Best Travel Apps During These Times Of Air Travel Chaos

Best Travel Apps

The state of the world has been somewhat chaotic lately. Because of this, flight delays, hotel cancellations, and other major travel inconveniences are on the rise. It takes a lot of effort to schedule time off, plan your itinerary, book hotels, and make everything work.

Consequently, you don’t want a sudden change to throw everything off the rails. Nonetheless, delays and cancellations are an inescapable part of traveling.

Therefore, you should take advantage of the following five travel apps to ensure that an unexpected change of plans doesn’t ruin your trip.


If you plan to travel internationally, then you will likely have to keep a lot of documents with you at all times.

Aside from your passport and visa, many destinations will also ask you for proof of vaccination, onward flight tickets, and other important papers.

With TripIt, you can store boarding passes, vaccine paperwork, itineraries, and other vital documents on your phone so that they are always available when you need them.


You need up-to-date information about your flight. However, airlines’ apps often take way too long to give users crucial notifications.

FlightAware not only provides real-time tracking data for virtually all commercial flights across the world, but it also gives users historical data and trend-based predictions about their flights.

With FlightAware, you’ll be the first to know about any delay or cancellation, so you will have as much time as possible to figure out your next moves.


When you’re traveling, you want to get around quickly, but there isn’t always a taxi nearby. Downloading the most popular ridesharing app in your destination is paramount if you want to pay reasonable rates and enjoy rides from reliable drivers.

Uber isn’t available in all regions, so you should do some research before your trip and download the most reputable ridesharing apps to travel as safely and conveniently as possible.


Sometimes, things get a little spontaneous when you’re on the go. You may want to take an unplanned detour, but you won’t get very far without a safe place to rest. HotelTonight is an extremely useful app that connects you with last-minute lodgings almost anywhere in the world.

HotelTonight will make sure that you’ll never have to worry about finding a place to stay, so you can let your adventurous spirit go wild.

Google Translate

There’s no guarantee that you will always be within arm’s reach of someone who speaks a language that you can understand. A language barrier can make something as simple as taking a cab back to your hotel a monumental task.

Google Translate allows you to quickly type messages back and forth in 133 languages, so you should have no problem getting your point across to almost anyone in the world with this app on your phone.


Get up-to-the-minute information on thousands of aircraft with Flightradar24, a global flight tracking service. More than 180,000 flights from more than 1,200 airlines arriving at or departing from more than 4,000 airports around the world are tracked by Flightradar24 in real-time.

The information also includes departure and destination locations, flight numbers, aircraft types, positions, altitudes, flight directions, and speeds.

The customer rating for Flightradar24 is 3.8, meaning that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Among aviation websites, Flightradar24 ranks third.

The service is currently available online and for your iOS or Android device.


LoungeBuddy is a simple app that lets you view, reserve, and visit airport lounges around the world in less than a minute. With this app, you will not have to guess how to book a lounge, and it’s the easiest way to avoid the stress of waiting at the airport!

LoungeBuddy helps you make the most of your airport stay, from the basic economy traveler to the seasoned road warrior. It’s time for you to travel in luxury.

Get Ready for Your Next Adventure

You can’t predict the future, nor can you draw up an itinerary that’s completely immune to delays and cancellations.

Still, you can be a little more flexible when things go awry by installing a few of these useful apps before heading out on your journey.

Exploring the world can be a bit hectic at times, but as long as you have the tools to adapt to ever-changing circumstances, you’ll have a blast no matter what happens.