Crypto Castle In Germany Hosting One Of The Coolest Digital Nomad Conferences

crypto castle digital nomad conference

NOMADays 2022 is a gathering for digital nomads and remote workers named, “The Entrepreneurs’ Congress for Perpetual Traveling.”

It will be held in a magnificent 1,000-year-old crypto castle tucked away in the rolling hills of the beautiful German countryside. It now has a variety of new features and pleasant surprises as a result of recent renovations.

The conference will welcome digital nomads and future nomads from around the world from August 26-28 for an event that offers many opportunities to share, expand, and learn more about the global nomadic movement.

NOMADays will be the focal point for the most recent nomadic trends and topics in nomadism

The second NOMADays installment is being kindly hosted by the Staatenlos core team and the core team of the famous crypto castle in Germany.

Three days of this gathering will be devoted to learning about and interacting with people from all walks of the nomadic lifestyle.

In an effort to create a strong environment where all nomads may survive and succeed in a market that is always expanding, NOMADays aims to exchange knowledge, experiences, connections, and resources.

The appeal of the nomadic way of life is far more than just a passing fad. In reality, there are currently more than 35 million digital nomads in the world, and during the next few years, that figure is predicted to double.

The NOMADays Congress will introduce its guests to this growing community, with lectures, seminars and panel discussions all centered around the theme of nomadic travel.

Creating a sustainable, socially and culturally diverse society is the goal of the Crypto Castle community. 

The guardians of the castle are restoring an iconic and abandoned relic into a contemporary utopia of possibilities in collaboration with locals, area actors, and ideas from Berlin’s global community.

If you want to retreat from the city and immerse yourself in the thriving tech community, you can book a stay at the castle for three hours (for meetings) to three months. There’s an on-site chef and an activity schedule to keep guests engaged.