France is one of the world’s premier tourist destinations, with 89 million visitors traveling to her shores each year. Its intoxicating mixture of gastronomy, culture and scenery can be beaten by few nations across the globe.  

To make sure you make the most of your next luxury holiday to the République Française, we’ve compiled a list of five activities that aren’t to be missed.

Stay in a Château

There are up to 7,000 spectacular chateaus spread out across France. Built in the Renaissance period during the 18th century, the fairytale-esque buildings represent the height of French luxury.  

Choosing to rent French château for holiday is an increasingly common choice for tourists looking to get a taste of life in Medieval times. Their picturesque gardens, unique furnishings and timeless appeal make them an attractive alternative to city-centre hotels.  

Try the Local Cuisine

Gastronomy is arguably the first thought that springs to mind when you think about France. The nation’s streets are lined with locally owned tempting boulangeries and cafes, which all sell an array of calorie-filled treats. While you can’t beat a freshly-baked croissant to start a day, a pain au chocolat or sweet and savoury crepes come a very close second.  

Afternoons and evenings should be spent tasting crunchy baguettes, sharp cheeses and meats bathed in rich sauces. If you’re feeling brave, try one of the local delicacies such as Cuisses de Grenouilles (that’s frogs’ legs to me and you).  

Of course, it’s not just food that the French do well. There are vineyards in almost every region of the country that offer up some of the world’s most highly regarded alcoholic beverages. Any trip out into the countryside should, therefore, include spending an afternoon clinking champagne flutes together in an ancient cellar.   

Ski or Snowboard in the Alps

There aren’t many sights more beautiful than the snow-capped mountains of the Alps. Tourists flock here year on year to breath in the fresh country air and take to the slopes.

There are multiple skiing and snowboarding resorts throughout the region, but Tignes is where you’re most likely to see snow all year round. Courchevel, with its expensive properties and vast choice of restaurants and shops, is a good alternative for those looking for more than just an adrenaline rush.

The area is marketed as a fantastic place for novices to learn how to ski or snowboard thanks to the number of beginner slopes and schools available.  

Watch a Play at the Ancient Theatre of Fourviere

The Ancient Theatre of Fourviere is the oldest Roman theatre in France having been building around 17 B.C. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the spectacular 10,000-seater arena regularly plays host to summer festivals where international music acts and theatre productions perform.

Dine in the Eiffel Tower

No trip to France is complete without a trek up the Eiffel Tower. Reward yourself for each of 1,710 steps it takes to get to the top by dining at its accompanying restaurant.