18 Countries Open For Unvaccinated Travelers – Winter 2021 Picks!

Countries Open For Unvaccinated Tourists

First, some distinctions. While it’s enticing to think that everyone who is unvaccinated shares the same views and concerns, not all people in this group have chosen their status.

There is a wealth of medical and cultural reasons why people decline to be vaccinated. Not to mention that the international vaccination drive has yet to attain the global outreach it was supposed to have by now.

18 Countries Open For Unvaccinated Tourists

So, if you would like to spend a lovely vacation in a warm place, here are countries allowing unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travelers.

18 Countries Open For Unvaccinated Travelers for Winter 2021


beautiful porto river

Mild winters with temperatures rarely falling below 5°C (41°F), history, beaches, surfing, music festivals, and, most importantly, the always hospitable Portuguese people are welcoming visitors from all over the world.

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors only need to present a negative COVID-19 test PCR test performed at least 72 hours prior to departure; or a rapid antigen test (TRAg), performed within 48 hours of boarding; or EU Digital Vaccination Certificate.

Travelers can also take the test at the airport but in case it returns positive they will have to observe a 10-day mandatory quarantine at their own expense.


san blas islands panama

Connecting 2 oceans and 2 continents, Panama is a small country packed with tropical beaches, wildlife, duty-free shopping, and some sort of American lifestyle.

Only a 2.5-hour flight away from Miami and similar flight times from South America and Mexico, Panama is open and welcoming unvaccinated travelers.

These must present a negative COVID-19 test or be tested at the Panama airport at their expense. In this case, they must quarantine for 72 hours or until their results return negative. 

Vaccinated travelers only need proof of vaccination and fill out an electronic sworn affidavit


cyprus landscape

Sandy beaches, great food, ancient tombs, fortresses, and palaces. That’s Cyprus. And those are not the only reasons why you should consider this beautiful island for this year’s holiday. Cyprus has also got one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean and is a great spot to visit even in the winter months.

However, the best news is, without a doubt, that you can travel to Cyprus even if you are not vaccinated. It uses the ECDC categorization, which divides countries into green, yellow, and red categories.

Travelers arriving from green countries, such as Jordan, Lichtenstein, or Malta, can enter without any restrictions. Passengers arriving from orange areas, including France, Spain, or Denmark, have to get tested up to 72 hours before boarding. Whereas travelers coming from red-listed territories have to undergo double testing – both before and after arrival.

All visitors must also apply for a Cyprus Flight Pass.


zanzibar beach tanzania

Looking for a more exotic place? Tanzania might be the option for you. Enjoy its vast beaches, explore its rich wildlife, or climb the Kilimanjaro. This country simply has it all.

Visitors only need to take a PCR test up to 96 hours before departure and fill in the Traveller’s Health Surveillance Form within 24 hours before arrival. Travelers who come from high-risk countries or have visited some of them in the past 14 days should also undergo further rapid testing at arrival.


Nothing makes a winter getaway more inviting than the World Expo 2020, currently hosted by Dubai from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

Unvaccinated visitors arriving from ‘green’ countries are welcome to visit as long as they commit to taking an RT-PCR test upon arrival and another on day 6 of their stay. 

The good news is that you are not required to quarantine! 

Both the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are issuing tourist visas on arrival. 

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jamaica bus

A laid-back vibe, reggae music, beaches, and local food are excuses enough to pay a visit to this Caribbean island.

Tourists must request and obtain a travel authorization within 72 hours of their planned travel date. 

Unvaccinated arrivals must present this form together with a copy of a negative PCR or Antigen test before boarding a flight to the island.

Visitors arriving from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Paraguay, Peru, or Trinidad and Tobago are still denied entry.


This Central American country is a wonderful winter gateway for its vast unexplored rainforests that are home to iguanas, spider monkeys, and toucans. Antigua, a colonial city surrounded by volcanoes is also open for all types of tourists. 

Unvaccinated travelers ages 10 and over who are not in possession of a vaccine certificate will need to present a negative COVID-19 test instead.

Proof of recovery from COVID-19 within three months of arrival is also valid to enter the country by land or air. 

Several airlines are operating flights to and from the United States and there are no restrictions on inter-city or interstate travel


Brazil’s president does not believe in vaccines, let alone requesting visitors to get vaccinated. The country’s “Marvelous City” Rio, colorful carnivals, sandy beaches, and the most biodiversity wildlife in the world are welcoming back travelers with open arms.

One entry requirement only. Visitors need to get tested for Covid-19 and bring a negative test taken within 72 hours prior to arrival.  

A second option is to take a rapid antigen test within 24 hours prior to boarding their flights to Brazil. Faster and cheaper. 


Mexico’s breathtaking sugar-white beaches, deserts, cenotes (natural swimming holes), and hundreds of colonial villages have everything vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers may want for a peaceful or adventurous getaway.

To make things even better, Mexico does not require visitors a negative Covid-19 test or a vaccine certificate, everyone is welcome!

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The Dominican Republic

Unvaccinated visitors are welcome to visit this tropical paradise, which is surrounded by nine hundred miles of Caribbean coastline, top-notch resorts, and lively nightlife. 

A negative Covid-19 test is not required. Rapid tests are performed on randomly selected passengers upon arrival in the Dominican Republic but it almost never happens.


colombia colorful houses

From beaches to digital nomad hubs to modern crowded cities and small villages, Colombia boasts everything travelers want to see and enjoy.

Visitors are not compelled to bring a negative Covid-19 test or a vaccine certificate. 

The country has also opened all its tourist venues to go kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, surfing, and dancing. 

Large-scale activities such as concerts and sporting events are also open without capacity restrictions.  

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This small Caribbean country has become a hot spot destination for vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists during the Covid-19 pandemic, not only for its otherworldly landscapes but also for its easy entry restrictions.

Make sure to pack a negative Covid-19 PCR or serology test and that’s all. 

Authorities will perform some health screening procedures at points of entry but nothing too invasive. Quarantine is only mandatory for those who test positive for Covid-19 at the airport. 

South Africa

One of Africa’s most popular destinations is open for the unvaccinated. Stunning national parks, wineries, and popular resorts in Cape Town are welcoming visitors without too much trouble. 

A negative Covid-19 test is required but quarantine is not. 

Just one thing. Some nations still don’t allow visitors who have recently been to South Africa, so check with your embassy before booking your tickets.

Costa Rica

Its rich biodiversity and abundant wildlife have drawn eco-tourists for decades. But its sparkling blue waters and adventure sports offerings make Belize the perfect getaway for all types of travelers. 

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No testing or quarantine is required. However, unvaccinated travelers must purchase mandatory travel insurance that covers accommodation in case they have to quarantine. 


If your Mediterranean dream getaway includes pleasant weather, turquoise waters, and historic walled towns, Croatia is the place to go.

Unlike other European countries, Croatia is committed to making travelers’ lives easy. 

Testing is required to enter, exemptions being for fully vaccinated visitors or those who have recovered from Covid-19. 

A rapid-antigen test taken within 48 hours of arrival is all unvaccinated holidaymakers need to be allowed entry.


From cosmopolitan Istanbul to historical coastal escapes and the best cuisine you will ever taste, Turkey is open and receiving unvaccinated travelers. 

They should provide evidence of a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival or a negative antigen test taken within 48 hours prior to landing in the country. 


The Parthenon, the Temple of Apollo, and the Temple of Poseidon, as well as Greece’s spectacular clear-blue water beaches, are open to EU countries and other 40 nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

All passengers over the age of 12 must show proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival in Greece.

They can also present a negative antigen (rapid) test result performed up to 48 hours prior to boarding.

Fully vaccinated visitors from the U.S., EU, and some other countries may enter Greece without a PCR test.

Spain (Canary Islands)

Visitors to Spain and its Canary Islands can enjoy everything from world-class cuisine to diving on a volcanic sea bed while exploring wrecks and caves.

From September 6, 2021, Spain offers visitors a number of entry alternatives.

They can either present a negative Covid-19 test instead of a vaccine certificate or proof of having recovered from the illness.