Costa Rica Opening Boarders To Tourists

Costa Rica is fully open for tourism without quarantine or testing

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Costa Rica is open to all countries. All travelers, including visitors from all States in the US, are now allowed entry to Costa Rica.  In order to be granted access to the country, arrivals must present medical insurance that covers COVID-19 and fill out the new Health Pass form.

The vaccination campaigns that have already started have prompted authorities to ease some restrictions. 

Costa Rica Reopening – Latest Updates

February 10

Costa Rica has reported that 75.113 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in their territory. They expect to receive additional 200,000-400,000 doses from their agreement with Covax while also negotiating a million doses with AstraZeneca.

This successful campaign has allowed authorities to lift some restrictions. For instance, the schedule for public beaches has been extended and they are now open  from 5 am to 6 pm.

Vaccination progress

December 10

Costa Rica remains open to tourism from all countries as long as they meet VISA and entry requirements.

According to the CDC, Costa Rica has a level 4 warning which means the chances of getting and spreading COVID are high. All travel to Costa Rica should be avoided. (Source:


Foreign citizens from all countries are now allowed to visit Costa Rica by air and without COVID-19 related restrictions.


Until October 31st only these countries are allowed entry. Starting on November 1, all countries are allowed entry!

  • EU countries, Schengen Zone, and the UK
  • US Citizens from 20 states, (full list below) – All states from NOV 1
  • Canada, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, China, Australia and New Zealand.

What are the current requirements to enter Costa Rica?

February 10 Starting on this date, these are the new requirements to be granted entry to Costa Rica

  • Insurance that covers COVID-19 and quarantine lodging.
  • Filling out the new Health Pass form.

Costa Rican Government announces its reopening to all countries

Until October 31 – All visitors entering Costa Rica need to show proof of a PCR Covid test (taken max 72hours before departure), fill out a health online form, and show travel insurance that covers covid. (we recommend Safety Wing).

Which US states can enter Costa Rica?

Update: from NOVEMBER 1, all 50 U.S. states will be allowed to enter Costa Rica (Source:

What is the COVID-19 situation in Costa Rica at the moment?

As of February 10, Costa Rica has 197,852 confirmed COVID cases and 2,698 deaths caused by the new coronavirus. That being said, the situation is not stable yet and new cases are growing again.

Costa Rica reopen for European tourists 

Costa Rica reopening for tourism

Travellers need to fill out a digital Online Health Pass available online and translated into several languages.

Furthermore, tourists must purchase insurance through the country’s national insurance company (INS). It needs to cover accommodations if a tourist is struck by coronavirus. Should this happen, the insurance will handle quarantine quarters and, if needed, hospitalization.

A date when U.S. tourists can visit Costa Rica has not been determined. However, U.S. citizens who entered the country after December 19, 2019 were granted a stay extension until the middle of November.

If a tourist from the U.S. wants to visit Costa Rica, they need to fly into Canada, complete a mandatory 14-day quarantine, and test negative. Then, they must follow all the other requirements for entry into Costa Rica. Note that the Canadian and U.S. governments have an agreement at this time to keep the border between their countries closed, so this possible solution might not be feasible.

Like other locations across the globe, Costa Rica has a face mask/shield policy. They are mandatory in all public spaces that aren’t private homes or restaurants. For the latter, staff is required to wear face coverings.

Costa Rica After COVID

Costa Rica reopening for tourism

Costa Rica hopes to be fully operational once COVID numbers across the globe are small enough to completely reopen. Especially since the time between fall and spring is the prime travel season. 

When it occurs, some restrictions may still be in place. For instance, wearing a mask and social distancing.

Also, because bars and nightclubs are hotbeds of coronavirus due to ventilation systems, they might remain closed or only accept a reduced capacity.

How To Plan a Trip to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica

Preparation for a Costa Rica trip should not be delayed. Visitors may want to keep track of numbers and restrictions to determine the best places to visit in the country.

For instance, while flights come into the airport in San Jose, it might be better to avoid the city as it poses a higher epidemiologic risk and more restrictions. In fact, travelers might consider landing at the country’s other two international airports to completely avoid the city.

Review the country’s Ministry of Health website for current information on phased openings and focus attention on the yellow zones. This is generally the location for most of the country’s eco-friendly attractions. For instance, walking tours of the Monteverde Cloud Forest still occur but accept smaller groups.

Another location that will be a prime place to visit are the country’s beaches. Those in yellow zones are now open for most of the day, as are any other outdoor areas. This means visitors can enjoy the area as long as they follow Costa Rica’s rules.

The Costa Rican motto is Pura Vida — Pure life. Despite the frustrations encountered since the early spring, its citizens and tourist areas are ready to welcome tourists. Take advantage of this time to prepare a trip that encompasses the beauty and ecological wonders the country provides.

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