Cancun Brings Back Indoor Mask Mandate Due To A Spike In Covid Cases

Cancun Brings Back Indoor Mask Mandate Due To A Spike In Covid Cases

The state of Quintana Roo is asking citizens to use face masks indoors once again, said Governor Carlos Joaquín González, as the increase in Covid 19 cases has exceeded 300 cases per day.

“I would like to reiterate the need to wear a face mask in enclosed spaces and that open spaces are preferable to closed ones. In places where ventilation is inadequate, the risk of infection is high. Let’s use the face mask in indoor spaces, let’s use the face mask on public transport,” said the governor.

Similarly, he urged service providers to wear the face mask throughout their workday. “This is very important to prevent the number of cases from continuing to increase and affect the epidemiological traffic light, which today is still green,” González said.

The use of face masks at airports in the region is very rare, as travelers ignore the indications of Asur.

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What about Cancun?

It is difficult for travelers to keep abreast of COVID-19 regulations because they change frequently and vary from country to country, state to state, and even county to county. And that could be one of the factors preventing some from adequately complying with regional regulations.

Aside from the governor’s public request, however, there have been no other official announcements or details of consequences or fines; only government employees, including those working in offices, have been officially required to wear face masks.

The use of masks also depends on companies. ADO A major bus company in Cancun recently announced that wearing masks is mandatory on its buses and terminals. Employees often ask passengers to wear their face coverings properly, and passengers are not allowed to board without them.

There have been numerous complaints from tourists who misinterpreted the guidelines and did not comply. In any case, people with health problems are always encouraged to wear masks and keep their distance, even in open spaces.