Brazil Simplifies Entry Restrictions For All Visitors Ahead Of The Travel Season

Brazil Simplifies Entry Restrictions For All International Travelers

The Brazilian government has relaxed some of the controls imposed on international visitors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upon arrival in Brazil, tourists will only need to present proof of vaccination or a negative Covid 19 test result. The unvaccinated ones can now present proof of a negative Covid 19 test to be allowed entry.

The new regulations have already gone into effect and must be followed by all involved in air, water and land transportation.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which stresses that “policies for testing and quarantine should be reviewed regularly” to ensure they are lifted when no longer needed, also reiterates this advice, according to Anvisa, the national sanitary body.

Two doses are enough, or one in Janssen’s case.

If a person has completed the initial vaccination schedule for all vaccines approved by Anvisa, other vaccine brands approved by the World Health Organization or even analogous health organizations in individual countries, Brazil considers them fully vaccinated. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States is comparable to Anvisa.

Consequently, Brazil recognizes all widely used vaccination certificates issued worldwide, including those from Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, Sinovac, and others.

For a vaccination certificate to be recognized, the decree states that it must include the name of the recipient, the brand of the vaccine or the manufacturer’s information, the number of doses administered, and the dates of each dose.

Both physical and electronic certificates are acceptable. Note, however, that Brazilian border officials will not accept certificates that contain only a QR code and no other information. If you want to use a digital certificate as an entry document and meet the requirements for vaccinated travelers, make sure it contains all the necessary information listed in the previous paragraph.

However, if a passenger is unable to present proof of vaccination, they must present a negative Covid test conducted no more than one day prior to the scheduled departure time and issued by a laboratory.

In summary:

  • Travelers are not required to submit an entry form.
  • There are no post-entry tests for either vaccinated or unvaccinated persons.
  • No quarantine is required for foreign visitors.
  • There are no restrictions on interstate travel within Brazil.
  • Wearing face masks is no longer required on airplanes, public transportation, airports, or other places where the public congregates.