Bonaire Drops ALL Entry Restrictions for International Travelers and Introduces New Tourist Tax

Bonaire Drops ALL Entry Restrictions for International Travelers and Introduces New Tourists Tax

The Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire has announced changes to its entry travel protocols.

Visitors can now travel to Bonaire without a negative PCR test or proof of vaccination or recovery.

Nearby islands such as Curacao also lifted all Covid requirements on March 10, while Aruba followed suit on March 19.

All overseas tourists will still be required to complete a health declaration form between 24 and 12 hours prior to departure. The form can be accessed here. Travelers must digitally sign the form and send it to Bonaire authorities.

Those planning a trip to Bonaire can do so on American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, KLM or WestJet.

There are direct flights from Amsterdam, Houston, Atlanta, New York and Miami.

New Tourist Taxes

Bonaire will adopt a new “streamlined” tourist entry tax on July 1.

A $75-per-visit tourist tax will be introduced to replace the current room tax and rental car tax.

According to Tourism Corporation Bonaire, the tax will “continue to support the island’s infrastructure, tourism product, eco-efforts, and education.”

All non-residents 13 years of age and older entering Bonaire will be affected by the tax. Non-residents age 12 and younger will be charged only $10 per visit.

Visitors can pay the tax through an online portal that will go live on June 15. There is also an option to pay the tax at the airport.

In addition, authorities have declared that starting January 1, 2023, a cruise ship passenger tourist entry tax of $10 will replace the previous “head tax.”

Cruise lines will be in charge of collecting and paying the fee on behalf of passengers. 

“It’s important for our visitors to understand that our entry fee is not a new or an additional tax,” said Miles B. M. Mercera, Tourism Corporation Bonaire’s CEO. 

“We are simply combining our existing tourist taxes into a one-time destination fee, thus making it an easier and less expensive process for most visitors to Bonaire. It’s also a vital investment back into what makes our island so inviting, from our eco-efforts and cultural events to our thriving and friendly local community.”