British Airways Suspends Over 2000 Flights Due To a Low Demand

British Airways Suspends Over 2000 Flights Due To a Low Demand

British Airways recently canceled over 2,000 flights for the coming months. These schedule changes will last until late March.

So far, the airline has not stated whether these changes have anything to do with the UK’s resumption of PCR testing requirements for travelers.

Though passenger numbers have increased compared to earlier in the pandemic, changing laws and restrictions continue to make those numbers wobble.

Countries rarely give much, if any, warning before tightening travel restrictions. The uncertainty leaves potential passengers unsure whether they should even buy plane tickets.

Because of lackluster passenger numbers, British Airways could not sustain the number of scheduled flights.

With 545 December flights canceled, many holiday travelers will see their plans disrupted. January has seen the most cancellations, with over 1,000 flights canceled.

These cancellations will affect both domestic and foreign flights.

Two routes, however, have thrived. Routes between London and Cairo have seen flight increases, as have routes between London and Santiago, Chile.

British Airways isn’t the only airline to cancel flights this winter. United Airlines and Airline Swiss have also canceled December flights.

Additionally, many airlines still owe refunds to travelers whose earlier flights were canceled.