10 Best Places For Digital Nomads To Work Remotely In 2023, According to Kiwi.com

8 Best Places For Digital Nomads To Work Remotely In 2023

If you’ve landed here because you are looking for the greatest digital nomad remote workplaces, you’re in the right spot. Recently, a popular flight search engine Kiwi.com compiled a list of the best places to live for digital nomads based on experience, knowledge, and rankings from remote.com.

As you begin your adventure as a digital nomad, this list should guide you to the nomadic place of your dreams or simply help you find the next place you want to visit along the way.

Chiang Mai, Thailand                   

Although there are more foreigners in Bangkok, Chiang Mai is currently the place to be in Thailand. It is easy to leave the city and enter the picturesque countryside because the second city is to the north and surrounded by mountains. The city is international and safe, and internet connection speeds are adequate.

Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Salt Lake City, the highest-ranked US city on the list, has grown to be a favorite among digital nomads because to the number of public workspaces, efficient public transportation within and outside the city, and its reasonable cost (by US standards).

Willemstad, Curaçao

With Dutch-influenced architecture (tall, slender merchant houses), Caribbean cuisine, European-style pubs and bars, and a population that can communicate in at least two of the four languages spoken on the island (Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamentu, a Portuguese Creole), the island is a cheap, open-minded, pleasant, and friendly place to live.

Auckland, New Zealand


It’s undoubtedly impressive, and the fact that you can be in a bustling international city one minute and on a hiking trail or beach the next is a good reason to move there. The city is built around an extinct volcano on the country’s North Island. And hey, even if you get tired of the city, you can explore the rest of the beautiful nation by RV or train.

Mishima, Japan

There is everything you could want in the city, including shopping, nightlife, culture, history, etc. However, the city has the advantage of being both off the beaten path (at least for foreigners) and close to the beaches on the northern side of Suruga Bay on the way to Shizuoka City and Tokyo (about two and a half hours by bus or 45 minutes by bullet train).

Svalbard, Norway

Norway provides lifetime visas for digital nomads, and the largest town on Svalbard, Longyearbyen, has good internet and co-working spaces, so even if you can’t handle the isolation for a while, you can keep returning. Actually, that’s a really fantastic offer for any adventurers out there.


The city has a huge, diverse population, excellent public transportation, fantastic food and nightlife, great cafes for daily activities, and is built on the waterfront. Add in the ‘friendly Canadians’ factor, and you have got remote working pretty much covered. There’s a reason it’s so popular: safety, high quality of life, lots to do and friendly people.

Madeira, Portugal

After Successful Madeira Digital Nomad Village, NomadX Expands To 4 New Locations

The largest of the four islands that form a small archipelago off the coast of Morocco is Madeira. It is a region of Portugal characterized by a fantastic subtropical climate, first-class cuisine, and the wine that bears its name. Thanks to its year-round sunshine, the island has traditionally been a popular destination for tourists, but the local government is working hard to make its digital nomad program a more permanent draw.

Bridgetown, Barbados

You can settle anywhere on the island with a 12-month work permit, known as the Barbados Welcome Stamp. Although Bridgetown is the island’s capital, you can travel the entire island in just three hours, and best of all, some of Barbados’ beaches now have Wi-Fi.

Panama City, Panama

There are mountains, forests, beaches, a tropical climate, affordable housing, and a high standard of living. The criteria are all met, right? Although Panama has long been a popular vacation spot, more and more digital nomads are moving there for the reasons mentioned above! The fact that there are cheap flights to Panama from places in the US and South America also helps.