Crystal, Another Cruise Line to Require COVID-19 Vaccination

Crystal, Another Cruise Line to Require COVID-19 Vaccination
Crystal Cruise Ship

Crystal Cruises is planning to resume service later in 2021, and officials with the American cruise line determined that it is in their and their passengers’ best interests to require all passengers to have been vaccinated at least 14 days prior to boarding the ship.

Jack Anderson, the company’s interim president and CEO, said that a Cruise Critic survey played a significant role in this decision process. “That revealed that more than 80% of respondents would cruise if a vaccine were required.”

Anderson added, “We know that peace of mind is the greatest luxury, and the vaccine requirement is simply the best way to ensure the safest possible Crystal experience for all on board.”

If the manufacturer of the vaccine that has been chosen has recommended that two doses should be received, Crystal will require that second dose to have been administered. Passengers will also need to acknowledge that they understand this requirement prior to purchasing access to the cruise line and must supply English-language verified documentation of the vaccination while boarding.

A negative COVID-19 test result will be required of all passengers as well while those who will be returning to the United States or a country with a similar requirement will also need to provide a negative result in order to be allowed back in. Crystal is expecting to provide testing processing during its cruises.

Crystal Cruises
Crystal Cruises – Pool deck

Crystal officials added that no cruises will be made available prior to June but that the months between now and then provide “sufficient time” for travelers to get vaccinated.

Additionally, vaccinated and tested passengers who develop flu-like symptoms in the days immediately prior to boarding are asked to not travel to the ship. Refunds will not be issued if this occurs although some forms of travel insurance will ensure that travelers are reimbursed for the money that had been spent on the cruise.

Crew members will also receive vaccination shots when possible. Regardless, they will need to produce three negative COVID-19 test results, prior to departing for their chosen ship, upon arrival and after a seven-day quarantine that follows arrival.

On board, Crystal will ensure that accommodations are “purified to perfection,” fresh air is continuously ventilated throughout the vessel, masks are regularly worn and dining is “contactless.”