Delta’s Free Onboard Fast Wifi To Be Available Soon

Delta's Free Onboard Fast Wifi To Be Available Soon

In 2019, the CEO of Delta stated that the airline planned to provide free high-speed Wi-Fi on all flights. Unfortunately, the pandemic threw a wrench in that effort.

However, the company has again announced that Wi-Fi will be available soon.

The airline is currently running trials on a few routes, but it aims to include Wi-Fi on every domestic flight shortly. An internal memo stated that Delta will expand free Wi-Fi to international routes by 2025.

Ekrem Dimbiloglu, the company’s managing director of brand experience, stated that Delta has made notable strides toward delivering free, speedy Wi-Fi since 2019. Though the airline had hoped to offer the amenity earlier, it still made significant investments toward that end throughout the pandemic.

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One such investment has involved retrofitting its fleet with satellite-based connectivity.

Dimbiloglu also noted that the company would scale carefully to deliver top-quality service. Most of the planes in Delta’s mainline fleet should be able to offer free high-speed Wi-Fi by the close of this year.

Many Delta jets already have satellite connectivity, though it’s not yet available for free. Passengers on those planes must pay a low flat-rate fee of $5 per device regardless of flight length.

Delta isn’t the only airline offering high-speed Wi-Fi. JetBlue has provided it at no cost for years.

Additionally, United, American Airlines, Southwest, and Spirit will soon offer high-speed Wi-Fi. Not all of those airlines have shared what the fees will be.