coconut oil for traveling

Coconut Oil – One Of The Best Travel Hacks

Anyone who has gone to an out-of-town adventure knows how difficult it is to pack toiletries like face creams, makeup removers, sunscreens, lip balms, hair conditioners, eye creams, body lotions, and hand creams. All these products just consume so much space in our luggage, not to mention, they add an additional weight, too!

For that reason, many travelers are on the constant lookout for products that perform many different functions. Coconut oil is, by far, on top of the list. Because of its versatility and many practical uses, it’s no surprise why it has eventually become a travel essential.

Then again, if you are not convinced, we’ve listed a few reasons why many travelers make it a point to have coconut oil in their bags.

1. It works as a natural hair conditioner and skin moisturizer.

Traveling by plane often causes the skin to dry. That is because ordinary flight cabins have a 12% humidity level, which is definitely drier than the deserts. Thankfully, coconut oil can beat the dryness, protecting the skin and hair from damages. And since it is natural, it is safe to use.

Forgot to carry a hair conditioner? Coconut oil might just save you, too! Though the hotel you are staying at will definitely provide one, there’s nothing wrong with using it. Promise, after rinsing, you would instantly feel that your hair is soft and silky! It’s as if your hair has undergone commercial treatment.

2. It is a handy lip balm and shaving cream.

There are instances when our vacation days are extended. While it is something we can be all thankful for, sometimes, it can be a hassle. For men, beard starts to grow in a few weeks. For ladies, the leg hair might just become a distracting sight for locals. The good news is that coconut oil is your friend. Use it for shaving to keep those pesky hairs away. Don’t worry. It does not cause redness. It only keeps the skin moisturized and nourished the whole time.

3. It effectively gets rid of makeup.

Say goodbye to those panda eyes while at the beach. Using coconut oil, you can remove makeup in an instant and condition your eyelashes, too! Simply massage it in the face and let the oil melt the makeup away! But before applying, be sure to do a skin test. Some skin types don’t react positively to this oil.

4. It increases energy levels.

Of course, you will need lots of energy when you’re out on a trip. Well, you should be happy there’s coconut oil. It does not only increase energy levels. It also curbs hunger and improves fat burning! Although it is made of fats, there is nothing to worry because they are healthy. As a matter of fact, the healthiest communities on the planet had this ingredient as a dietary staple.

5. It can be used for oil pulling.

Yes, you don’t have to carry with you a bottle of Listerine. As long as you have coconut oil with you, then you already have the perfect substitute for mouthwash. Use this oil like your ordinary mouthwash. Swish it around the mouth for at least 15 minutes to get rid of the harmful bacteria residing in your mouth and to improve your dental health. This method is called oil pulling.

6. It relieves mouth ulcers in an instant.

Sad to say, traveling may mean sacrificing sleep as you have to wake up early or stay up until dawn. As a result, your immune system suffers. More often than not, mouth ulcers will occur. But it’s nothing to be afraid of because coconut oil can relieve the sting in an instant. Thus, you can continue enjoying the local delicacies minus the pain.

7. It can be used as a sunscreen.

Worried about the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays? Rejoice! Coconut oil can offer a level of protection your skin needs. Though its low SPF content is not enough to shield the sun’s rays, when you are stuck in the middle of an island, this oil might just be your last resort.

8. It makes a soothing massage oil.

If you have visited any Southeast Asian country, then you know that massages are very popular. Plus, they are very cheap. And if you have noticed, the masseuse will use coconut oil. The reason this oil is highly preferred is that it is a natural lubricant that leaves you feeling and smelling great!

9. It relieves skin problems like sunburn.

Did you just spend several hours under the sun? Is your skin red, itchy, and on the verge of peeling? If the answer is a yes, then coconut oil can help you. By applying it on your sunburn, all the heat will be absorbed, leaving you cool and calm. Also, it leaves the skin moisturized and hydrated. When the skin is moisturized, peeling does not stand a chance.

10. It helps treat cuts and wounds.

It is normal for travelers to incur cuts and wounds. But by dabbing an ample amount of coconut oil onto them, a protective barrier is created, keeping the wound moisturized and preventing germs and bacteria from causing further infection.

If you still haven’t included coconut oil in your travel luggage, then now is the time. The more you go out, the more you will be thankful for this amazing product. So, make that switch today and replace your other travel essentials with coconut oil to have a light and comfortable journey!

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