Delta Partners With Airbnb And Lets You Earn SkyMiles With Your Stay – Here’s How

Delta Partners With Airbnb And Lets You Earn SkyMiles With Your Stay - Here's How

Users of Airbnb can receive a benefit they may not have been aware of.

Thanks to a recent Instagram post from lifestyle and fashion blog Everyday Pursuits, we were gratefully reminded of this fantastic perk. SkyMiles and Airbnb account linking was introduced in 2016 and allows Delta customers to earn miles towards a future trip.

“Before booking your Airbnb do this,” creator Ashley Torres instructed in a recent Instagram post. “Go to and enter your SkyMiles number. Then, book your Airbnb.” 

According to Torres, doing this will allow you to earn one mile for every $1 you spend on an Airbnb.

“We’re talking free miles for every Airbnb dollar you spend,” she reiterated.

On its website, Delta endorsed Torres’ suggestions, saying, “SkyMiles Members can expect more choices and more miles toward their next journey when they book with Airbnb, whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month.”

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Only “qualifying stays,” which are described as “any paid stay booked via, so long as the user enters their SkyMiles membership number on prior to navigating through the link to” are eligible for the deal.

The amount of miles you can earn by using the website to make an Airbnb reservation, according to Delta, is: “the sky is the limit.” Therefore be sure to visit first the next time you plan to rent a holiday home.

Since working with Airbnb, the airline has also introduced a number of new collaborations, including the opportunity to earn miles when using the Instacart and Starbucks apps.