4 Cheapest European Countries For Digital Nomads And Expats In 2023, According to Numbeo 

Cheapest European Countries For Digital Nomads in 2023

Cost of Living Index Numbeo has compiled information for every country in Europe. Average rent, the cost of food, and the cost of utilities and entertainment were taken into account.

Of course, the cost of living is not the only factor to consider when moving. Safety and other aspects of quality of life are also important.

Here are four places that offer a good balance for digital nomads:

Montenegro, for its rugged mountains and medieval villages

The second-deepest canyon in the world, medieval cities, icy glacial lakes, and incredibly affordable costs may all be found in Montenegro.

The nation receives a 38.9 rating from Numbeo. Switzerland, the priciest travel destination in all of Europe, has an index of 114.2.

These indices show the cost of the location as a percentage of New York City, the starting point for the search engine. Therefore, prices in Montenegro are about 38.9% of costs in New York City, whereas prices in Switzerland are 14.2% higher.

For Montenegro, digital nomads can apply for a 2-year visa with the option of a 2-year extension.

Prices in Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica:

Cheap meal: €6.40

Pint of beer: €2

One-bed flat in city centre monthly rent: €372

Lithuania, for up and coming cities

Digital nomads are also drawn to Lithuania, especially the vibrant capital Vilnius, where coworking spaces abound. It gets a 48.8 on Numbeo.

Those who want to move abroad but are citizens of the UK, US, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand or Japan can apply for a simplified, expedited visa, which can usually be granted within a couple of months.

Prices in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius.

Cheap meal: €10

Pint of beer: €4

One-bed flat in city centre monthly rent: €720.83.

Portugal’s beaches and bars

Portugal’s Digital Nomad Bubble At Risk Amid Protests From Locals

The most popular destination for digital nomads in Europe is Portugal, with its warm beaches and vibrant cities.

Portugal receives a score of 45.3 on the Numbeo Cost of Living Index.

Under the new digital nomad program, remote workers can live and work in Portugal for up to 12 months. Candidates must earn at least €2,800 per month, four times the Portuguese minimum wage, to be eligible.

Prices in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon

Cheap meal: €12

Pint of beer: €2.50

One-bed flat in city centre monthly rent: €1,207

Croatia’s national parks and ancient palaces

With an index of 46.7, Croatia is slightly more expensive than Portugal. The cost of living rises in beach communities such as Split and Dubrovnik, which are known as filming locations for “Game of Thrones.” However, the Balkan country is still affordable for the expat community.

Since January 2021, Croatia has offered special visas that allow digital workers from outside the EU to work in Croatia for up to a year while exempting them from income tax.

Prices in Croatia’s capital, Zagreb.

Cheap meal: €9.80

Pint of beer: €2.40

One-bed flat in city centre monthly rent: €560.25