Warsaw is an amazing city. You can see the left-overs of the struggle that WW2 caused, but you can also see how this nation rose from the ashes. The restoration hasn’t destroyed the charm of the old town, so you can get in touch with real history here.

Plus, let’s talk about the nightlife. Warsaw is a city of students, so you better believe that there’s no lack of bars. Have you ever tried Polish beer? You should! Repeat this word after me: piwo. You need to know it when you head off to Poland.

That being said, Warsaw is hardly a luxury destination. Sure; there are nice hotels and great restaurants, but the city is not pretentious. That’s exactly what makes it perfect for backpackers.

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But being a backpacker doesn’t mean you don’t want some level of comfort, does it? You still need a perfectly acceptable hostel for a perfectly acceptable price. Well, you’ll definitely find such hostels in Warsaw. Let’s list eight of the best ones.

TOP 8 Hostels for Backpackers in Warsaw

Patchwork Warsaw Hostel

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This is the complete opposite of the previous suggestion. While ApartHostel is calm and cozy, Patchwork Warsaw Hostel is fun and colorful. It’s surrounded by some of the best bars and clubs in the city.

If you’re looking for a hostel where you’ll meet tons of young travelers just like you, this is the one.

Warsaw Downtown Hostel

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The Palace of Culture and Science is one of the most impressive sights in Warsaw. It’s something you must not miss, and it would be great to stay in its proximity because that’s the area of Warsaw where the most exciting things happen. It’s the center of the city.

Warsaw Downtown Hostel is located at a 15-minute walking distance from this palace. It’s not just about its location, though. The dormitory rooms, although simply furnished, are perfectly clean and comfortable.

The best thing about this hostel is that it offers free on-site events such as film nights, Polish cuisine tasting, and karaoke. Could it get any better? It could: a private bathroom in every room! That’s what you’re getting for a really affordable price here.

Oki Doki

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By the name of this hostel, you could sense it’s fun. You’re right! But fun is not all you get!

Oki Doki is located in the Old Town, and that’s exactly where most tourists want to be. It’s in an 18th-century building, so you’ll really feel the real Warsaw there. Most rooms have private bathrooms, and some have air conditioning.

Dream Hostel

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Did you know there were beaches in Warsaw? Yes; there are urban beaches on the Vistula river. This hostel is really close to the beach, so you can get there on foot in less than 15 minutes. It’s also close to the Grand Theatre and the Royal Castle, so you’ll have enough exploring to do in the area.

You can book a double room with private bathroom if you’re after greater privacy. But this is a hostel, and if you want the real hostel experience, you can also opt for a bed in an 8-bed dormitory room.

Planet Hostel

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This one is a bit more modern. It’s close to Lazienki, a gorgeous park in Warsaw. Its rooms have been freshly renovated and have a youthful vibe. You’ll get comfort at an affordable price!

You’ll love the dedicated dining space with a big kitchen. You can hang out with the other tourists in the TV lounge, so you’ll get the real hostel experience.

ApartHostel Warszawa

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This one is close to the Zoo and the Copernicus Science Center. It’s the perfect hostel for those of you looking for some tranquility.

Let’s say you’re a student and you’re backpacking for the summer, but you have your MA thesis to work on. If you want to avoid hiring a service like A-Writer and you’re determined to work on your own paper, then you’ll need an environment that supports that. This is the kind of hostel you’d choose in that situation.

It is pretty cozy and the common area is absolutely great! You get free WiFi. Plus, the breakfast is yummy.

GreenWood Hostel Centrum

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How about an extremely clean and well-decorated hostel that feels almost luxurious? There are plants everywhere, hence the name. You’ll have a desk in your room, so you can even work while exploring Warsaw.

Surprisingly, the prices are quite affordable.

Warsaw will take your heart away! It’s a mesmerizing city that you’ll want to come back to over and over again. Thanks to the great choice of hostels there, accommodation is not a problem for backpackers!

Witt Hostel

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So you’re looking for a historic building as your place to stay? That’s how you’d feel the real Warsaw vibe, which mixes history with modernism.

Hostel Witt is what you’re looking for! It’s on the first floor of an old building that was used as a setting for Roman Polanski’s The Pianist. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?

You can pick a dorm or a private room, as per your preferences. The hostel has a well-equipped kitchen, so that’s a great addition if you plan to cook your own food and save money that way.

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