It seems there is nothing that Colorado can’t offer to hungry tourists’ eyes – from breathtaking nature to remnants of past cultures. In light of this fact it may be hard to decide on the right destination, so we’ve prepared a couple of suggestions that will certainly pique your imagination and inspire your soul.

1. The Diversity of Denver

This capital of Colorado truly serves as a core of the state since it reflects its diversity completely, offering visitors of all ages an almost unlimited amount of attractions. It has all the mandatory touristic attractions – Denver Zoo, lovely gardens and parks, golf courses but also some extreme sports parks, and biking becomes a completely different experience if you do it along the historic Greenway Trail. But this is just a beginning – this feeling of diversity is additionally boosted by an impressive number of museums and art districts which will offer delights and thrills at the same time. If eight museums of the Golden Triangle Museum District and Denver Performing Arts Complex still leave your senses hungry for more, the fact that here cannabis flows freely – and legally – will certainly make up for that. The so-called marijuana tourism is often associated only with Amsterdam, but Denver has also been on the list of hotspots since 2012.

2. All-year-round Adventures in Aspen

This lovely little town located in the heart of the White River National Forest is famous for its spectacular downhill skiing, but it offers a much larger variety of adventures, including food sledding, ice skating, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. And the best part is that these winter sports are just one side of the medal and the adventure doesn’t end with winter – in summer there’s fly fishing, hot air ballooning, hiking, horseback riding, white water rafting, and you can also ride the Aspen Mountain Gondola. After the right amount of sweet exhaustion, you can refresh yourself with delicious meals, local craft beers, and famous Après-Ski cocktails.

3. The Exploration of the Rocky Mountains in Glenwood Springs

This destination is all about the exploration of the Rocky Mountains, inside out. As far as the inside is concerned, you will be able to go pretty deep underground by taking a walking tour of the Glenwood Caverns. If you prefer to say closer to the surface, you can visit the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park by taking the Iron Mountain Tramway. This second option is maybe more suitable for family vacations, but the rides are still as thrilling as they’re fun. For those who really wish to stick to ground level, there are gushing recreational rivers offering fishing, kayaking, and paddling. No matter which road of exploration you take, you can always conclude your energetic day in some of the natural hot springs which will surely restore your powers for the next adventure in line.

4. Along the Preserved Ruins of Mesa Verde

If you’re in search for some more in-depth exploration, you’ll be blown away by Mesa Verde even if it’s not your first time seeing cliff dwellings. The reason is quite simple – this park allows the visitors the greatest amount of access to the actual ruins. This is not a small thing when you consider the fact that Cliff Palace, the park’s centerpiece, has not only a very dramatic setting but also incredibly preserved ruins, which makes it one of the most impressive dwellings in the entire Southwest. And you can climb up the ladders right up to its heart through ranger-led tours which are very regular during summer. Of course, for those who prefer to investigate on their own, there is a number of hiking trails which lead to numerous interesting sites and lookouts, including petroglyphs. Mesa Verde was inhabited by the Ancestral Pueblo from approximately 600 AD to 1300 AD so there are also thousands of archeological sites within the park beside the cliff dwellings.

5. Take a Train to Romance in Durango

If you’ve ever asked yourself why has Bob Dylan set his romance precisely in Durango, then you have to see this lovely setting at the base of surrounding mountains with your own eyes? Just a glance at some of the well-restored grand old buildings and this historic downtown area will put a spell on you. And the best thing is that you can enter in these buildings since many of them function as restaurants and hotels, and experience that Old West feel and southwestern decor from up close. Catching the historic train of Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway will certainly make the whole experience complete.

Unlimited diversity, never-ending adventures, fun explorations, and a touch of romance. All the ingredients of the perfect travel, we’d say.