16 Best Places to Visit in Europe in Fall 2023

Best Places to Visit in Europe in Fall

Traveling to Europe during fall means shorter lines, idyllic weather, better deals, fewer crowds, and legendary festivals. For many, this is the right time to visit Europe because the holiday destinations are in their highest season with lively streets.

Moreover, the hotels are at their best price, and autumn is full of rosy apples. Some of the best places to visit in Europe during fall include:

1. Perthshire, Scotland

Also referred to as ‘Big Trees Country’, Perthshire is among the most glorious places in Europe and is full of autumn colors. Some of the most beautiful and stunning spots are found in Knock Hill, Loch Tummel, and the Pass of Killiecrankie.

The array of copper and gold of the tree-covered hillsides is reflected by the rivers and lochs, making it ideal for photo sessions and exploration. Knock Hill is particularly known for its mixed woodlands, heathery viewpoints, and jaw-dropping views from the Highlands’ summit that stretches to the north.

2. Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano is a mixture of colors and tastes that provides good autumn celebration grounds for family and friends. With the traditional Lugano Autumn Festival, the squares and the streets of the old city are converted into a center of life, not to mention the enticing local gastronomical products and tasty wine collection.

Visitors are able to make discoveries of excellent wines from Ticino, and local cuisines from the various grottos found all over the city.

3. Canary Islands

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the late sun, the Canary Islands should be your option number one. While the rest of Europe is losing leaves and getting colder, the Canary Islands boast about 10 hours of sunlight and pleasant temperatures of 26°C. 

Stroll by the beach, sunbathe, or hike. You can also look forward to swimming, diving, and other water sports. The waters are still pretty warm – in fact, they are considered the warmest in October. And if you have a chance, take part in the traditional Canarian Halloween celebrations called Noche de Los Finaos.

4. Wicklow, Ireland

Apart from the stunning Wicklow Mountains, fall in Ireland is a mixture of beautiful blue skies and trees boasting coverage of brilliant golden hues and waterfalls. Wicklow is also a serene area for hiking activities and the exploration of historical sites.

For instance, Glendalough is an ancient historic site founded in the 6th century by the famous St. Steven and has, with time, become a favorite of many visitors.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

In the fall, Prague is an incredible destination with fewer visitors, and therefore convenient for those seeking to spend quiet, quality time with friends and family. The brews and delicacies in Czech are a perfect hit at this time of the year, with the season’s glow providing a romantic feel for the lovebirds.

Castle Hill provides a panoramic view of the rooftops of Prague. It is easy to take in and appreciate the attractions of the city without being worried about endless noisy crowds.

6. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is known to be Europe’s most beautiful holiday destination because it offers exceptional stay filled with human warmth, gastronomy, and history, not to mention the beaches of Arcachon and the vineyards of Saint-Emilion.

Kick off your stay by booking accommodation in one of the city’s guesthouses or apartments at an affordable price. Preferably, you can engage in wine tours and dinner cruises in the traditional city and create lots of worthwhile memories.

7. Hannover, Germany

Lovers of serene green spaces prefer to tour Hannover during the fall because it is a haven of numerous parks. The treasured Eilenriede Forest and Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen are also ideal for nature walks and picnics.

The city is also easy to access because it is centrally positioned in the middle of Germany and is ideal for shopping thanks to the Georgstrase, one of Germany’s most popular shopping streets.

8. Aragon, Spain

The region of Aragon is located in northeastern Spain, and autumn in this beautiful city often means idyllic temperatures depending on where you stay.

It is home to Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, which is made up of an impressive variety of wildlife, a fall colors array, and cascading waterfalls.

The Pyrenean Mountain Range is composed of some of the wildest and highest peaks, and the Aragonese Pyrenees defines all the superlatives associated with it.

Depending on the season of your stay, the temperatures range from the upper 70s to mid-60s.

9. Istanbul, Turkey

This exotic destination is ideal for fall travel, as it is somewhere between cold temperatures, winter’s brutal winds, and the extreme heat of summer.

The city is able to control and fight crowds because it has a stunning architecture that is easy to understand and follow.

While there, you can stroll down the narrow winding alleyways, which are filled with Turkish music at every corner. Preferably, you can also sample traditional Turkey food such as borek, cheese, and mouth-watering crust with meat fillings or potatoes.

10. Douro Valley, Portugal

In autumn, the Douro Valley becomes a sea of orange, vibrant yellow, and flaming red and terraced vineyards that slope along the riverbanks.

During fall, the region is a hotspot for wine and food, with Douro Valley being the oldest and most demarcated wine region on the earth’s surface.

The stunning landscape is crowded with locals serving wares like meats, produce from the grocery vans, and fresh bread varieties. You can sum up the autumn holiday by cruising along the 125-mile river and enjoying samples of flavorful and fresh grapes.

11. Budapest, Hungary

While on the hills of Budapest, you get a clear view of the river, the warm colors of trees crowding the landscape, and the parliament. Budapest is one of Europe’s most beautiful and romantic cities, and you can engage in sightseeing cruises, among dozens of other activities.

The accommodation hotels are cost-friendly and convenient for those working on a budget.

12. Loire Valley, France

The valleys and hillsides of Loire Valley have over 143,000 acres of grapevines. The vineyards are ablaze in fiery red, vivid orange, and gold and autumn’s kiss illuminates the surrounding fairytale chateaus and forests.

If you are looking for one of Europe’s best destinations with flavorful wine and vibrant fall color displays, make a point to tour the Loire Valley.

13. Oslo, Norway

During autumn in Oslo, there is a transformation in leaves, and the woodland areas adapt to a new life. This makes the area perfect for foraging expeditions and evening walks. The city is a hub for picturesque parks that form beautiful backdrops on sunny days.

To get in touch with some of the nation’s vibrant autumn foliage, visit Ostmarka Forest and have an experience like no other.

14. Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland’s capital city is a lively destination ideal for Christmas celebrations. During autumn, it is characterized by beautiful skies and breathtaking landscapes.

Other than the beautiful city, the hotels are best priced, and you can have a Loch Ness tour or visit Edinburgh Castle.

15. Bilbao, Spain

The city has a permanent collection of museums that offers incredible artwork. Treat yourself by visiting the vineyards located around Bilbao that boast beautiful, serene, and therapeutic landscapes.

Spend a day admiring the titanium architecture of Frank Gehry or commercial galleries that are full of pieces you will find nowhere else in the world.

16. Antwerp, Belgium

The city is home to some of the world’s famous and innovative designers. While visiting, ensure you have saved enough for a few designer pieces and be ready to have a new autumn wardrobe.

If you travel by train, you can have a chance to step on one of Europe’s most beautiful railway stations, which is constructed using marble floors and ticking clocks.