Cuba reopening for tourism - travel restrictions

Cuba Remains Open to Tourism with a FREE test on Arrival

Cuban government has finally reopened for tourism to all nations. Visitors do not need to bring a COVID test but will get tested for FREE on arrival.

Keep reading to learn about the countries and airlines that will start flying to Cuba over the next few days and the new travel restrictions.

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Cuba reopening for tourism - airports reopening

Flights from the US to Cuba

  • American Airlines would resume its flights from Miami to Havana on November 4. 
  • Jet Blue would resume its flights from Miami to Havana on November 3.
  • Keep in mind that American companies are allowed to fly to La Havana only.

Flights from Canada to Cuba

  • From Toronto – Air Transat is allowed to fly to Aeropuerto de Holguín starting November 3. This company is also scheduled to resume its flights from Quebec to Cuba in December. 
  • From Montreal and Toronto – OWG Airlines will resume its flights in November.
Cuba resume operations from/to Habana Airport

Flights from Mexico to Cuba

  • From Cancun and Mexico D.F – Viva Aerobus is been flying to Cuba since October 20. 

Flights from Central America to Cuba

  • From Surinam – Fly All Ways will resume its flights on October 29.
  • From the Dominican Republic – Air Century will resume its flights on November 3. 
  • Sunrise Airways will resume its flights on November 1. 
  • Copa Airlines resumed flights from La Habana airport to Panama on October 12 and only in that direction. This route allows connections with Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, United States, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile y Canada.

Flights from Spain, France, UK, Germany, and Russia to Cuba

  • From London – TUI (Touristik Union International) resumed its flights on October 25.  
  • From Madrid and Santiago – Cubana de Aviación will resume its flights on November 10. 
  • Spain – Evelop, and Iberia will resume its flights on November 15.
  • Moscow – Azur Air will resume its flights on November 5.
  • Russia – Aeroflot resumed its flights on October 14.  
  • Frankfurt and Düsseldorf – Condor will resume its flights on October 31.

Click here for more detailed information in Spanish.

What places are open for tourism in Cuba?

Cuba reopening for tourism - Travel restrictions

As of today, these are the areas you can visit,

  • Southwest: Largo key
  • North-central: Coco, Guillermo, Cruz, and Santa María keys
  • Havana – Unfortunately the city remains closed and under strict epidemiology restrictions

COVID-19 test – Do I have to bring one with me?

No. You don’t. But you will need to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival at the government’s expense.

Do I have to quarantine?

Once you make it to the island authorities will perform health checks. You will receive your COVID-19 test results in 24 hours; if they are negative you will not have to quarantine and you will be free to do tourism in the areas we mentioned above. 

Do I have to wear a mask?

Only during the flight. Once you are at your hotel, you are not supposed to wear a mask.

Health Insurance that covers COVID-19 – Do I need one?

Yes, you do! We strongly recommend you to read about the options we have gathered for you here: Best Travel Insurance Plans that Cover COVID

Cuba reopening timeline

This is the account we have kept about the actions the Cuban government has taken so far during its reopening process.

As of today

October 15

October 5

  • Authorities greenlighted bookings from American Airlines and other carriers flying to/from the island. 
  • Due to the success the government had in tracking and testing possible new cases locally, they declared confidently that their new policy of in-site mandatory COVID-19 tests for travelers will be enough to ensure the safety of locals and visitors. 

September 20

  • Starting on September 20 authorities announced that bookings at hotels would be heavily restricted and discouraged, and suggested travelers should instead opt to stay at private owners’ houses (certified to offer lodging services). For more information call 1-800-963-2822 or visit this link.

September 1

  • On this date the following restrictions took effect on the island; a daily curfew from 7pm to 5 am, a cut in the service hours for supermarkets and other essential businesses and a limit to the consumption of fuel. These extreme measures were lifted on October 2.

COVID-19 situation in Cuba

Situación de COVID en Cuba

Cuba has been going through the second COVID-19 wave since the end of July. As of today, the country has 133 reported cases and 130 deaths. Over the last 24 hours, the country reported 35 new positive cases and, fortunately, 0 deaths. 

Although these figures look rather optimistic, data provided by the authorities have been questioned due to the government’s permanent lack of transparency during the pandemic. At least, this is what several institutions report.  

How safe is it to visit Cuba now?

According to the CDC, all travel to Cuba should be avoided. CDC warning alert is at level 4. (Source:

Our recommendation for travelers

  • The island does not have a constant supply of sanitizers, soap, or disinfecting wipes, so make sure to pack plenty of these items in your bag!