Brazil To Open First Digital Nomad Village In South America

Brazil To Open First Digital Nomad Village In South America

Brazil has a mega plan, which is to launch the first digital nomad village in South America. To make the plan a success, the country has approached NomadX.

The mission of NomadX is to revolutionize how remote worker travelers travel, work, and live with on-site communities.

One of the reasons that made Brazil give the green light to NomadX is that this company is behind the first “digital nomad village” in Europe.

The “digital nomad village” project was carried out in Portugal’s autonomous region – Madeira. Madeira, like most destinations in the world, faced a slump in tourism during the pandemic.

To help fix this, the regional government turned to the digital community in NomadX.

NomadX plans to open a pilot project in Pipa, which is located in the northeastern state of Rio Grande do Norte. The pilot project is scheduled to run from Nov. 1 to at least the end of April.

Pipa Beach, Brazil

The digital nomad village in Madeira was launched in February 2021, and it was aimed at promoting workspaces, accommodations, and networking events to remote workers and digital nomads looking to change scenery after being in lockdown for a year.

Brazil plans to have a similar project after it found the financial injection of the project appealing. Goncalo Hall, the founder of NomadX, predicts that the project will generate $36 million annually for the community in Pipa.

To conclude, remote work is becoming popular, especially after Covid-19 forced people into a lockdown. Some of the factors that have seen the popularity of remote work rise steadily are flexibility and increased productivity.