Digital Nomad Conference Brings Top Entrepreneurs To Albania From Sept 14-16

Digital Nomad Conference Brings Top Entrepreneurs To Albania From Sept 14-16

Albania hosts its first-ever Digital Nomad Conference in Tirana, its amazing capital city.

The conference, which will feature 47 speakers from diverse backgrounds and fields of expertise, will take place from September 14-16 in Tirana, the country’s capital and commercial hub.

The guest list is quite long, but Dean Kuchel, the so-called “King of Digital Nomads,” who is serving as Master of Ceremony, is one of the most well-known attendees.

Mr. Kuchel is the founder of Digital Nomads Israel, a 35,000+ member community, and has been an advocate for remote work since 2014.

Lona Alia, founder of Y Combinator and Revenue Director of SafetyWing, is also on the panel, along with other “nomadic” personalities such as Andreas Wil Gerdes, Giani Bianchini and many others.

Alyne Tamir, instagrammer, female entrepreneur and travel enthusiast with more than 3 million followers, is also participating, as is Kashlee Kucheran, the travel expert, CEO and co-editor of Travel Off Path.

We strongly recommend you come to Tirana in time for the event for three reasons:

  • This is a unique event where successful nomads come together to share their skills with other aspiring nomads.
  • Attendance is free, meaning the only money you have to spend is the cost of airfare, food, and lodging.
  • This is an outstanding opportunity to make yourself known in the digital nomad scene.

Tirana City 

tirana capital of albania

Because of its secrecy, Tirana may not be on everyone’s travel wish list, but it is an up-and-coming city that has been named the European Youth Capital for this year. 

This award is given only to cities where young people are actively empowered, involved in society and where entrepreneurship is encouraged, so earning this award is not an easy task.

This suggests that Tirana is a typical destination for young Albanians and other Western Balkans not only because of its prestigious universities, better professional opportunities, dynamic social life, and cultural scene but also because it offers an environment where digital nomads can flourish. 

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Saranda, Albania