelWorld (*9.1) (*8.8) 

Map Starts at ($16) for 4 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

As the name might imply, this hostel is all about sustainability, supporting the local culture, and eco-friendliness across the board. Thus, it’s the perfect fit for all mindful travelers and people who are accustomed to the eco-friendly way of life. Located on 1822 Brasil Avenue, the hostel is just a brisk 15-minute walk away from the city center and the bus terminal.

For all of the basic amenities, free breakfast, strong Wi-Fi, and a truly inspiring connection with mother nature that permeates every room, you will need to pay $45 for a double-bed private room, and as little as $16 for a mixed dorm.

Casa Volante Hostal

HostelWorld (*8.6) (*8.6)

 Map Starts at ($12.88) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

Located in the heart of the city in 27 Fisher ST, Casa Volante Hostal is one of the most popular backpacking pit-stops. While there are plenty of things to see and do in the neighborhood, such as museums, parks, sightseeing spots and lookouts, the hostel is also in close proximity to all local methods of transport that will take you to various parts of the city.

This is not a small hostel, and you can expect the price to vary depending on the type of room you need. You can get a private single room for as little as $38, but if you’re traveling with friends and want to unwind in a private apartment, that’s going to cost you up to $100. With a variety of accommodation options at your disposal, a friendly, artistic atmosphere, and all of the basic amenities such as free Wi-Fi, tea, coffee, and fresh fruits, this is definitely a place backpackers should check out.

Planeta Lindo 

HostelWorld (*9.3) Map 

Starts at ($13) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

Another downtown hostel enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean and the surrounding cityscape is Planeta Lindo. Located on 677 Almirante Montt St, the hostel is not only within walking distance of almost every point of interest on the map, but it’s excellent connections to the rest of the city make it a great destination for all backpackers looking to explore Valparaiso for all it’s worth.

This is a shared space, and you should only make your reservation if you’re friendly, outgoing, and don’t mind sharing a dorm with eight other people. There are only two prices: $13 for an all-female dorm, and $14 for an eight-bed mixed dorm.

Casa Verde Limon

HostelWorld (*8.8) (*8.6) 

Map Starts at ($12) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

Almost a hundred years old (the building, not the hostel), Casa Verde Limon is an artistic hostel with a perfect location, perfect cleanliness, perfect staff, perfect everything. Much like the others on this list, this hostel is situated in the heart of the city, boasting excellent connections to the rest of the town and within walking distance of all essential nightlife hotspots.

This place has private rooms as well, and you can expect to dish out $24 for a single private room, $48 for a double-bed private en-suite room, and $70 for a four-bed deluxe apartment. The Wi-Fi, much like the coffee they serve, is strong and is bound to meet all of your nomadic needs.

Hostel la Colombina

HostelWorld (*8.9) (*8.5) 

Map Starts at ($15) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

Last, but definitely not least on our Valparaiso hostel list, is Hostel La Colombina. Again, the location – 280 Concepcion – is perfect, close to everything you could possibly need or want to see. And the local restaurants? To die for.

With numerous common rooms to hang out with friends from around the world, prepare food, play board games, and just chill, this is truly a place to enjoy yourself to the max. Clean and tidy accommodation, fast Wi-Fi, free breakfast – all of this can cost you $25 for a single private room, and $72 for a superior four-bed apartment. Traveling with a significant other? Choose the deluxe double-bed private en-suite for $60.

Valparaiso is every traveler’s safe haven. The South-American way of life combined with the historic architecture, the booming nightlife, and the rich cultural scene, all of it and more makes for a backpacking experience of a lifetime. Just make sure you don’t get so caught up exploring the city and chilling out with your new friends so that you miss out on the natural wonders that lie beyond its limits.

Muffin Hostel

HostelWorld (*8.2) (*7.9)

 Map Starts at ($9) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in Mid-season (Nov.)

The Muffin Hostel is as basic yet chic as they come. This is a place where true broke-as-a-joke backpackers can enjoy quality times with fellow dime-less backpackers in a setting that looks nothing like your financial situation. Really, the Muffin Hostel is amazing.

The interior design is simple yet fresh, clean, and beautiful; the breakfast is free, the Wi-Fi is excellent, and you can lounge on the terrace all day long petting cats and snuggling with a bunny.

The hostel is located on 276 Guillermo Rawson St, a few minutes away from the metro station and the neighborhood is rich with sightseeing opportunities. How cheap does a room come, you ask? You can snag a bed in an eight-bed dorm for $9, while a four-bed dorm will cost you $11.


Hostal Po

  HostelWorld (*9.1) (*8.9)

 Map Starts at ($15) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in HIGH-season (DEC./summer)

Hostal Po was created by a world traveler who fell in love with Valparaiso and wanted to start a new life in this city. His idea was to create a place that captures the true essence of Valparaiso, which is why it is designed in a way that shows the story of the city through various forms of art. The whole building was painted by different local artists who were eager to be a part of the project.

Hostal Po offers comfortable, spacious beds in mixed dorm rooms for a price of only $15 per night, as well as spacious common rooms and an intricately designed terrace, perfect for socializing and unwinding. Just minutes away from Plaza Anibal Pinto, Hostal Po is a new art space that looks fun and inviting and truly puts the beauty of Valparaiso in a different perspective.

Casa Fischer Hostal

 HostelWorld (*8.3) Map 

Starts at ($13) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in HIGH-season (DEC./summer)

Casa Fischer is a new hostel placed in the center of the Hill Concepcion, in the UNESCO-protected historic area of the city, between the maze of stairs and stunning graffiti. Apart from the museums and galleries, the hostel is surrounded by an abundance of pubs and bars, which is why it is very popular among young backpackers.

For a low price of $13 for a dormitory per night, and $31 for a private double room, Casa Fisher offers free Wi-Fi and Cable TV, as well as a complimentary breakfast. The friendly staff of Casa Fischer Hostal is always available to help you with anything you may need, as well as to give you all the important information about their lovely city.

Lemuria Hostel

 HostelWorld (*7.9) (*8.4)

 Maps Starts at (13$) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in HIGH-season (DEC./summer)

Backpackers spend most of their time on foot, which is why location is an important factor. Lemuria Hostel is located in a lovely historic house in the heart of Cerro Alegre, one of the most charming parts of Valparaiso, and it’s surrounded by numerous art galleries and museums, as well as a variety of bars and restaurants.

Completely renovated, the hostel offers many spacious and comfortable bedrooms to accommodate everyone from a solo traveler to a group of six, from a starting price at just $34 a night for private room. Apart from a stunning view of the Valparaiso bay, the Lemuria Hostel also offers several common areas, which are perfect for any social backpacker to relax and unwind.

Casaclub Hostel

 HostelWorld (*7.6) Map 

Starts at ($10) for 6 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in HIGH-season (DEC./summer)

Casaclub Hostel is located in a picturesque heritage area of the city, in close proximity to popular tourist attractions and famous beaches.  The hostel’s excellent position offers great connections with all parts of the city, as well as its surroundings.

Casaclub Hostel offers free Wi-Fi and includes a breakfast for just €8 a night in a dormitory room, and $29 in a private double room. With more than ten years of experience hosting travelers from all over the world, Casaclub is a great place for backpackers to find everything they need to make their stay in Valparaiso an unforgettable one.

Escarabajo Hostel

 HostelWorld (*8.3) (*8.3) 

Map Starts at ($15) for 10 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in HIGH-season (DEC./summer)

Situated in Cerro Bellavista, one of the alluring hills of Valparaiso, the Escarabajo Hostel is fairly close to the city center, as well as the famous Pablo Neruda house, ‘La Sebastiana’. In addition to traditional bars and restaurants, the hostel is surrounded by cultural centers and a very interesting open-air street art museum.

Escarabajo Hostel offers clean and comfortable dormitories for a fair price of $15 a night, as well as free internet access and complimentary breakfast. The complex also has a spacious common room and a lovely outdoor terrace, which are perfect for relaxing and socializing with other travelers and backpackers. Escarabajo Hostel is an ideal place for anyone who wants to explore everything Valparaiso has to offer.

Mitico Hostel

 HostelWorld (*8.6) (*8.3)

 Map Starts at ($8) for 8 bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in HIGH-season (DEC./summer)

Mitico Hostel was created with the idea of connecting travelers from all around the world with the local life of Valparaiso, the city’s culture and unique bohemian vibe. Located in the center of the city, minutes away from the waterfront, it is in the midst of the lively Valparaiso nightlife.

You can enjoy your stay in Mitico Hostel in a female dormitory starting at $8 a night, a mixed dorm room costing from $8 to $12, or a private double bedroom at a price of $32 per night. Ideal for young backpackers, Mitico Hostel is a great place for meeting new friends, spending time in good conversation and having a great time in this wonderful city.

Casa Violeta Limon

  HostelWorld (*8.9) (*8.6) 

Map Starts at ($50) for apartment

**prices are shown for weekdays in HIGH-season (DEC./summer)

Casa Violeta Limon provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for any traveler looking for a place to relax. It is designed as a holistic concept and decorated by artists Ximena Urra and Gucy, who drew inspiration from mandalas and Asian art. At a starting price of only €31 per night, Casa Violeta Limon can accommodate anyone, from a single backpacker to a group of four.

The bright and airy independent spaces of this hostel make you feel right at home while you are traveling. If you are someone who wants complete privacy and comfort, then Casa Violeta Limon is the right place for you.

Hostal Brisas del Mar

HostelWorld (*7.7) (*7.5)

 Map Starts at ($6) for bed-dorm

**prices are shown for weekdays in HIGH-season (DEC./summer)

Situated in one of the best and safest parts of Valparaiso, Hostal Brisas del Mar is just a walk away from some of the most prominent landmarks in the city, such as ‘Ascensor Polanco’ and  ‘Plaza de la Victoria’, to name a few. Being in a 120-year-old building, it is often recognized for its beautiful, alluring architecture.

Brisas del Mar offers all kinds of comfortable rooms, from dormitories with a starting price of €5 a night, to single rooms priced at $15 per night, with private bathrooms and spacious common areas. The hostel staff has a vast experience in the hospitality industry, as well as great knowledge of the city, so your stay in Hostal Brisas del Mar is bound to be warm and accommodating.

Why backpack through Valparaiso?

Why not? No, seriously, who doesn’t want to visit every country on the South American continent? Who doesn’t want to visit the country where Pablo Neruda drew his first breaths? Of course, Chile and all of its natural and urban wonders should be on your backpacking bucket list, and Valparaiso should definitely be on the top spot in your itinerary.

First off, it’s an amazing place for digital nomads and coworking enthusiasts. Located on the eastern fringe, just an hour and a half from the capital of Santiago – which by the way has some wonderful hostels as well – Valparaiso is not only an urban gem, but the city also boasts enthralling natural surroundings that are bound to steal your heart and make you want to stay longer than you planned. Known for its distinct millennial scene and a laid-back culture that permeates every historic street and imbues every corner-side cafe, Valparaiso is definitely a place live, love, work, and unwind.

Before you hit the road

Okay, before you start checking out these awesome hostels, a word of caution: this is not your typical backpacking road trip. You will need to pack your clothes for the urban lifestyle, but also for the natural wonders that await in the 36 national parks that dot the Chilean landscape. This also means that you need a detailed list of your backpack essentials, one of which is your trusty map.

Having a digital as well as a physical map is essential for a backpacker, so make sure you circle all points of interest with a bright permanent marker in order to find your way around town should your phone give out. This is a friendly place to live, work, and explore, but there is no need for you to wander around aimlessly under the scorching Chilean sun. With several thousand Pesos in your pocket, it’s time to choose your ideal accommodation.

Best Hostels Valparaiso