Take a tour of the exotic Queensland with only the best-camping sites.  Pitch a tent and surf with the waves. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine all year round. Take a wild tour of the dense rainforest and deserted islands.

There are thousands of camping sites in Queensland. Some are free, and others not so much. Are you searching for the best beach camping site in Queensland? Below are some of the campsites worth visiting


Cylinder Beach, North Stradbroke island


Here’s a beach camping site that has stunning scenery. It has proximity to Brisbane. There are various beachsides to choose from, but Cylinder Beach is the best. Don’t forget to park your board. Otherwise, you will miss out riding the waves.  

That’s not the only fun activity in this camping spot. You can go koala spotting and take a stroll along the north gorge walk. Enjoy the panoramic view as you free and relax your mind. 

You can also get to play pool with the watery panoramas at the hotel. The facilities are at another level. Enjoy the relaxing shows, picnic tables, as well as nearby cafes. Always make a reservation before you go


Fletcher creek 


What’s more refreshing than taking a walk up to the sound of a flowing river? It’s like all the stress is melting away, and you are a new person. Fletcher creek is a free camping site located at the banks of a river. It has no parking or tent areas. Campers get set on the open grass area.  

The camping site offers scenic beauty to the Dalrymple national park. You can take evening walks to view various historical sites. It’s a fascinating chance to see fossil limestone as well as lava flows. Set up campfires and enjoy your barbecue. You can stay up to a month in this free campsite 


Fisherman’s beach holiday park 

Credit: www.queensland.com


Here’s a beach holiday camping park worth visiting. It’s strategically located on the beach as it’s a walking distance to the local town. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze with direct access to the beach.

As you travel to, Queensland coastline enjoys the best caravan camping as well as accommodation. Get a tour of the local town and visit the local cafes, shopping centers, library and so much more. 


Inskip peninsula recreation area

Credit: queensland.com


Are you torn between the wave and still waters? Inskip peninsula recreation area is a 500-meter full peninsula that will blow off your mind. You need to book the campsite before visiting.

You can spend your entire morning fumbling with your board. It’s a campsite that’s a 15 -minute drive to town. Its divides into five significant sections. Did you know that Four of them got named after various local shipwrecks? They have multiple levels of comfort, as well as accessibility. You can take your dog and play. However, you need to be on the lookout for crocs.


Mission Beach, cassowary coast


The mission beach is found about halfway between Townsville and cairns on your way to cape trib. You’ll find quite several council-run camping grounds as well as caravan parks. You can check out the prime beachfront on your wan yo Kurrimine beach.

It’s a pretty great set up camping spot. There are various amenities, including hot showers, laundry as well as toilets. Good news, there is no booking. However, there’s a catch. You need to turn up very early in the day and hope for the best. 


Bambina rotary park 


Here’s a land that prides itself as the land of waterfalls. Bambina rotary park is off the Bruce Highway in the cairn region. It’s one of the best free camping sites in Queensland. Visiting this camping spot is a unique chance to check out the famous Josephine falls. If you are a photographer, you can never go wrong by choosing this venue.

Enjoy the different bird species around the fall. Enjoy a real climbing experience as the area has plenty of boulders. The zones allow for campfires as it can get pretty cold


Swamp bay, Conway national park 

Don’t let the name deter you from visiting this campsite. It’s a fascinating camping spot found within the Conway national park. It’s a 12-kilometer walk from the Airlie beach. Get an incredible time pitching tents and have a breathtaking view of the daydream island.  


Don’t forget to carry your reef shoes as the beach is pebbly. 

Explore the incredible awe of the rainforest. Visit the waterfall and have a panorama to soak up. Always make an early reservation. Be in sync with nature as you visit this phenomenal camping site.


Noah Beach, cape tribulation


Here’s a camping spot located 80 kilometers north of Port Douglas. It puts you at a strategic location between the millions year old Daintree rainforest and the great barrier reef.

It is the only place on earth with two world heritage that faces each other. You need to book before visiting the area. If you want to be away from technology, this is the ideal place to visit. There’s no mobile coverage. However, you are sure to have the perfect time of your life


Bedford wier 


If you are searching for a free outdoor camping site, this is one of the best you’ll ever get in Queensland. Its found along the Mackenzie River.

It offers incredible fun activities such as kayaking, water skiing, bird watching, and swimming, among other activities. Its an ideal family camping site as it has a wooden barbecue spot and a significant playing ground.


The wrecks, Moreton island


It’s a camping site that’s a walking distance to ferry landing. As the name depicts, its within a view of several shipwrecks. The difference is that these ships were deliberately sunk to create a break wall. They make a fantastic snorkeling as well as the diving scene.

Moreton island national park has plenty of pristine beaches, creeks, headlands, wildflowers as well as lagoons. To have the best camping experience, you ought to book in advance  


Queensland is an ideal vacation spot. All you must do is find the perfect camping site, and you will have the best time. There are various beach holiday parks to select, including Fisherman’s beach holiday park. Choose the perfect camping site and to have a vacation worth remembering.