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6 Best Travel Mobile Apps for Getting Around

Technology and traveling are a match made in heaven. We are empowered to almost transcend borders of space and time and be in control no matter which road we choose to follow. Smartphones are the ultimate travel companion and we do not even have to spend money on apps. They are mostly free and ready to be put to good use right away. So, before you hit the road, tool up with these marvels and navigate the world with the wind in your sails.

travel mobile apps

Google Trips

This app is a great trip organizer, especially for those who possess a Gmail account. Namely, it automatically utilizes your email to generate reservations. There is a variety of suggestions, even for less popular tourist destinations. It doesn’t come as a surprise that for hot cities like London, Google Trips has special day tours in store. Whenever in doubt where to head and what to do, it helps to have the answer at the tap of a finger.

Guides by Lonely Planet

Full-service reservation platforms are not everyone’s cup of tea, though, which is why some people opt for tools such as Lonely Planet Guides. They are famous for budget travel recommendations and quirky cafes. Many travelers have been where you intend to go and they have discovered the hidden gems and well-kept secrets for you. Local and expat authors are also present, and they are happy to recommend the best sightseeing spots.


A traffic hassle in an unknown city or country can be a true ordeal. Fortunately, we are not without means of maneuvering around this predicament. Waze is a GPS navigation app that depends on its active community to offer up-to-date road data. It resembles Google Maps but with the addition of notifications that point out any hazards, jams, accidents, etc. This tool is a true lifesaver for both taxi drivers and tourists alike.


Apps like Skype and Viber are paragons of international calling, but what can you do when there is no internet to be found? Well, Rebtel comes to save the day by enabling you to make that important call. By “hijacking” local phone lines, it provides the best possible calling rates. For now, you can even take advantage of the “Rebel Calling” deal, which lets you talk with your family members for free, provided that they also use the same app.


There is a wide array of apps for flight booking, but Hopper stands out from the rest. Not only does it give you an opportunity to find and reserve flights, but it also tells you when to do it in order to get the most affordable deals and biggest discounts. Users receive a notification when the price drops as Hopper holds a vast database of countless flights and thus adds more value than its contenders in the league of Skyscanner.


Packing is one of the most dreadful aspects of traveling. Packpoint does not take all the stress out of the process, but it does make things way easier. All you have to do is enter your destination, planned activities, and length of the stay. The app handles the heavy lifting by creating a detailed packing list. Although it cannot guess your outfit preferences, you can use the list as a backbone and tweak some things as needed.

The list of handy apps goes on and encompasses everything from weather predictions to networks of fellow travelers you can meet. Also, do not forget that you need to create a budget and sort out the finances for your afterpay holiday or some other arrangement. You are given a chance to get all your bases covered and steer away from pitfalls. Never stand on the street corner clueless: Turn your phone into a digital Swiss Army knife and make your adventures safer, cheaper, and more exciting.