Delta might make free & fast onboard Wi-Fi reality soon

Photo: admiralexpress

When millions of airplanes have been grounded for months and lots of airline companies are struggling to survive, the battle for customers has to get creative.

That’s the case of Delta Airlines, which has just signed an agreement with Viasat – a communications company based in California – to add the next-generation satellite technology known as Ka-Band to enhance passengers’ traveling experience.

Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Delta’s Director of Brand Experience In-Flight Entertainment & Wi-Fi, has the vision to reinvent the way passengers spend their flight time when many of the old entertainment activities are quite limited.

“Staying connected is a key part of our customers’ lives both at home and during travel, and we are taking big leaps forward to deliver an unparalleled experience that puts connectivity and personalization front and center.”

For now, these services will be only offered at Airbus A321s, Boeing 737-900ERs and Boeing 757-200s, starting next summer. 

Airbus A321s at

When asked when free Wi-Fi connection will be provided at Delta Airlines, Dimbiloglu mentioned how the data collected on their Free Wi-Fi pilot in spring 2019 gave them effective information to understand the implications of providing high-quality streaming services and the technology needed. 

Therefore, delivering free Wi-Fi services is part of Delta’s efforts to boost customers’ experience onboard. He did not mention when this service will be released, though. 

When some years ago American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and other U.S. airline companies went head-to-head in exceeding one another’s reduced tariffs, the result was record numbers of passengers and record millions in losses. 

Lesson learned, tech-oriented services seem the way to go during the new normal.

It’s expected that the free Wi-Fi promises should not take too long particularly when other carriers such as JetBlue already offers free Viasat internet on all of its aircraft, not to mention American Airlines and United are already implementing these services too.