Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa Is Finally Out: Here Are The Requirements

Costa Rica Digital Nomad Visa

Remote workers and freelancers can legally reside and work in a specific country for a period of one month to several years using a digital nomad visa. This type of visa allows a longer stay than a tourist visa.

On July 4, 2022, the measure was approved by President Rodrigo Chaves. The new regulation includes changes that expedite and simplify the visa application process.

With the updated conditions, Costa Rica’s digital nomad visa is now among the easier visas to obtain among the 45 other countries that have similar visas.

So, what are the new rules, regulations, and requirements for this visa?

Application Submission

Applicants must first log on to to complete an application form. This form asks for basic personal information and some supporting documents.

Authorities have two weeks to accept or reject their application.

Time limit to process Immigration Accreditation Document

You may enter the nation if your application has been accepted. Please note that you have three months from the date of your arrival to obtain migratory accreditation paperwork.

To do this, you must make an in-person appointment with an immigration representative. At this appointment, the officer will take your biometric data and photographs, and you will need to provide the required legal documents.

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Minimum Monthly Income: Proof of earning at least $3,000 per month for one application and $4,000 per month if bringing a family member with them.

Proof of Health Insurance for the duration of the stay is required.

Professional Document Translation: Documents must be in Spanish.

Cannot Work for a Costa Rican Company: The candidate must provide evidence that they are not employed by a Costa Rican company.


Full Income Tax Exemption: The earned income would be completely exempt from income tax.

There is no import tax on personal items such as computers, cameras, phones, etc.

Visa Extension: The visa will be granted for 12 months. This can be extended for another 12 months.

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