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16 Most Popular Digital Nomad Cities & Places to Check Out

Digital nomad world is growing rapidly and some of the cities have become popular “hotspots” with amazing communities of remote workers and entrepreneurs.

Those are mostly places around Europe, Asia, and South America meeting basic “digital nomad standards”, such as affordable cost of living, lovely weather, and fast internet. Of course 🙂

If you’re a digital nomad, tired of traveling solo, and working on your own, then you should head to some of these digital nomad destinations.

Nomad communities are already very well established, so you won’t have a problem finding your tribe!

16 Best Digital Nomad Cities


What does it mean to be a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who works online or manages a business via the internet while often changing location or country to work from.

How do you become a digital nomad?

To become a digital nomad you need a job or business that can be done via the internet (remotely) from anywhere around the world.

What are digital nomad jobs?

Digital nomad jobs are professions that can be done from anywhere around the world via internet while traveling. The most popular jobs are for example copywriting, programming, e-commerce management, virtual assistant, etc.

Best Digital Nomad Cities & Places


Bali is definitely one of the most trendy tourist destinations in the last few years but it also attracts plenty of digital nomads! Many people just come and go but there are thousands of ex-pats all over the island.

One of those destinations in Canguu. There are around 2-3 thousand of digital nomads in Canggu and around 10 thousand around the whole island.

While living in Canggu you can enjoy relaxing vibes on the beach, surfing, yoga studios, cross-fit gyms, Muay Thai clubs or wild parties in the night.

Canguu is very work-friendly and has plenty of cafes with great wifi and a few coworking spaces. We recommend working from DOJO office, one of the best coworking spaces in the world. They have awesome facilities, events, and big digital nomad community.

CHIANG MAI – Thailand

All roads of digital nomads lead to… Chiang Mai!  Despite its popularity and possible rumors of „overrated“ city, give it a try. Chiang Mai has always been and still is a fabulous place to catch up with like-minded people and live long-term in an exotic country of Buddhist culture.

It’s a place with oodles of meet-ups, workshops, and opportunities to learn from experts. Ah, have we mentioned low living expenses you’ll have here? There are not many countries in Southeast Asia where you can live by $ 500 USD monthly including rent, food, gym subscription, weekly Thai massages, and occasional outdoor activities.

By: Gianni Bianchini, a travel blogger from Italy and co-founder of a blog
Don’t know where to stay? Choose some of the best Chiang Mai hostels for the first few nights and commit to long-term accommodation later.
For more details! Check out this detailed DIGITAL NOMAD CHIANG MAI GUIDE by WebWorkTravel!

MEDELLIN – Colombia

Once one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Medellin has since transformed itself one of the top Digital Nomad hubs worldwide. 

Medellin’s climate is as close to being perfect as possible, averaging 23 C (73 F) all year around.

Fast internet, an abundance of co-working spaces, a vibrant nightlife scene, and cheap and plentiful accommodation has seen the city become a magnet for nomads both long and short term.

Most nomads will qualify for a 90-day visa on arrival (easily extendible for 90 days at your local immigration office), and should you want to stay longer there are other visa options available, like getting an education visa to study Spanish.

Useful Medellín Digital Nomad Groups

By: Keith Commins, he started his nomad journey in 2013 when a dim and dismal Dublin afternoon inspired him to pack his bags and hit the road, and take his business with him. He started in San Francisco and hasn’t looked back since.

Today he runs, a site dedicated to improving your mind by using technology, diet, supplementation, and exercise.

LISBON – Portugal

Lisbon is a prime Digital Nomad destination and home base for a plethora of reasons.

Perhaps the starting point for many Digital Nomads who are attracted to the city is that the existing Digital Nomad community in Lisbon is one of, if not the, largest and most vibrant of all of the major hub cities. The Facebook and Meetup groups for Digital Nomads in Lisbon are HIGHLY active groups (i.e. daily events, consistently), with a fun mix of organizers who are either current or former Digital Nomads, based in Lisbon and plugged into the local scene.

Everyone who lands in Lisbon says that there’s just “something about Lisbon” that makes them stay (and stay, and stay…). Well, it’s more than just one “something” : Lisbon has 290+ days of sun, charming architecture, breathtaking views, a centrally-located airport, extensive public transportation, centuries of history, kilometers of coastline for beach days and watersports, healthy & delicious cuisine, a thriving nightlife, much diversity, nice and welcoming locals (English is widely spoken – and spoken well), a relatively low cost of living, excellent public & private medical care, and multiple tax incentives, like the NHR program for new residents.

By: Jessica Yubas a Digital Nomad-turned-Location Independent Expat who has been based in Lisbon for two and a half years and counting – ever since arriving there on Nomad Cruise IV. She is an active member of the Lisbon Digital Nomads community and Portugal “Pro.”

Follow her on Instagram to see Lisbon and Portugal-related content, as well as content from her travels to 50+ other countries.


Barcelona is currently, the 4th most visited city in Europe and definitely in top 3 most visited among the digital nomad cities.

Very popular in the spring & summer due to its weather, beaches, events, festivals, and cool vibes.

From Barcelona, you can also do amazing daily trips to mountains or other beach towns in the Catalunya region.

Barcelona is the city of freelancers and creatives with more than 300 coworking spaces. Sounds a lot? Yes, BARCELONA is n.1 in the number of coworking spaces per city in the world. 

There are plenty of networking events and various communities for freelancers, digital nomads, and ex-pats where you can meet like-minded people and make some friends to hang out with.

By: Peter Chodelka, a digital nomad & entrepreneur from Slovakia. He is a founder of, one of the most popular affiliate platforms in Slovakia and Czechia.

UBUD – Bali

Ubud is a not so hidden gem anymore, located in the middle of the Islands of the Gods, Bali where many Digital Nomads, entrepreneurs, travelers, and yogis visit all year round.

Ubud meaning “medicine, holy medicine”, attracts the curious soul searchers who are willing to dig deeper into the unknown and redefine their experience of life.
It’s often said that you know if Ubud is calling you and if that’s the case you most certainly will find the magic you are looking for. There are plenty of events, experiences, retreats, co-working and co-living places to join, the two most exciting events coming up in 2020 will be Bali Spirit festival and Freedom X Fest.

By: I’m Estela Kun, a Freedom-preneur, founder of Freedom Experience and host of virtual and live events and education about the freedom lifestyle. I lived in 8 countries in the past 15 years and traveled many more, while became an independent freelancer, digital nomad and eventually a freedom-preneur. 
Tip: once in Ubud, definitely check out the 1st coworking space in Bali, HUBUD! It’s the biggest nomad hub in the area.

BUDAPEST – Hungary

This beautiful gem it’s a mecca of digital nomads in Eastern Europe.

During the spring and summer, there are always plenty of nomads from all over the world and the community is very active. You can find events & meetups almost every day.

From Budapest, you can do many different weekend trips and discover cities like Bratislava, Kosice, Vienna, Brno or Prague. You can reach them within a few hours by train or bus. 

Budapest it’s quite affordable and long term rentals can be quite cheap.

Check out this: Digital Nomad Budapest Guide for more details 😉


Mexico is one of the best places for digital nomads to live and work in. This huge metropolitan city which is home to over 8.85 million people is very digitally savvy with many restaurants, co workspaces, cafes, bars and coffee shops set up directly to visitors and guests to access free data wifi and other digital services geared to online workers.

Mexico City is also a very affordable city to live in compared to other international capitals and home to many ex-pats in their neighborhoods called Colonias of which the most popular and digitally wired include: Roma, Condesa, Coyoacan and the more ex-pat digital-savvy favorite at Polanco. Most hotel rates in these hip areas can range from $60 to $100 per night and cheaper weekly to monthly rates for longer stays. But you can get even cheaper rates in the many other non-hip Colonias for affordable stays in CDMX as Mexico city is called.
You’ll love staying in CDMX or Mexico City for brief stays or even longer if you use the city as a base to explore around the region and set up your digital stay here.

By: Noel Morata, travel blogger, editor, photographer, and founder of blog


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria might be an unassuming little island in the Atlantic ocean, just off the coast of Africa, but it is also one of the most bustling and lively digital nomad hubs of Europe.

With perfect weather all year round, with temperatures never dropping below 20 degrees, Las Palmas is the perfect laidback nomad destination, boasting an active remote work community, regular events, meetups, and multiple coworking spaces.

By: Nacho Rodriguez, a founder of local coworking space CoworkingC and digital nomad conference Nomad City that happens annually in the city.

PORTO – Portugal

Although Lisbon has quickly become one of the world’s top destinations for digital nomads, Portugal’s second city, Porto, has been mistakenly overlooked.

With warm summers and lower rents than Lisbon, Porto is a great alternative to the increasingly overcrowded capital city. It has plenty of great coworking spaces like Porto i/o, countless comfortable cafes to work from, as well as a growing international scene – including a monthly meetup for digital nomads.

By: James Cave has been a digital nomad for more than 7 years, having spent time living all over Europe and traveling throughout Asia and North America.

He has written extensively about Portugal’s digital nomad scene, including a guide to the various coworking spaces in Porto.

BUENOS AIRES – Argentina

Buenos Aires is ideal for digital nomads. Culture, nightlife and an active ex-pat community are all alluring but the cost of living for those working abroad seals the deal.

Those earning a salary in dollars or euros can live very comfortably for relatively little. Set up shop in one of the city’s countless cafes or co-working spaces popping up all over town. The most popular is, of course, WeWork, but there are many locally run co-working offices available. An active ex-pat community on Facebook (BA Expat Hub) makes it easy to connect with fellow digital nomads. For digital nomads, living in Buenos Aires is an easy decision.

By: Erin Mushaway is an ex-pat from the United States who has spent the past ten years in Buenos Aires. She blogs about her life and travels in Argentina and abroad.


Tenerife is the island of eternal spring and it is well-known for its diversity – from the highest mountain of Spain and unbelievable trekking paths to one of the best scuba diving, rock climbing, cycling, and surfing spots- Tenerife has it all. Many digital nomads love the fact that on the same day they can be at the beach and the mountain surrounded by nature and spectacular views, and still have time to work!

At the same time, Tenerife offers all the great things a big city has such as high-speed internet, fabulous restaurants, and great shows but with a much higher quality of life and lower living costs. There is also a vibrant community of remote workers and plenty of activities are organized around the island.

Facebook groups:

Meetup group: Tenerife Digital Nomads

By: Elsa Rodriguez is an independent consultant with 10 years of varied international professional experience in the fields of sustainable tourism, access to finance for MSMEs and international development.

She is currently the lead advisor of Tenerife Work & Play, an initiative created to support remote workers, digital nomads and startups find an easy path to establish themselves on the island of Tenerife.


One of the most favorite places for vacation in Mexico is Playa del Carmen and definitely one of the TOP digital nomad cities! Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, this coastal resort town is beautiful and fun.

With warm weather throughout the year, the Caribbean beach is always perfect.  There is a nice walking path along the beach and through the town, with its many shops and restaurants.  There is always something to do in Playa del Carmen.

The cost of living is low and you can find apartments or rooms in gated communities for added security. Good food is plentiful and cheap. The wifi is great and some say it’s the fastest they’ve experienced in Latin America!

There are many coffee shops that Digital Nomads work in, but for those who like to have a little more community, try a coworking space like Bunker.  Make sure to join the Playa de Carmen “Mexpats” Facebook Group.

By: Whitney Kjeldsen, Designs for Travel. Whitney is a top travel blogger and has traveled to over 45 countries so far. Her goal is to help people experience the best of world travel by providing itineraries, tips, and packing guides.

CAPE TOWN – South Africa

Cape Town is a very affordable destination with a European vibe which means you can expect international foods, world-class wines, and a great coffee shop culture.

Its Mediterranean climate means you can expect very good weather from November to May and a very mild winter. If you like outdoor activities you will never get bored as the city is surrounded by mountains and world-class beaches. This in addition to the low cost of living means you can have a very high quality of life.

If you work for European clients and want to escape the winter Cape Town is perfect with no time difference so you don’t have to upset your schedule, which is just one of the many reasons the city is attracting startups & digital nomads from around the world.

To connect with local Digital Nomads join Cape Town CoWorking Days and when you want to explore more of South Africa with like-minded Digital Nomads take a look at CoWorking Safari.

By: I am Simon Lewis and I call Cape Town home but I have been working remotely for international clients for over 10 years.

BANSKO – Bulgaria

Bansko is a rural mountain resort in Bulgaria. In the winter it is one of the best ski resorts of the Balkans while in the summer it offers a relaxed lifestyle in a 1000 year historic village.

The growing community of 100+ digital nomads that are members year-round at Coworking Bansko ensures that there are always like-minded people around to have fun, start new projects and help each other to become the best version of themselves.

The 10% flat income tax combined with €150 apartment rentals and a low cost of living keeps attracting more and more nomads to make Bansko their base.

By: Matthias Zeitler is the founder of Coworking Bansko and is currently working on organizing the Bansko Nomad Fest, a week-long celebration of the nomad lifestyle in July 2020.