Cancun Has The Bigger Number of Clean Beaches in Mexico Despite Excessive Tourism

Cancun Has The Bigger Number of Clean Beaches in Mexico Despite Excessive Tourism

Cancun is a popular international tourism resort that attracts millions upon millions of visitors all year long.

Given its enormous popularity, one might assume that the quality of the beaches in the region is drastically deteriorating. After all, more visitors typically result in more garbage and thus pollution of the beaches. Surprisingly, this is not the case, as Cancun offers the most pristine beaches throughout all of Mexico.

One of the biggest threats to Cancun is overtourism, but local authorities have risen to the challenge and are not only enticing Americans to travel there, but also keeping the safety of the city and the cleanliness of its well-known swimming spots. The waters surrounding Cancun and the Riviera Maya are as stunning and clear as ever.

Cancun boasts the most “Blue Flag” beaches of any Mexican coastal city. Only those that meet the highest quality standards and environmental controls receive this distinction, which is the highest rating a natural landmark in this category may receive. The status also serves as an unofficial “safe for tourists” badge.

Cancun has long been known for its warm, blue waters and pearly white sands, but environmentalists have long been concerned about the city’s apparent transformation by widespread tourism. They frequently criticize the government’s development plans, particularly the upcoming Tren Maya, and have expressed doubts about its assurances that the surrounding environment will be protected.

Their concerns proved unjustified, at least when it comes to protecting marine life, as seven Cancun beaches were recently awarded Blue Flags at a recent event hosted by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) at Playa Delfines. This shows how the city has kept the beaches spotlessly clean despite the large number of tourists.

Cancun at sunrise

When it comes to Blue Flag beaches, Cancun literally outperforms its peers in Mexico’s trinity of world-class resorts, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, as well as every other beach destination. Authorities have been working non-stop for months to prevent the city from losing its shame in the face of the arrival of Sargassum and an increase in crime.

When it comes to improving the visitor experience, the Quintana Roo government has undoubtedly stepped up its efforts this year. Although violent crime occurs almost exclusively in the suburbs, 300 army soldiers were stationed there this summer to protect tourists, while beach cleaners worked non-stop throughout the fall to remove the feared seaweed.

Few places value tourism as much as Cancun, something even FEE, chief Joaquín Díaz Ríos, has acknowledged. Cancun, according to Ríos, is the “Blue Flag Capital” of Mexico, meaning that the city has successfully passed all inspections related to cleanliness, safety and water quality. More specifically, the following places have earned this distinction:

  • Del Niño
  • Las Perlas
  • Chach Mool
  • Ballenas
  • Marlín
  • Delfines
  • Coral

In addition, the “Blue” designation was given to three private: Iberostar, Hotel Live Aqua, and Fiesta Americana Condesa.