colombia reopening borders

Colombia is open for tourism and organizes massive country celebrations through Aug. 22

Colombia is open to tourists from all countries without restrictions. No test, no quarantine or vaccine is required to enter the country.

The ban on flights from the U.K. has been lifted. All arrivals should bring a PCR test but not mandatory quarantine is required.

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Colombia reopening – Latest Updates

Colombia reopening without restrictions

August 18 – No restrictions in Colombia as the country organizes massive events through Aug. 22

As of August 18, COVID-19-related restrictions (or the lack of them) remain largely unchanged in Colombia as major cities hold massive events. 

Medellin, Colombia’s digital nomad hub is in the midst of its biggest celebration with more than 400 events and 27,000 attendees. 

Colombia is currently reporting around 4,000 new infections and 110 deaths on average each day. 

It is expected that these figures increase once the events end on August 22.

Source in Spanish: Portafolio

August 4 – Colombia to impose restrictions on unvaccinated people, says government

Colombia may impose restrictions on unvaccinated people to access restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and public transportation, warned Health Minister Fernando Ruiz on Thursday.

“Colombia has not yet implemented any restrictive measures. But we have not ruled them out, because we believe that if someone is not vaccinated and goes to a public event in an enclosed space, for example, it affects the right of other people to protect themselves from disease.”

He also added that citizens should not take off the mask until everyone is fully vaccinated.

So far, 30 percent of Colombians have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Source: BOBFM UK

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COVID-19 situation in Colombia 

As of August 18, Colombia has officially reported 4,874,169 COVID-19 cases and 123,688 have lost their lives to the virus. Daily rates are between 18,000-20,000 cases.

Why visit Colombia?


Colombia is Latin America’s fifth-largest country. Its rich multicultural heritage dates back to 12,000 BC, when its first inhabitants included the Muisca, Quimbaya, and Tairona.

Given the incredible beauty and rich history, it’s no wonder this is a dream destination for travelers.

It has more species of birds than any other country in the world, lush rainforests, unique desert and highland ecosystems, and access to the world’s third-largest coral reef.

Adventurers can enjoy traveling to the Lost City recently discovered in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It’s believed to be older than Machu Picchu.

A great spot for diving is the Rosario Islands which are only a quick boat ride from Cartagena. This is arguably Colombia’s most beautiful city, with exquisite colonial architecture that features ornate balconies and lovely plazas.

Tourists can enjoy views of ocean sunsets, ride a horse carriage through the city, and enjoy the flowers that bloom everywhere. The city has many outdoor dance venues and the occasional dancing flash mob.

For those who enjoy nightlife, Colombia’s version of Rio’s Carnival involves four days of parades and parties.

To fuel visitors’ energy levels, there is delicious Colombian coffee. They can also partake of a cornucopia of tropical fruits from guavas to dragon fruit to zapotes.

Check our latest post on the best time to visit Colombia for weather, events and off-season. We compared different seasons and favorite reasons why people love to visit Colombia.

Colombia reopening: Updates archives

July 22 – COVID-19 restrictions remain unchanged as COVID-19 cases decrease in Colombia

The South American country of 50 million has registered a deceleration in cases over the last few days.

Last Sunday, the Ministry of Health reported 19,423 new cases, a decrease of almost 50% in contrast to the figures reported 2 weeks back.

The “worst of this third peak, so long, painful and difficult, is over. All the figures indicate that we have started a sustained decline and are confident that it is a stable trend,” said Bogotá Mayor Claudia López.  

For now, this is enough for authorities to keep the borders open to all tourists without testing or quarantine requirements. 

Also, all tourist venues are open without limited capacity restrictions. 

Source: The City Paper

June 30 – Colombia reopened the entire economy last week amidst the worst COVID-19 surge

Colombia has reopened all businesses and tourist venues amidst the worst COVID-19 spike ever seen since the pandemic struck.

With an ICU occupancy rate of 87% and around 600 deaths per day, the CDC has ranked the country at level-4 risk, (very high). 

Cities like Medellin, Bogota and Cali are setting everything up to hold music and other events with more than 10,000 people with no COVID-19-related restrictions. 

“From the standpoint of epidemiology, it makes no sense to do this… but if you consider the context we are facing, the shocking levels of poverty and discontent, then it’s a necessity,” said Bogota Mayor Claudia Lopez.  

(Source: TheWorld).

June 15 – Colombia no longer requires a COVID-19 test, quarantine or the CoronaApp to enter the country

Colombia will no longer require international arrivals to submit a negative COVID-19 test or quarantine, said the Minister Fernando Ruiz Gómez.

Also the CoronApp travelers needed to download for COVID-19 symptoms self-monitoring was removed from the entry requirements to avoid “crowds in the pre-boarding process,” said the Minister.

(Source in Spanish)

June 13 – Venezuelan President to temporarily reopen land border with Colombia from June 13

Colombia unilaterally and unexpectedly reopened its land border with Venezuela on June 2. But, President Nicolás Maduro turned down the offer due to political and epidemiology concerns. 

However, last Sunday – also unexpectedly – Maduro announced a first 12-hour reopening with Colombia. “We will not put up any obstacles… whoever wants to cross can cross,” said Jose Vielma Mora, Governor of Tachira. 

35,000 Venezuelans were able to cross to stock up on food and other products since Venezuela has had a major shortage of those for more than 2 years now. 

It is expected that the country will allow other reopenings soon. 

(Source: Arab News)

June 3 – Colombia reopened land and water borders with neighboring countries from the end of May

Colombia’s sea, land, and river crossings with Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil were opened at the end of May, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

“The decision was taken in the interest of advancing measures that will help economic reactivation of our border areas and the strengthening of integration processes with neighboring countries,” reads the statement. 

However, the very much awaited reopening with Venezuela may not happen any time soon. 

This specific reopening was put on hold after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro -who was not consulted by the Colombian government- said Colombia was trying to “create a smokescreen to destabilize the border and distract from ongoing protests over rising inequality, poverty and police brutality.” 

Thus, the Venezuelan land border will remain closed until President Maduro says otherwise. 

(Source: Americas)